Drake & Eminem Collabo On The Way?

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Continuing his conversation with Sway, Drake hints at the possibility of collaborating with Eminem on Thank Me Later. Although he doesn’t have a concrete release date, Drizzy says his first single should be coming within the next few weeks.

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  • ANT619HONY

    drake is gay

  • OJ

    drake is homo


    and if he is? STFW.
    you play yourself w/your junior high school homophobia. just the *idea* of a Drake/Em collabo is so fresh, it immediately makes you mad/jealous/disgruntled/more disappointed in your own life. so your wack reflex is to throw out an insult you think is “the worst.” all you do is show who YOU are, which is: reflex hater/immature/ignorant. enjoy your Monday.

  • The Truth

    ^^ why cause ur bitches love him?? “Males being jealous is a female trait” Jigga ‘Heart of the City’. Big up Drizzy & Em, Toronto Stand UP!

  • Toya

    *rolling eyes* What happened to the Em that didn’t want to collabos with people just because they’re hot? I am an Em stan but this is rather annoying.

  • dave

    co-signs Toya

  • imara

    ^ and who said Em wanted to collab with Drake because he’s hot? it’s not even for Em’s album. Em just think Drake’s talented and his so called fans twist the idea into whatever they want *sign*

  • ME


  • imara

    ^ yeah I don’t remember ever heard of that too, he even collab with Akon before. Maybe his stans just make stuff up.

  • llll

    Look, i hate this but i gotta say that eminem never say NO, if u walked right into his studio and gave him a track he’ll mix it and do it for ya, i mean didn’t u see him last night it was like he’s a fan, he was moving his body and feeling the music, thats one thing that em still got, he loves music, he did a collab with every hot artist except for Nas i think!!u can hate as much as u want, but if u didn’t like it, then don’t check it out, RESPECT IT OR CHECK IT!!

  • Doyle

    Drake is gay? Dude fucks more women than 99% of people on this site, Eminem is a Legend, Drake is going to be a legend in the future, better you faggots except that now.

  • Dr.House

    Drake? A Legend? Let me laugh lol ! Where is the real slim shady? 🙁

  • jogl

    Eminem wants to work with talented people, he loves music because he’s a true artist. He doesn’t give a fuck about what you shut in needle dicks have to say about his so called “rep”. He’s a legend, his spot is FOREVER(c wut i did thar?) reserved and he now gets the freedom to do whatever the fuck he wants.

    A Drake Em collab would be fucking amazing, just look at Forever.

  • RapMusic23

    Im an Em fan,got all his records.I just want new songs from Em,as long as he doesnt collab with Rnb artists and have 10-15 guests on his album,(like many rappers) im fine with it.Besides,Forever was dope so im sure a new song with Drake and Em would be cool

  • Toya

    @ ME,

    In ’99 and ’00 when he was working on MMLP, Em said in several radio interviews that he knew how the game worked. That people will want to jump on whatever wagon’s the hottest, get a song, and bail before the train hits the skids. He said that with the success of SSLP, he was getting all sorts of offers but that he was turning a lot of them down because he didn’t want people grow tired of his voice. Like “God… him again?!” (I remember listening to a couple of them on YouTube.)

    But in a couple interviews back in ’01 and ’02, Em then said that he would only work with artists that he actually liked and respected thus the head scratching with Weezy and Kanye. Guess he felt they were holding up some standards. (I remember him explaining the Akon collab in a Behind The Boards interview.)

    True the song will end up on Drake’s album (if it ever happens) but the thought is still pretty annoying since before the hiatus, Em was pretty reclusive and now it seems that everyone wants to work with him and spreading rumors of possible collabos, and with all these appearences in the last couple months, it seems that he’s not being completely staying true to form. But maybe he just has to throw some bones to keep the peace.

  • koa29

    Fif….. i like you (n), but you need to take some pointers from your boss… It’s not a bad thing to collaborate with new blood in the game.

  • Hitt8man8

    Eminem is the greatest rapper alive he’s the tiger woods of rap stop hating on the white boy, and Jim on a drake song is just going to add how many artist he ripped on their own tracks

  • getchame

    Drake is so fuckin gay man hahah

  • BK

    This ain’t even bin confirmed yet, they were prob chattin and u kno drake most prob sed :”we shud do a collab” em not gna shoot him down then n there is he? I think this was b4 the performance so em most prob sed yh whatever. Have no doubt in my mind that em wud rip him apart like wayne tho. He cud take on the whole of young money himself lyrically. Drakes seen how wayne has gotten a buzz from DTW and wants the same thing 4 his album. People wanna buy anythin ems on.

  • llll

    @ Toya…..you are right, i mean after relapse i think em felt like he’s losing fans, but when he did forever everyone said that he brought his A game, he’s like a kid again, he has to do shit with others so wayne & drake fans go and check out eminem, ya know?…he’s making himself big again, he knows the business not like 50 stickin to himself, and when he does a collabo with someone it turns out to be a R&B gay singer…eminem don’t wanna die, also he knows what he’s doing if u don’t like it then fuck u!!

  • if eminem makes another track w/ drake, before making a track w/ at least anyone from slaughterhouse, then im punching someone in the face.

  • DH

    Why are yall acting like Em has been collaborating with alot of people lateley or am i missing something?

  • jamie

    why is every eminem fan moaning about him working with people.
    im a huge eminem fan. and him working with people like drake is a good thing. drake is talented. his new. plus eminem is probs helping him out coz he knows eminem fans will listen to the track making drake more popular.
    plus its more eminem music. so stop the hate.

  • mikey

    i hope it happens

  • Tame .

    lets get it then . . i know ittle be lyrical .

  • Roy

    You guys are stupid. Em’s sober now. That should tell you everything. He’s open to a lot of things now.

  • bkallday

    smh at drake being gay
    what did eminem rap about on relapse again

  • MissGennyS

    more music from Em…what’s wrong with that, why people hatin?

  • nushay

    ok first of all em doesnt have to collab with anybody..to whoever said that em needs wayne fans and drake fans..WTF ur on?wayne and drakes fan base is nothing compared to em’s fan base…and didnt em only colllab 2 times?yall acting like hes on every damn track..and both of those collabs em did cuz he was put on a spot light..weezy was begging him to do a collab so if em doesnt collab with wayne he has to give his reasons to mtv..etc..its either a diss him or a collab with him situation..and drake already pannouced it and i think em would have to do this cuz ppl will be asking him where the track is..eminem doesnt like to collaberate..and likes to keep it to a minimumim sure we would see a sluaghterhouse/em collabo soon

  • i’m your father

    Most of the best rappers will never act in the grammy, Drake has no soul has no anger has no street, it is not a rap, alone tons of autotune, mtv and a heap of girls anxious to buy, this is a business and money, a passing fashion, fortunately.
    Eminem fight against the world to get where he is, he deserves, and is a beast on the microphone, please do not compare.