Lupe Fiasco Turns In Lasers Today

Lupe fans can breathe a lil’ easier. Last night on Green Lantern’s Invasion Radio, Wasalu revealed that today he’s handing over his third album, Lasers to Atlantic Records.

Lu also gives an update on the status of CRS.

Freestyle time.

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  • Lasers > Thanksme Later < Act II

  • awesome…now we’ll only have to wait another 6 or 7 months after it gets pushed back 3 times.

  • Cunning Link Quest

    it should leak by next week then.

  • Sir Thulsa BOOM

    That’s how your shit gets leaked..then you bitch ass gets the whining again.
    Just hand it in quietly.
    Goddamn, though.

  • Sir Thulsa BOOM


  • Da Business

    Lookin’ forward to the lp.

    @ Black London

    I kinda agree w/ u, Drake is Drake he’ll get his $. But as far as Jay Electronica is concern yeah dude is dope, but he’s not as lyrical and creative as Lupe. Lupe is the BEST emcee by far to come out this past decade.

  • B.Dot

    ” Lupe is the BEST emcee by far to come out this past decade.”

    I’m going to have to respectfully disagree.

  • Matt

    B. Dot is right. Gucci.

  • third period

    Yn will say 50

  • B.Dot

    B. Dot is right. Gucci.

    Negatory. I’d say Mr. Curtis Jackson

  • dman

    Negatory. I’d say Mr. Curtis Jackson
    u really think 50 is best emcee to come out this decade seriously?

  • B.Dot

    Yep. As a new artist just off sheer impact and influence alone

  • 50 Cent? cmonnnnnn… if ALL we’re talking about is the numbers, then yeah, you have a point, but when it comes to LYRICS, 50’s name shouldnt even be mentioned in the same breath as Lupe…..

  • B.Dot

    50 Cent Is The Future mixtape >_____________

    Get Rich Or Die Trying >________________

  • @BDot

    Boi stop!!
    * big boi voice*

  • ayooooo

    Are you fools forgetting about Mr. Kanye West? One of the most influential artists to ever hit hip-hop. 50 is average, but his “story” and hype really was something special.

  • Southdetroit

    50 cent is only where he is because of image! Young girls like the muscles, young boys like the “I got shot nine times” bullshit! 50 cent is an average mc at best!

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  • B.Dot

    not liking 50’s music is one thing, but ignoring his impact and influence is something completely different.

  • Da Business

    @ B. Dot

    I c where you’re comin’ from, but I’m talkin’ str8 lyrics and creativity w/ some mainstream appeal. And 50 doesn’t have that. I mean 50 did his thing and I fux w/ him, but he’s not a real MC. Outside of “Baltimore Love Thing” and few others, he only cares about record sales.

    Lupe on the other hand is an emcee’s mc, he along w/ Kanye holds it down for the new generation. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t c anyone from this past decade fucking w/ Lupe outside of maybe Kanye (overall).

    if u want to get technical, Kanye has had more influence on this past decade than 50. From production on the “Blueprint”, to putting out his lp’s, to breathing air into Common, to signing John Legend, and to putting the world up on Lupe…among other things.

    I just sayin’

  • dman

    im sorry as far as lyrical skills go…i put a big ass list of people better than fif… and not to mention shady

  • Nathaniel

    @B.Dot and any who agree with his flawed emcee ranking criteria:

    uhh…50’s influence pails in comparison to kanye’s. sorry YES he sold more, but his influence on hip hop and american pop culture PAILS in comparison to kanyes. AND 50 started fizzling out after…(giving benefit of doubt)…the Curtis vs. Graduation ownage kanye served him up.

