J Dilla Website Launches

The family of J Dilla have announced a new administrator of Mr. Yancey’s estate and have launched a site in his name which will serve as the place to contact anyone lookin’ to do business. Visit here for more info.


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  • Mark

    excuse my ignorance but what business can be conducted with dilla,hes dead?

  • Young Forever


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  • to answer your question. im assuming that he still has alot of unused beats that artists would like to use in there music. so thats the kind of business that could be done.

  • also it doesnt really matter if hes dead or not. elvis makes a ton of money on his estate and hes been dead for a long time and i wont mention michael jackson. opps i just did

  • DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good to hear

  • Mark

    @ alan2000xl says:
    the difference being people gave/give a fuck about elvis and michael jackson.

  • @ maark and ppl give a fuck about j dilla more than you know