Tyrese Acts As Pallbearer At Teddy Pendergrass Funeral

Teddy Bear was laid to rest today in Philly and Black Ty did more than just pay his respects. Hey, I didn’t know Tyrese was playing Pendergrass in an upcoming biopic either. Interesting.


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  • full-multi-recording

    1. very sad. RIP Teddy Pendergrass.
    2. Tyrese is th exact person for the part of Teddy in a biopic.

  • Kat

    “Tyrese serves as pallbearer at Teddy Pendergrass funeral”–better title 🙂

  • wow didn’t realize tyrese was cool with teddy p like dat

  • Black Ty has a major respect for the legends before him. Listening to him really sing,u can hear that “ol school” sound from him. So I can see why he wud have a friendship with Teddy P.

  • malynda labgston

    i was there at the viewing friday the 22nd and the funeral the 23rd it was open to the public the church enon is right across the street from me so i went and stood out there from 6 o clock am to get in when the doors opened at eight first of all my friend , my tenant bruce bailey the guy with the gray hair across from tyrese prepared teddys body and i had no idea that tyrese was going to be there until pastor wallace said his name along with Melba Moore Lyfe Jennings Gerald Alston Musiq Soulchild Pattie Labell and Stephanie Mills it was a specia musical tribute to teddy Stephanie and Patti did not sing.and he sung my latest ,my graetest inspirations i love tyrese so much that when we bumped into eachother trying to get out of the church i asked if i can get a hug from him it would mean a lot to mebeings that i would never ever see him again in life let alone ever touch him again once he embraced me with his arms i thought that i was going to fall out but that was not the time for that so i held myself together as we left out the church to get in the cars

  • I heard from friends that is was a very moving service. I was one of Teddy’s backup singers from when he first left Harold Melvin in 1977, so I was one of the musicians who was there in his “Hey Day.”
    Long before the accident. He was an awesome performer and it was an honor to work for him. It was the best performance gig that I ever had. And, while I did not make it to the service. I know he will rest in peace.

    Thank you, Teddy for the great opportunity that you provided for all of us that worked with you, and for the great memories that I will keep forever. Those who performed for him from 1975 until his accident was the famous Bandleader, Sam Reed, drummer-Jimmy Carter, bass palyer-Norman Smith, pianist-Alfie Poilett, and keyboardist-Cecille DuValle, persussionist-Greg Moore, Horn players Sly, Arthur Pugh, Joe Kohanski, Guitarist-WaWa Watson LeGrande, back-up vocalists: Harriett Tharpe, Sherry Wilson Butler, Melvin Story, and Connie Harvey. We were there when the panties were being thrown, and their were the “Ladies Night” only shows. We were there traveling around the world with him when he got his break from Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes. We were there when the made the transition. And, each of us is grateful!

    Rest in Peace Teddy. We appreciate all that you did for the world and each of us.

    Love & Blessings,
    Sherry Wilson Butler

  • babygirl

    It was a nice homegoing, but where was all these people when Teddy had financial problems and he was sick all the time. His mother and second wife Karen took care of him in his really bad times.

    As soon as someone pass everybody comes out of the woodworks. His new wife is a joke, as his mother.

  • Well, you are right Karen was the one who always took care of him. Seem he stayed well, then. So, when people like me who were in his past tried to make contact to help out-we were told everything is fine. And, he is only taking certain visitors and calls right now. So, I understand what you mean, but sometimes gatekeepers don’t allow everyone direct contact.

    And, it really seems that those who just came on board are the ones “talking the talk.”

  • cooleaze

    Where was Miles Jaye, He was Teddy’s protege, look-a-like, sound-a-like. When you heard Miles you heard Teddy. he also had many of teddy’s stage mannerisms. Just asking. Rest in Peace Teddy, you were loved by your fans and will be missed.

