Hip-Hop On NFL Playoffs Vol. 6

What a wild and crazy game. An exciting contest that was at times as sloppy as Oscar Madison’s bedroom, it was a gang of fumbles and a key interception by Brett Favre which cost the Vikings in the end. In a postseason where kickers kept choking, N.O.’s Garret Hartley knocked a 40-yard field goal in OT. The final score: Saints 31. Vikes 28. The Superbowl in Miami will feature the two truly best teams in each conference. Indy vs. Nawlins. It’s gonna be a zoovie!

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  • rest.assured

    go saints

  • Woohoooo SAINTS going to the superbowl BABY!!!

    And Lil Wayne fake ass betta that hop on the SAINTS bandwagon, that loser/trader.. go against his home town..

    Lets go SAINTS!!

  • Austin

    favre being the hero..smh…next year..

  • LULZ

    LMFAO @ David Banner hahaha

  • RRcoolJ

    who is Solange’s boyfriend?

  • BE

    I feel sorry for Farve. Smh. Good game though.

  • bkallday

    fuck asher roth

  • julius

    solange is an idiot…….mark brunell was my nig

  • Will

    @RR Cool J I was wondering the same thing notice Wale was rooting for the Vikings they been rumored to be with each other

    Farve still a soldier they was blasting him the whole game cheap shots and all that nigga went bacc on the field unlike that Griffin Nigga who got substitute for some corner that was getting routed the rest of the Game

    I wanted Brett to win that Game dude fought even tho that nigga AP basically put a fuccin bow on the ball like it was Whole Defense Birthday I understand fumbling but fumbling when you 7 yards away shit is not acceptable

    and LOL at Djscratch tweet LOL That has to be a hall of fame Tweet LMAO

  • Manning

    Damn Peyton Manning gonna straight up boss all over Drew Brees. Sadly Colts defense is REALLY bad. They got so fucking lucky against the Jets today. And I hate Jets!

  • Buckston Love

    notice how wale is going for the vikings and solamge said her bf wants her to root for the vikings like nas said it aint hard to tell

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    I really wanted Vikings to win, Favre was gonna have a fairy tale ending (or two) to his career but niggas really had to spoil it huh…

    Shout out to Bush fucking all the Kashardian sisters all day while Odom is being a bum in the LA bench

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    Wale is that fucking drama queen, I remember this lil nigga said Solange broke his heart or some other shit… Nigga just hit and quit on that nappy headed hoe and aim for the older sister..

    Jay only got a few years to live anyway

  • So Icy Boi!

    Brette Farve CURSED he mite az well call it a wrap ……07 wit da Packers had a chance wit da Superbowl 09 had another chance ….just retire!!! ……but i think he gonna come back next year and keep fukin up his legacy

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Chipped Tooth Condition Shut ya pussy azz up …..”Nigga just hit and quit on that nappy headed hoe and aim for the older sister..” ……u a hatin bum azz nigga only bitches would say something like dat

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