Pre-Show Grammy Rap Category Winners

Before the televised ceremony, Grammy’s were awarded in the Rap category. 21 years later, they still don’t give a fuck about us.

Heads Up: Jimmy

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  • dat koon nihha

    looks like curtis got his grammy for the first time with the help of da white boy

  • mikey

    em got 2
    jay got 2

  • Can

    Relapse…best rap album…

    I do not see how that could be.

  • Late!

  • supa


  • koa29

    Kinda pissed i just saw this…

  • Roy


    It happens. Could be worse. At least Encore didn’t win a few years back. That would be a “shake my head” moment. Just saying.

  • Will

    c’mon whyare you niggas on here shocc the best rap category is basically who sold the most look who em was against a bunch of niggas who altogether didnt sell in total what he sold in week

    like I think its weir jay got all those nominations but didnt get rap album of the year with em becuz he sold alot too but to tell the truth Blueprint 3 nor Relapse deserve a nomination but one of them was going to get it

    just like last year Wayne won but there is no way Carter 3 was better than American Gangster,The Recession, or Paper Trail and it won Paper Trail had too many bangers on there not to win but Carter 3 sold the most so it wins

    My question is why are you niggas shocced its the same thing every year niggas see who won the grammys and they complain about im tired of this same song and dance nigga Get over it The Album that sells the Most is the winner in That Rap Category plain and simple

  • Roy

    Nas should have won the grammy.

  • Facepalm

    Wait.. does this mean there not giving these out on television?

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah Curtis the Grammy virgin

  • Will

    50 got a grammy for some well it wasnt bullshit but its like they snub cuz with In Da Club and Get Rich or Die Tryin Hell Even with I Get Money and Beg For Mercy they snub him but his 1st fuccing grammy is for Cracc a Bottle Really LOL shit is comedy In Da Club is like 4x platinum didnt get a fuccing thing and Cracc a Bottle gets him the trophy LOL

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    Facepalm, these are called preshow winners. They do this mostly to popular artists to get them to come out to the events, true story.

  • canada.dry

    D.O.A deserved it.

  • Will

    im not the biggest Young Money Fan but Every Girl>Cracc a Bottle

    thats another thing the gangsta shit talking about Fuccing Selling Drugs and killing people dont get wins thats another rule no matter how much you sell niggas who try to be gangsta aint getting no grammys

  • mike



  • ME

    WHY R U ALL SHOCKED? When does the un-popular rappers ever win major Grammy categories?

  • Theloneus

    Bullshit nigga. We also thought RR had the official MTV VMA 2009 winner’s list. I’m not believing this. Plus, how do we know this isn’t a prediction? The Ecstatic got fucking critical acclaim and I’m an Eminem fan! Relapse had no substance to it except killing people and getting throat fucked by Eminem’s stepdad. SMH nigga

  • slimshady


  • Facepalm

    That makes sense. But do they still show it on the broadcast and pretend it’s a surprise? How are you gonna have all the hip-hop categories in pre-show? That’s fucked up.

  • Theloneus

    I think this shit is true. Swift & Gaga have already won in some pretty important categories like Best Country Song and Best Pop Album.

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    Well RR jus covered the hiphop part, but Lady Gaga got 2 awards and I think Maxwell got one. Taylor Swift got 3 or 4, I think. Beyonce got a couple as well.

  • 106

    WTF???Relaspe was the gayest album ever released… This awards show is garbage anyway.

  • ITs true theres a live pretelecast at

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    Lmao at niggas catching feelings. Y’all know unpopular rappers can’t win. Just be happy that it got good reviews from critics.

  • slimshady

    @106, gayest album ever? thats a stretch. relapse> c3
    it was a big step up from encore






    Grammy is a fucking joke.

  • 7v5a7

    OFFICIAL WINNERS just Released…………

    C’mon did you really want to watch another performance of Empire State of Mind…your welcome

    Best Female R&B Vocal Performance
    Beyonce – Single Ladies [Winner]
    Melanie Fiona – It Kills Me
    Lalah Hathaway – That Was Then
    Ledisi – Goin’ Thru Changes
    Jazmine Sullivan – Lions, Tigers & Bears

    Best Male R&B Vocal Performance
    Maxwell – Pretty Wings [Winner]
    Anthony Hamilton – The Point Of It All
    Musiq Soulchild – Sobeautiful
    Pleasure P – Under
    Charlie Wilson – There Goes My Baby

    Best R&B Performance by a Duo Or Group w/ Vocals
    Jamie Foxx & T-Pain – Blame It [Winner]