  • Jia

    To Sherry Butler Wilson

    Hi Sherry, in case you read this. I may have met you at some point because I attended so may of Teddy’s concerts with my sister and cousin he would invite us back sometimes. Everyone was so nice and gracious and it was so much fun and exciting for me because I was in my early twenties. I love him and his music to this day and will miss him something awful. I always kept him in prayer and especially when he was sick the last many months. I too, wondered what happened to Karen. She seemed so sweet and special but of course you don’t know what happens behind closed doors. It just seemed to me she took care of him for so long and then all of a sudden a new wife. Karen was not even mentioned in the obituary. I thought that was a terrible slight. But I wish peace to all of his family and I am possitive that Teddy is in heaven with God. I wish I could e-mail you personally but I don’t want to leave my e-mail address on here and I know you do’t either. God bless you and thank you also for contributing to so many wonderful shows.

  • Hi Jla,

    What tribute…a testimony to a period of time when music was real…when a giant like Teddy was larger than life, and when people like you who came to the shows were good people who wanted to have a great time. Life is so precious and we cannot take one moment for granted. I know that we have met, because we loved the energy and wonderful people that Teddy brought around us. None of the musicians, or singers that helped Teddy reach his plateau when he was a rising star were mentioned. And, that is alright..because we know who Teddy was and who we are….
    And, Karen…I am going to call her, because I had heard that they did not mention her in the obituary, or during the service. But, God knows all of the things that she did for Teddy for so many, many years. She is a wonderful person! And, we all have our memories of Teddy and those amazing times when Teddy san, TKO, and Greatest Inspiration, and Close The Door, and When Somebody Loves You Back…I still perform as a solo artist, and I am going to pay my own tribute to a phenomenon of a man, that I had the honor of working with…If you are around, come by the restaurant, Relish on Saturday, January 30, and we’ll salute him in our own way…If not, just remember him like the Giant he was…there is no one else like him,….God only made one!

  • Jia

    Thank-you so much for answering me Sherry. I wish I could come but I live in Merrillville, Indiana now. I will keep you in my prayers, I hope you have a wonderful show and please let Karen know that so many people are thinking of her and love her for all she did and the wonderful person she is. If you ever come this way (the Chicago area), I will be sure to come to your show.

  • rest in peace teddy p…your music lives on…

  • marie sloan

    to Malynda labgston

    our pastor’s name is Pastor Waller not Wallace

  • Jia,

    Thank you for responding. You are a blessing, and I will certainly send a shout out, if I am in the Indiana/Chicago area.

    May God continue to Bless & Keep You!

  • fishintruth

    Sherry, glad that you cared to personally speak to us about Teddy. You all really helped him get the message out. Teddy has allways been an inspiration to me. At every aspect of my life, God ministered to me through the angelic voice of Teddy. I saw Teddy with HM&BN in Mobile, Al. I knew he was a preacher as soon as I heard him.. Ironically, my life parelled with Teddy in a lot of ways. I was hit by a drunk driver had an inoperable C4 spinal injury. I was in severe pain for 8 ys until it healed because surgery was too risky. As soon as I got hurt, I thought of Teddy and fought paralysis so I regained my mobility. My son also started preaching a 9. Teddy was super sexy but I had to push back off that because my baby brother is an exact image of Teddy with the same voice, personality and style! In Teddy’s heyday, he was is in high school and all the girls were crazy about him! Everyone still call him Teddy Bear too. When I read Teddy’s son reflection, I couldn’t believe how much my brother is like that, the cars, fatherhood, happiness, food and respect for women. When Teddy got hurt, I was a young trauma RN. All of my co-workers & I wanted to come take care of him. I don’t know what happened about him & Karen, but please, please tell her thanks so much for all the love & care she gave him. As a RN and a person with a history of spinal injury, I know a person doesn’t live that long and active without care by someone with Agape love for them! Tell Karen that we fans honor her for helping Teddy to give us Truly blessed. We know Teddy kids helped but they were very young when it first happened. I am not trying to dishonor Teddy’s memory with mess but the Bible says “Give Honor to Where Honor is Due.” In honor and respect for Teddy, I offer love to all who interacted in his life. May the love that Teddy gave continue to bless us all. Sharon, I also loved your music on your website. Looking forward to an album and a show in Atlanta. We need some real music like Teddy’s and yours to continue the dignity and love in our community. Teddy’s music showed love and got the “panties” off without “cheap dollar bills, cursing, Bi & Ho (smile). As an original brick house, I got invited to a lot of private “Close The Door” parties by enterprising young men. But as A Daddy’s Good Girl, I had to turn the guys down (smile).

