Diddy’s Vogue Spread

Although still no arrival date, Puff keeps his Last Train To Paris theme going, riding the train with Russian bombshell, Natalie Vodianova in next month’s issue of Vogue. All aboard!

Spotted: TheLifeFiles via FGR

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  • kingboola

    i guess. where the black russian models.

  • dani

    the black woman can never get any love. ugh.

  • quarter

    Diddy stay with sisters in real life, don’t he? holla at me Kim Porter! where J-LO at? and his like three other babymoms!

  • 2D

    just be happy King Douche is only contaminating the russian broad, and not any other ethnicities…

  • b

    Yeah! Because Blacks can only be with Blacks, and Whites can only be with Whites! That’s what you’re saying right?

    Its so nice how so many Black people’s view are right in line with such fine organizations as the Ku Klux Klan.

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