    Best R&B Album
    Maxwell – Blacksummers’ Night [Winner]
    Anthony Hamilton – The Point Of It All
    India.Arie – Testimony v.2: Love & Politics
    Ledisi – Turn Me Loose
    Charlie Wilson – Uncle Charlie

    Best Contemporary R&B Album
    Beyonce – I Am… Sasha Fierce [Winner]
    Jamie Foxx – Intuition
    Pleasure P – The Introduction of Marcus Cooper
    Trey Songz – Ready
    T-Pain – Thr33 Ringz

    Best Rap Solo Performance
    Jay-Z – DOA [Winner]
    Drake – Best I Ever Had
    Eminem – Beautiful
    KiD CuDi – Day N Nite
    Mos Def – Casa Bey

    Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group
    Eminem, Dr. Dre & 50 Cent – Crack A Bottle [Winner]
    Beastie Boys & Nas – Too Many Rappers
    Fabolous & Jay-Z – Money Goes, Honey Stay
    KiD CuDi, Kanye West & Common – Make Her Say
    Kanye West & Yonug Jeezy – Amazing

    Best Rap/Sung Collab
    Beyonce & Kanye West – Ego
    Keri Hilson, Kanye West & Ne-Yo – Knock You Down
    Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West – Run This Town
    The Lonely Island & T-Pain – I’m On a Boat
    T.I. & Justin Timberlake – Dead & Gone

    Best Rap Album
    Eminem – Relapse [Winner]
    Common – UMC
    Flo Rida – R.O.O.T.S.
    Mos Def – The Ecstatic
    Q-Tip – The Renaissance

  • dashadyonee1

    fuck yall hatin as muthafuckas
    hatin on eminem he deserves it

    cant wait for relapse 2

  • Will

    wow Kanyeezy 808s shit didnt produce anything huh it was a fail nobody is even talking about that shit anymore

    i havent even heard cuz on that Autotune shit since D.O.A now that im speaking on it where is T-pain Man Thats fucced up Jay


    In da club, many men, I get money, I still kill , beg for mercy all deserve a Grammy…..

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    Lol tpain just won a Grammy

  • Will

    and niggas need to be honest half of the niggas on here saying em didnt deserve it didnt even listen to them other albums if there wasnt google and wikipedia if i Ask you guys for the tracclist for Common Mos Def or Q-Tip album stop lying Niggas

    Only comments you see on here is how bad relapse was niggas not saying how good the other albums were which is a sign of you didnt listen and you just talking out yo ass

    Niggas throwing a fit that Eminem won but no one cares that Flo-Rida was nominated before Jay Fabolous 50 Cent Ricc Ross and Kid Cudi its just weird nobody talks on Flo Rida Nomination but hate on Em for winning Flo Rida getting Nominated is like Allen Iverson getting Voted a starter for the AllStar Game LOL

  • Will

    @CHippedtooth he did

    o yea the alcohol Joint huh yea that was before D.O.A tho but Post D.O.A. he been MIA

  • slimshady

    @will, 808s was fucking dope, where’s bp3? man on the moon? huh? exactly.

  • Will

    damn every girl wanst even nominated damn LOL all that buzz and Drake came out emptyhanded LOL I guess he does have a buzz like 50 did everybody supports but the grammys dont

  • Will


    808’s was trash BP3 was average but still better Than 808’s and Man On the Moon IMO bes Album of the Year Good

    If you Think 808’s was better than Man On the Moon you on some shit My Dude

    and Jay is on the board my nigga WTF are you talking about

    808’s=Rebirth its like WTF nigga get bacc to what you know which he is doing you talking shit about Kid Cudi when Kanye got a nomination for Rapping not Singing on a Kid Cudi Song

  • slimshady

    your the one trippin son, kanye was all over bp3, 808s and bp3 not even on the same level, bp3 was a piece of shit compared to american gangster. 808s isnt rap so they aint gon slot kanye in a pop category that messes everything up.
    n if you fuckin read, i said relapse was a step up from that encore shit, if it was upto me id nominate and give rae best album, not em.