  • fishintruth,

    You may not know how much you have touched my spirit today, but you certainly did! It is amazing to know that Teddy’s music lives on, and those who worked with him when he first got his break were there with him, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally—non-stop. We were in it for the long haul–tough times, long days and nights, rehearsals, show after show, long bus rides, plane rides in terrible weather, sickness, and good health, tough times, disagreements, understandings, misunderstanding, etc, etc.. Still, I would NOT trade one moment of the part we played for anything. I have the fondest memories of Teddy, the band members, the other two back-up singers (actually four-there was one that I replaced, and another who replaced one other singer) But, most of all I remember the audiences—OMG! The audiences were incredible! Emotional, crying, laughing, clapping, hanging onto every note that Teddy sang and the musicians played. Each of you were apart of the entire Teddy experience! We ONLY worked, had the opportunity because of YOU! My heart is so full right now…because when I auditioned as a back-up singer for Teddy I didn’t even know who he was. I had been working with an all girls band over in Europe for little money–we were just trying to survive. And, I came home to go back to school when someone called me to take the audition because Teddy had just left Harold Melvin…I put the audition off for three week! And, only went to shut my friend up who has asked me to go to the audition. With so many girls who were sooo much more beautiful than I, so much more appealing than I. I thought I never had a chance, but I sang anyway, and left the audition in a huff, because the pianist couldn’t play the song I wanted to sing in my key. Anyway, the short of it is…it was the best job I ever had, and the audiences were the most fabulous that I have ever interacted with.

    So, each of you who came to a Teddy Show===God Bless YOU! And, may God continue to keep each and every one of you.—I am grateful , so very, very grateful to God first, then to Teddy and all of the people who handled Teddy, (Gamble & Huff and Philly International Records, the sound engineers, roadies, managers, etc.) and for all the people who helped to “Deliver The Message.” I thank each of you (audience members) from the desserts of Arizona, and Nevada to the southern states where we ate collard greens and fried chicken on the bus because we didn’t have time to sit down, to the Europeans who gave nothing but great respect to the entire company. I am grateful, so grateful that God is in charge of everything we do….

    Please forgive me…I didn’t mean to take it this far. But, thank you…

  • Christina Haskins

    Dear Sherry;

    Thank you for all of your positive comments. I loved Teddy Pendergrass as if he were a member of my family! My friend & relatives have contacted me to extend condolences to me, knowing how sad I am over his death. I went to three or four of his concerts, two were “For Ladies Only”. He was a remarkable performer! No one today performs “live” and sounds “better” than the recording. I will love him forever and ever. Keep singing, Sherry………
    PEACE (Pray Endlessly And Capture Eternity)
    Christina in Atlanta, GA



  • Hi Norman,

    Isn’t it amazing to know how much the fans loved Teddy, and that each of us had an opportunity to work with a performer who will live on in the lives of sooooo many. It was a continuous and spirit filled contagious circle==Teddy, the band, the singers, (dancers at one time) and the audience. God allowed us all to be touched by the music for a reason—and we were young, innocent, & fully caught up in the movement of it all–And, it was a movement, a journey, a new musical experience-every single night! I distinctly remember watching Teddy close his eyes as he let the music take him where he needed to be so that he could earnestly touch the audiences–I would glance over at you play bass; and Jimmy play drums, while WaWa played that guitar. I saw your faces, felt your energy, connected to your spirit as we unified to make the music that empowered this talented man.

    Folks don’t play music like that –or feel music like that anymore….anyway–Continued Blessings everyone—Rest, Teddy. I hope you know we loved and respected you…
    Norman, I will check in with you soon–you will always be my friend—God Bless you and your family.


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  • KnewHim

    Teddy was just a man who had a lot of fortune in his life when it came to his ex wife Karen taking care of him and his wife at the time of his passing Joan. Know that Joan took excellent care of Teddy. She was extremely devoted to him and made an excellent wife and best friend. Death cut short their time together prematurely.
    Also if you know anything about Teddy then you know he called his own shots . There were no gatekeepers in his life. Everyone knew where he lived. Did you write ? Sometimes people still remember us fondly but time goes on and friendships change.