Claudette Reacts To “Intervention” Episode

Well, there are two sides to every story. Former City High frontwoman, Claudette Ortiz spoke with Imortlock about the Intervention episode featuring her ex-bandmate/boyfriend Robby.

Why did you feel the need to speak out about the A&E Intervention special & how you’ve been portrayed in the media since that special aired?
Initially I wasn’t going to say anything… And I think that stemmed from fear because of the relationship I had with Robbie… it was an abusive one. He portrayed it like it was a “lovely romance” and it wasn’t. I just want to move on and put things behind me. Other people may be in the same position I was in… and if you don’t eventually stand up for yourself it can carry on for the next 12 years… like in my case. It was time to tell the truth… the truth that he so conveniently left out in the intervention.


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  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    washed up

  • Jackson



    U can’t make a hoe a house wife

  • She’s Niiiiiiiiiiiiice!

  • Eyerone

    “they prolly more upset to see my ride by with ortiz, claudette, in a peach corvette”- Joe Budden in 01

  • Their was an article? Shit, she look good, I didn’t even notice the text.

  • Belize

    i used to think this chic was the baddest in the game at one point

  • Bionic Pocahontas

    I figured there was another side to the story. Robbie’s not an addict because of her or anyone else. He’s an addict because of himself.

  • Bunz B

    ^^^ she was

  • mmkayy

    lol i guess thats the same reason why she cheated on her husband.. right ?? right


    No need to speak on it and try to make Dude look worse than he did himself. And don’t try to use this Dudes situation to make it seem like you’re adding light to Domestic Abuse. You had that chance a decade ago and did nothing..
    And she, being a former entertainer, should know that editing is not up to him. You don’t know what he said other than the way the pieces are sliced and diced.


    oh yeah…in my Bernie Mac voice..”That pic is nice….real nice”

  • Ty

    She has a right to make sure people aren’t coming up to her on the the street like,”Y’all drove that nigga to drink!” Y’all know how these people do. He did make them look shady as hell and it wasn’t quite like that.

    We all know a battered woman will run to any arms that are strong enough to protect her and not beat her. It’s shows the whole situation in a different light and I don’t blame the sexy, carmel……. I mean…. I don’t blame the poor lady for saying what’s real.

  • sinistermalik


  • “Its two sides to every story & 3 when the truth get told/so grab ya spoon before ya soup get cold”…..

  • trap101

    read the interview, my opinion? WE DON’T BELIEEEVVVEEE YOU! YOU NEED MORE PEEEOOOPLLLEEE!!!

  • 0 Really?

    There was another time I was confronting him about a girl & he threw a brush at me… I ducked & the brush went through his bedroom door… that’s how much force he used… If I hadn’t ducked I probably wouldn’t even be a alive today… *Dr. Evil Voice* RIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGHT

  • MonstaDon

    So wait…how does that explain the 2 children fathered outside the marriage to her husband? The guy she left the drunk n*gga for? Was he abusive too? I guess that justifies that too? ROFL!


    Yo man…people really need to take a look in the mirror…sometimes, riding off into the sunset quietly when nobody notices?…it’s a good option.


  • B. Digital

    I agree, Claudette was one of the baddest chicks back in the day.. I think it’s good that she spoke out but there are 3 sides to a story – her story, his story, and the truth.

    As for Rob, he should have had an intervention 10+ years ago.. Also he shouldn’t have been in a group with his girlfriend because when you mix business with pleasure it usually doesn’t work out.

  • Mithritades

    Everybody nose*(lol) that it’s 3 side to every story!

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