XXL Gets Juicy

Didn’t see this coming. Today, XXL announced the launch of their latest endeavor, Juicy. The magazine hopes to become an urban alternative to publications like People, US Weekly and In Touch. Features will include beauty tips and celebrity gossip. Juicy hits newsstands May 2010.

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  • http://kristinalys.wordpress.com kristinalys

    wow is that what america needs? haha

  • http://DDotOmen.com DDotOmen

    harris publications stay losing

  • reythehussein

    Are you fuckin’ kidding me?

  • reythehussein

    Next up? Drake, Fab & Trey Songz on the cover of XXL. *vomits*

  • Pssssst

    yeah, cause i care about whos fucking who or what this posers wearing to whatever event. fucking bums

  • http://www.twitter.com/stupiddopemoves stupiddopemoves

    Dayum, did they have to make it look EXACTLY like an US Weekly cover though? Down to the askew text fields and all. No Idea’s Original indeed.

  • http://teenagemutantmoviereviews.wordpress.com ssraheem

    Starting a NEW magazine in 2010!?! That like putting all your money into a company that manufactures tape decks…..

  • RapMusic23

    Another horrible fuckin gossip shit mag.Keep that trash off the shelves,there must be 100s of these mags

  • B.Dot

    Starting a NEW magazine in 2010!?! That like putting all your money into a company that manufactures tape decks…..


  • Nathaniel

    what a disgrace. lol damn.

  • Beware

    that’s a good idea imo.

    those are the only magazines that sell….and you know sisters could give two shits about kate+8 or tom cruise n katie holmes.

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    the greatest thing XXL ever done in their whole lives is when they had Eminem, Dre, and 50 in that cover. other than that, useless.

  • M85

    So yea it’s not equal until we have our own magazine that digs for dirt..follows mindless gossip…intrudes on pple lives..and overall really doesn’t do much go uplift the mindstate of the masses? Come on why we gotta keep following their trends? Even the font is the same..I’m nor sayin there’s not a market for it but come what bout the content..and yea who starts yet another celebrity gossip magazine when print journalism is down across the board? Guess I got somethin else to shake my head at while I check out

  • mac DIESEL



  • C. Baines

    -Well, you have benzino weekly still out there.

    -as if this magazine is made for you 200 or so nerd commentors.

    -who said there’s not a market for weekly black gossip mags? Don’t say Jet, not really a gossip mag.