Cool & Dre Co-Sign Lil Wayne’s “The Rebirth”

Producers Cool & Dre rambled turned to their blog today to endorse Lil Wayne’s rock album, The Rebirth. Delivery date, 2/02/10.

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  • thugler

    written by two guys who truly love music

  • Uh-oh

    Ive never seen such a long drawn out statement that could have easily been summed up in one sentence, “please dont let this album flop :[ “

  • Can

    The problem isn’t that Wayne is making a nonrap album. Kanye JUST dropped 808’s, which was innitially divisive but won over support for being genuinely progressive, innovative and well-thought out. The problem is that people don’t see Rebirth as any of these things. I don’t think there’s anything progressive or interesting about Prom Queen or On Fire- lyrically or musically. They don’t sound like the work of a music or writing genius.

    Drop the World is incredible, but that’s not even a rock song. It’s just a rap song with guitars in it and live(?) drums. Which, actually, is more than what On Fire has honestly. That just -samples- 80s guitars from what I can tell. If hip-hop had a problem with rock, Travis Barker wouldn’t be on every track ever. Rihanna did Umbrella which is as rock n roll as anything I’ve heard from Rebirth (as is Jay’s 99 Problems).

    It’s not the -kind- of music (Ice T was in Body Count two decades ago, damn it. Shit, Party Like A Rockstar came out three years ago. Lil Jon had the idea for the shelved Crunk Rock even before that.) it’s the music itself. Wayne can’t play guitar. The music is generic and regressive. His writing on the album is incredibly shallow and full of cliches. And I’m a pretty big fucking Wayne fan.

  • ahhhh

    it’s not a rock album tho, if u want a rock album go buy a nirvana album, this is just a mess of autotune
    ahhh if you love hip hop the least bit don’t buy it, it will just make more people think its cool and want to do it and continue making this instead of realllllll hip hop….and im not even a wayne hater i just hate this type of auto tune poppy hip hop uhh dont let this be successful, do not buy it!

  • Upset


  • illmatic

    dude shouldve been obama’s speech writer

  • Frontrunner

    I agree with much of the statement, it is wonderful that Wayne is trying new things, much like Kanye and many many others before them. However if the experimental music is not good, don’t assume its because the fans aren’t willing to grow with the artist. So far I have heard nothing on the level of Hendrix, Prince, or JB…That being said I think Wayne’s talent is on par with Tupac, but without the album classics…yet

  • 106

    I don’t think its because us the fans won’t accept change in hip hop. The dude above me said it best when Kanye came out with 808’s i was vex. How could he sing and we support that but the songs were great and it proved how genius Kanye is. Wayne on the other hand just started getting hot a few years back and is already switching it up. Just cause you can rap doesn’t mean you can make any kind of music you want. Wayne can’t play the guitar and his autotune voice is terrible. He go to the front of the rap thing and first thing he do is a Rock album like thats what we need. We need more Hip Hop and good Hip Hop at that. Not this gimmick bullshit they play on the radio and Wayne can show alot of peeps we here to stay. I hope this flops so he can get the lip ring out his face and start rapping again.

  • Obama

    “Drake, Kanye and Wayne is that shit”?!?!?! Homeboy, you need to spend a liitle more time OUTSIDE of your “loft”…

  • Matic

    All that shit is well and good but the music has to be good, don’t shovel me some shit and try to tell me its roses just because Wayne or Kanye did it. One thing about the history of music that will always be true is, great music will be embraced and stand the test of time. Its the reason you can still play go dj at a party and people rock to it!!! Tell them niggas to stop making bullshit and they wont have to have this conversation. Besides, that shit wayne is doing aint rock music, that nigga can’t play guitar well enough yet, and he cant sing with out autotune. Fuck that, master the axe and get voice lessons and don’t disgrace our black legacy of great musicians!! Better yet, just make dope rhymes, I thought he was a rapper!!! The problem is these dudes get all that money and then start buying the hype about them being geniuses! Make great music and people will always love it!

  • i agree with cool and dre’s statement- it’s surprisingly smart. but they are endorsing a garbage product.

  • asdsa

    ninja please those singles were wack as fuck

  • Deangelobailey

    Cross colours > skinny jeans, I don’t know maybe my generations balls were just bigger.

  • @Can. wow im very impressed by what you wrote and completly agree.

  • dat koon nigga

    lil wayne is a junkie

    thats it

  • CaniBlog?

    Yes ask any kid 12-18 who the “shit” rappers are and most likely you’ll hear Wayne, Kanye, Drake or Gucci. Hip Hop has always been for the youth by the youth in its purest form it stems from rebelliousness within the young urban community all we can do is watch while some will debate others will hate.

  • Rachael5922

    I think REBIRTH is an epic album that deserves recognition for the change in creativity. It will open doors.

  • Person

    Cool N Dre are cool, but if your gonna mention any rappers, you mention Jay & Em first. Especially Em.

  • eleven

    i like that. intelligence.

  • Sin

    my $0.02…

    Honestly dewayne knows how to make good music.. and this “rock” shit aint new wit him either.
    Sidenote: ITS NOT ROCK, more like alternative.
    But he been doing this shit
    2005 – 2006: C2 nd dat britney spears shit
    2007: Mic Check, Navigator Man, Self Destruction, party like a rockstar
    2008: U Got It, and a whole buncha other catchy shit im not typing
    2009: even more
    yall niggas suck as fans. the nigga get bored with doing the same thing and being repetitive so he tries to switchhit and keep yall happy and yall still say fuck him.
    It aint like he jus dnt rap no more, he still rap for yall ungrateful bastards. He knew yall was gon bitch about rebirth so he dropped that No Ceilings for u haters.
    personally i dont care as long as the song is good, if not i wont listen to THAT song..
    i mean.. shit why not when your favorite rapper says off the wall shit like: “I was born wit a dick in my brain, yea fucked in the head. My stepfather said that i sucked in the bed”

  • obviously they would co-sing, they produced tracks for the album


  • Roc

    cool n dre had SOME valid points but you shouldnt call “fire” rock music when its clearly the sample from the movie scarface and wayne is renaming the sound for his succes… if youre actually playing guitars keyboards and live drums and singing minus auto tune i give you that, not a hater but reality is what it is!

  • co-sign everything CAN said on Monday.

    my only other thought, Cool or Dre, whichever one of them is the one who actually posts on twitter and blogs, is an AWESOME dude.

    he consistently posts about REAL music and his passion, Obama, things I relate to strongly and care about deeply with our music and culture. and their track record shows they make some epic emotional anthems like “hate it or love it”. i’m a fan.