  • bkallday

    lol at you white boys
    eminem’s album and singles went unnoticed in 2009
    nobody gives a fuck

  • slimshady

    true 1.7 sum million records and nobody gives a fuck. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

  • Will

    it dont matter if he was all on it he was all on it rapping not singing

    and kanye is teh grammy man if his album was that good trust that shit would be in that Pop Catgory and if as good as you say it was it would be up for Album of the Year like he always be becuz it sold enough to be on the nominees list it was just a bad album every song kanye got nominated for as a feature he was rapping and ever since DOA he has been rapping not on that Autotune shit

    I was talking in general with That relapse statement its that niggas hate on Em’s music calling it the gayest album ever and it dont deserve to win but they are not saying why the other albums are better altho I listen to Q-Tip-The Renaissance and it shoulve won I cant Say Mos Def and Common album was better becuz I didnt listen to them shits LOL and Im not even going to entertain Flo Rida Album LOL but for people to say Em album dont deserve to win and to justify Flo Rida getting nominated before BP3 and Man on The Moon is just ridicolous seriously ROOTS mustve had some fire on there the fact that niggas aint got shit to say about him getting nominated

  • Will

    exactly Curtis sold 2 million records and nobody gives a fucc so whats yo point my nig LOL like really cuz leave it alone shit was trash shit was trash my nigga

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    Lol Will I was gonna say how the fuck Tpain won a Grammy

  • slimshady

    ok, if nobody gives a fuck why did the album sell like 2 million? obviously cause niggas do give a fuck and cop the album, smh your making yourself look like an idiot. ems got a fanbase that no other rapper has so dont matter what he puts out its gon sell
    relapse coulda been dope, it wasnt em who fucked up, he was on point, dres production was wack as fuck dudes lost his touch since the documentary.


    1) TUPAC
    2) JAY-Z
    3) BIGGIE
    4) NAS
    5) EMINEM

  • eh

    Eh we all know it’s industry politics and sales so it isn’t a big deal to me honestly just a group of people who decide to give a trophy 2 it really is not representative of the best music. I mean cmon for me :

    Best Female R&B Vocal Performance = Melanie Fiona (Beyonce won cause of you know “Beyonce”)
    I woulda given it to Jazmine in 2nd

    Best Male R&B Vocal Performance = Maxwell (no arguing that)

    Best R&B Album = Maxwell (no arguing that)

    Best Contemporary R&B Album = I dont know why there are 2 separate R&B categories (I guess it’s the real singers vs the no so good ones) so no comment

    ah hell i dont even want to comment on the rest cause the Grammy’s selections are mostly strait radio (aside from Mos and Q-tip) it’s 2 commercial plus the awards are boring (did Beyonce just cover Alanis Morrisette? Damn guess none of her other songs really have that much depth to them) I just wanna see the Em, Drake, Wayne live (curious to see how that goes) and the MJ tribute aside from that it’s really boring and stuffy *yawn* Congrats if you value that

  • slimshady

    and just to add JAY would be NOWHERE without kanye.

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    You mean Kanye would be nowhere without Jay?

  • eh

    And I like Em’s music but Relapse is no MMLP or Eminem Show. At the end of the day give the Grammy to whoever it doesn’t make a difference to me because it doesn’t stop me from appreciating and supporting artists that I like who are never (or barely) recognized by that committee. I love the music not the trophy.

  • OJ

    I’m just glad Drake didn’t win. he already believe he the best to do it “without a deal”. yeah right.
    he better sell some record then his label can pay for the trophies.

  • Toya

    I checked the winners list on It’s weird that they would post the winners already.

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    I thought that Jew nigga Drake was on lock to win at least one Grammy? Forgot about him for a quick minute

  • slimshady

    no i meant what i meant, the blueprint wouldnt be the blueprint without ye, encore, the black album wouldnt be what it is without ye, shit, even bp3, wouldnt be what it is without ye, jay signed ye, but kanye put out 3 legit classics in a row with little or no help from jay. all his own shit.

  • Will

    @chipped tooth yea that Slimshady guy is crazy jay would be nowhere without Kanye tried he was on his 4th number one album before getting Yes Help LOL

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    Well Ye was the frontman for a three-man act along with Consequence and No ID

  • slimshady

    will you make no sense dude, esl lessons for you? Yup!

  • mmkayy

    thats fckd up.. didnt wayne get rap album of the year live last year ?

  • eh

    @slimshady I feel ya because if Jay didn’t get those beats someone else would had (Heart of The City was supposed to be for DMX) plus Ye was producing for cats before Jay. One correction Jay didn’t sign Ye it was Dame

  • mmkayy

    i just saw them present comedy album of the year LIVE ?? wtf

  • eh

    This is boring i’ll just watch the performances I want tomorrow aint gonna sit through 2 more hours of this

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    Cosign eh, imma check wshh or rr for the performances. This shit is boring

  • Will


    Wshh is dead I looked on that site the other day they got videos you have to wait a week to see and the videos they do got on that site is bullshit like hoodfights thats old as shit wshh is officially dead from hiphop community to tell the truth I dont even go on Thisis50 no more its just Rapradar and Sohh every now and then and allhiphop is dead too they reposting stories from Mediatakeout how didnt Rapradar win for best hiphop website at the Bet Hiphop awards

  • 106

    I said em album was the gayest album ever for a reason. He talking bout giving his stepdad head and getting fucked in the ass. Trannys and a bunch of gay shit. If you ride around in your car listening to that then thats you. I won’t accept that i don’t care if he joking yall like that gay shit. MMLP was one of the best albums ever made i give credit where it’s due. But relapse sorry bruh can’t relate.

