Rich Boy Meditates Like A Buddhist

Rich Boy tells VIBE that for his next album, he’s bringing a more worldly sound. He’s even dabbled in Buddhism.

I really sat there for weeks and just listened to every country’s music and taught myself how to love it instead of just saying, ‘This sound crazy to me, put that Boosie back on.’ Or whatever I grew up on. I had used CDs I was listening to and just put myself on a whole ’nother platform so my ear would be different this time.”

He’s even tapped into different religions. “Whatever religion you name, I studied it,” he says. “Buddhism, I studied that this morning. It’s deep, man.”

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  • nushay

    buddhism is the shit!! the only religion that makes sense

  • cory

    as long as polow’s on the beats…

  • Mr_dig

    Reading about something one morning doesn’t mean you studied it! Shit ain’t no quiz in class

  • ANT619HONY

    this nigga is a one hit wonder……

  • yaboitone

    PLEASE tell me niggaz realize how ignorant this kat sounds? lol.

    “Whatever religion you name, I studied it,” he says. “Buddhism, I studied that this morning. It’s deep, man.”

    Lmao. IN OTHER WORDS: I got blazed around 12:30pm (aka this morning), read 1/3 of a Yahoo article about Buddism, and now I’m an expert.

    Niggaz kill me.

  • smh

    Sometimes I wonder why cats grant interviews.

  • asdsa

    ANT619HONY says:
    Monday, February 01 2010 at 1:37 PM EST

    this nigga is a one hit wonder……


    You can’t count

  • justbeingreal

    I can respect somebody attempting to get diverse instead of being bias their entire life even if was just a half hour.

  • Killa Kels

    I fux wit Rich Boy.

    Rich > T.I.

  • AmsterdamMike

    Rich Boy’s first album was and still is MAD UNDERRATED!!!
    If this man can make another album as good as his first than Im all 4 it!

    Drop that shit Rich Boy!

  • Da

    Rich Boy is DOPE, i wish him success

  • So Icy Boi!

    Rich Boy dat nigga

  • @Killa Kels

    I fux with Rich Boi too say he’s better than TIP is beyond idiotic….

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^^^ nigga T.I. is overated and a snitch ………..He use to be tight until he went mainstream

  • Rich Boy’s first album is crack. Straight up.