    AND…dude said “best emcee” <—-"influence & impact" aren't criteria for best emcee. maybe "most successful rapper", but not "best emcee" ….EMCEE <—-lupe.

    lyrical dexterity
    live show

    ^lupe is sonning fif in all categories dealing with microphone checking. kanye too. but lu can't fuck with ye or 50's influence. just like 50 can't fuck with ye's. if i missed any on the criteria front, let me know. lu rhymes circles and spheres around 50 "pigeonholed content" cent and kanye too. don't be ridiculous kids. (and

  • nae

    Shut the Fuck up and stop hating on 50cent sause you know if this was 03 you would have said 50cent is the best but it is 2010 and we on the its ok to hate on 50cent train

  • Nathaniel

    and i’m talking about emcees that came out 2000-2010. yall niggas STILL living off Get Rich? shit was back in 2003. you’re only as good as your LAST work niggas. same reason why fif is in the predicament he’s in now. he still talking about the records he sold on Get Rich.

  • Can

    Kanye is the most influential artist of the past decade. He’s been proven to body God MC’s on their own tracks, he has mainstream and underground appeal. The only other contender is Jay-Z, and Kanye, as a producer, fueled his best received albums of the decade. He also proved to change the game numerous times (from the sped up soul samples, to the autotune on his FIRST album influencing T-Pain then trickling down to the entire pop industry, to his foresight with dropping Stronger and now suddenly, again, the entire music industry [not just rappers] is doing electro pop shit). And he’s only getting more popular, power, and creative respect (unlike, say, 50, who has been on a steady decline crtically and commercially). And every young rapper running the game right now, with the exception of Gucci, is cut from his cloth.

    as the assholes say, What is there to argue about?

  • Nathaniel



  • Matt L

    @ Everyone

    There’s more to being an MC than just lyrics. Like it or not. 50’s swagger, flow, timing, song making ability, all that shit was impeccable when he was in his prime. Just because you can spit some ill metaphors doesn’t make you the greatest MC. I love Lupe but to put him in a class with 50 is ridiculous. Really the comparison overall is ridiculous – they are two completely different artists. Would you compare Q-Tip to Snoop Doog? Of course not. And all three MC’s you guys are debating have all fallen off hard anyway.

  • koa29

    How can people say 50 is not a real “MC”? Sure Curtis wasn’t the best album ever, but it wasn’t trash by any means. GRODT was dope. Massacre was dope. BISD was dope.

    3 dope albums, shitload of albums sold, pioneered the mixtape game, had a successful group for awhile (g-unit fell off, there’s no denying that), successful clothing line for awhile (fell off also), smart business man, has the catchiest hooks, etc.

  • B.Dot



  • koa29

    WAIT WAIT WAIT….why has no one commented on how fucking DOPE that 30 sec freestyle was? lol

  • Nathaniel


    for a 30sec, non-memorized, REALLY off the top freestyle, it was surprisingly “written-like”. dope that that would come out like it didn’t without being prepared prior to. guess niggas didn’t think it was long enough to comment. shrug*

  • Da Business

    @ Matt L

    I hear u, but this is my thing. I’m a fan of 50, my problem w/ him is the fact that he hasn’t grown as an artist. Yeah, dude is VERY entertaining, but his tactics gets old quick. Overall ppl r tired of the bs. I understand that he’s in the business of selling records, but u can sell lp’s and still be dope (Jay-Z). And to say that Kanye and Lupe fail off is crazy.

  • D!A!E

    What happened on the freestyle Lue? Week! lol

  • rocstar

    fabolous is better than 50

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  • mike

    huge year : 2010 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    thank me later ALSO and ETC etc …


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  • Dan

    B.Dot says:
    Tuesday, January 26 2010 at 12:19 PM EST
    50 Cent Is The Future mixtape >_____________

    Get Rich Or Die Trying >________________


    GTFOH. 50 got you niggas shook.

  • starnebula133

    Love Lupe and Kanye. Looking forward for Lupe and Young God Speaks to do a collabo.

  • AO

    Can’t wait for CRS honestly…just imagine the caliber of beats…yikes

    Check my group Anti Clone Academy (my producer Mylon and myself, AO)

    Brand new song out, “The Factory (Episode 1)”

    Check it here:

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  • Soooo, it seems I predicted a July release. I was completely wrong. SMH

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