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    To be honest I ain’t checked wshh in a while lol

    I just check either RR or allhiphop

  • slimshady

    that was 1 song dude, you obviously didnt hear relapse in its entirety, hello, medicine ball, deja vu, same song and dance, underground all bangers. dont know what youre talking about. nothing comes close to mmlp but relapse aint as bad as your making it out to be. loose a few tracks i.e crack a bottle, we made you etc and you’ve got a SOLID album.but 3-4/20 aint too bad.

  • Will

    if relapse didnt have We Made You it would be a classic album true story i didnt rocc with that Insane song either but it got critical acclaim for some reason people who listen to lyrics and interpret them for a profession said it was a good song and said might have been the best one on that album

    thats one thing about Ems music he reveals so much of his past the good and the bad not just the good like he gives reality to hiphop he wasnt a big time drug dealer selling weight for studio time and driving range rovers before his deals in his rhyme he keeps it 100 and thats apart of cuz past its a part of cuz past most rappers is a fuccing Mix of terminator Frank Lucas Bishop Don Juan in they rhymes meaning they the boss always been guaped up in drug money will kill any nigga and can get any girl em keeps it 100 like he gives us shit thats not cool just like

    I think Em rhymes in insane can be compared when Pac told everybody his Moms was a Cracchead like its some shit you suppse to keep to yoself and you gotta appreciate an artist giving you honesty unlike some Niggas that lie about being a CO then says he is then Says He not and be Compared to one of the realest rappers for it LOL

  • koa29

    you guys don’t understand why Relapse actually won, do you?

    Did you guys look past that dumb punch line rap that Eminem did? Track-by-track, he switched up his flows in ways ____NO OTHER RAPPER CAN DO____. The technical ability of Eminem to ride a track is something that’s unparralled in the rap world. Sure, Jay’s album was more “Pop-friendly”, but Eminem’s was a true display of rapping talent.

    GTFO, haters.

  • OH MAN





  • koa29

    and SMH…. in my opinion, the grammy awards IS racist. I mean…. just look at it… they hardly present any rap winners, when blacks perform they need to have some kind of white-influence to it (Wayne, 2009 grammys…. had robin thicke & that whole N.O. shit, Forever, 2010 grammys…. needs travis barker? why?)

    Just bothers me.

  • Roy


    I agree. This is how I look at it. When Em first came out, he had to show his skill to get respect. That’s what SSLP was. Showing his skill. MMLP was a little more personal. Em Show was a lot more lyrical. They all deserved grammys. Then you look at Encore. Which gave us NOTHING. No tech. No lyrics. And if so, presented in the most boring way possible.

    Em went through some shit. And he’s back. Relapse was him showing he’s still got it. I don’t think he should have won but he deserved the nomination at least. Just on tech alone.

    Regardless, why are we arguing about this. Fuck, they just totally left the rap awards out of the main show! We should pissed about that right now!

  • koa29

    We are pissed about that, lol.

    And yeah, you layed out his album sequence very well. He wanted to prove to himself that he still had that technical skill, so he made Relapse. If people say he fell off, they have no idea… Wait for Relapse 2 ya haters, it’ll blow your mind, i’m sure of it.

  • Will

    its funny becuz Country awards used to get treated like this on the grammys a few years ago now its rap Maybe they getting Paybacc for the Taylor Swift Shit

    Man two females prevented two great performers from showing up tonight LOL I was watching The Mike Jacc Thing and Eventho i dont like Chris its like cuz is Light Skinned he can dance his ass off give a Mike Jacc TV Debut and Forever aint going to be the same without Kanye

    Thank You Taylor and Rhi Rhi Matter of fact No Thanx Juels(voice)

  • koa29

    Man, i love em and all (no homo) , but his stage prescense just aint there anymore, seems awkward to me, what happened Em?

  • Will

    yea em looked weird up there that whole performance was trash tho drake using that autotune on the rapping part what a waste of hype

  • DC

    Crack a Bottle won?!?!?! WTF??!?!? I’m a big Em fan (not so much Relapse, but he killed it tonight with Wayne & Drake), but Crack a Bottle was AWFUL!!! Well, the Grammys are always a step off

  • clickclackpowofficerdown

    em murdereddd wayne on his own rock song lol fail for batty bwoi wayne

  • Roy

    Yo, you gotta be kidding me on the stage performance. You’re saying Em was awkward? Look at this very early performances in 09 and you’ll see him dancing to We Made You. Dancing! Gtfo. That was some vintage Em. He just acts less gangster now. Nothing wrong with that.

