Usher Sets A Date For Next Album

Press release just came in and on Tues March 30th you should be able to cop Tameka’s ex man’s new disc. How many of the 87 songs that leaked will be on it? Still remains to be seen. But the “Hey Daddy” video is set for an MTV debut tomorrow. That is, unless the Internets get it first.

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  • Industry Advocate

    Great point YN….how many of the “millions” of leaks will be on it. based on the leaks, he’s looking at a nice album! It’ll sell because my sister and aunts don’t know how to download leaks yet.

  • koa29

    smh, this dude’s gotta stop fuckin with Polow (n)… it just ain’t his style, he needs to go back to Jermaine beats

  • So Icy Boi!

    FLOP!!! …………….all the people dat use to be on top flopping…Usher confession did 9 mil in 04 …50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Tryin did 10 mil in 03 ….50 Cent Curtis 07 did lik 1 or 2 mil …Usher last stand 08 did lik 1 or 2 mil ….50 Cent Before i self destruct FLOP!!! …….Usher album leaking and none of these songs people liking …Usher had dat song moving mountains ….he gonna be moving BRICKS wit dis album haha

  • Wamp Wamp

    true, i like usher but he’s gonna flop. Nobody care about all the songs that got leaked. With his new album he was supposed to do better than his last but for this he has to make HITS not average songs like “Hey Daddy”

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  • R.

    No Usher Confessions sold 10 million, 50 cent Get rich or Die trying sold 8 million. Usher will eventually comeback. His songs won’t skyrocket right away but he will eventually come back. His career is not over at all. He is still one of the biggest names in R&B.