    That performance was sick.

  • WILL

    those who sayin em looked weird on that performance are just haters….that was a good one…jay and em deserved to be on top this year

  • Toya

    I thought the performance was great. Liked the jacket Em chose to wear. Kind of MJ in a hip-hop sort of feel. Thought it was odd seeing having a little sag in the back but part of me blames Weezy for that.

  • rakim allah

    they announced comedy album of the year, but not rap album.


    what the fuck is wrong with the world

  • NotoriousRambo


  • nushay

    NO MATTER WHAT PPL SAY..relapse is one dope ass album..not the best but a dope ass album
    he was on a rhyming rampage,swithcing his flow on every single song,rhyming quadruple multis,going bakc to his slim shady style storytelling some serial killer shit,3am,same song and dance,and i OMG when i heard stay wide awake..i was enlightened,he was juts showing off his lyrical skills,
    to ppl saying relpase was juts em showing hes still got it….co-fucking sign
    to ppl saying relpase didnt have substance:dejavu,beautiful
    to ppl saying it was the gayes shit possible:it was slimshady rapping on relapse not eminem for scock value
    to ppl saying eminem’s album and singles went unnoticed in 2009,cracka bottle was a no.1 single relapse sold almost 2 mill,all his singles charted high on charts ..come out of the fucking rock ur living in
    to ppl asking why BP3 wasnt nominated:if BP3 came out 8 days ago it would have,cuz BP3 came out after the grammy deadline,BP3 will be nominated next time.

  • ATI

    “you guys don’t understand why Relapse actually won, do you?

    Did you guys look past that dumb punch line rap that Eminem did? Track-by-track, he switched up his flows in ways ____NO OTHER RAPPER CAN DO____. ”

    Yeah, ’cause flow schemes and technical proficiency is what the Grammy voters are looking for in their rap, lol.

  • Hitt8man8

    All these people is hatin on da white boy cuz he’s the greatest alive he’s the tiger woods of rap except he has bad luck with girls

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Will u dumb azz fuk!!! …if its base off who sell the most why 50 Cent aint never win one??? …how he had the best sellin album of 03 and was the biggest artist in the industry still no award??? STFU before u comment BUM!…….the grammys be like dis ever year i dnt no why niggaz be mad and surprise the lamest people win

  • Drucifer

    Eh, I didnt really like any of the other albums nominated so Relapse woulda been my pick 2, but I dont know how crack a bottle won, I’m the biggest Em fan but that song was one of his low pointa









    WE IN HERE!!!!!

  • That is kind of wack. I cant lie. Especially when you have the Urban New artists of the year getting all fly to not even get camera time.

  • caique

    fuck the grammys for not putting RAP on the map. im glad Eminem won twice anyway. hes legend. cant wait for relapse 2.

  • james

    They care about rap. That’s why Drake, Em and Wayne got 7 minutes of air time.

  • will

    @the so Icy Jaccass

    you kno who won the grammy for that year for the rap awards surprise surprise Eminem for The Eminem Show which sold more Than Get Rich Or Die Tryin dumb fucc kno ya fuccin history before you speak nigga

    and Also Like I said before Grammys dont support Gangsta shit they mi9ght nominate but its not going to win for example Diddy Beating out the Wu that Year for that Grammy and the Explanation of why Snoop Nor Ice Cube got a Grammy Grammys dont support Gangsta shit Which I said but Ya Country Pig Lip Succing Country Bama ass was too slow to fuccing read it

    50 honestly got robbed of one award that year he was nominated and that Was Best new Artist All The Rap Grammy Awards belong to em that year he earned it Eminem Show was a Better Album Than Get Rich or on the same level of Get Rich and Lose Yourself and Cleanin out my Closet was a better Song Than In Da Club when 50 and everybody talks about fif getting snubbed at The Grammys they are referring to Evanesence Beating him out for best New Artist Dumb Ass nigga go put on one of yo Night Gown White T-Shirts Clown ass nigga

  • yall should put MJ’s They Don’t Care About Us playing..

  • They don’t care about hip hop.

  • Person

    Yo crack a bottle won because when that song 1st came out it was nuts lol, broke the itunes sellin record peeps. & I don’t think anyone was hatin on Em’s stage presence, he’s jus not coked out running around anymore with proof. He’s more chill. Reminds me of Jay, don’t entertain, jus flow son!