Rihanna Performs On Ellen DeGeneres

Robyn’s appearance on Ellen DeGeneres aired earlier today, delivering the audience not one but two performances. After her interview, she performs “Hard” and the pre-Rated R hit “Don’t Stop The Music”. Aw yea yea yea!

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  • So Icy Boi!

    Rihanna, Beyonce, ………..Everyday post…………..

  • full-multi-recording

    good. some footage of her actually performing instead of posing.

    at other commenter: and what?

  • Sarah

    Booooooooooooooooooooo this girl sucks. I know she was watching Pink, Beyonce and Gaga last night and was like damn I can’t do that. She will NEVER get a standing O. With out Jay-Z she would be nothing.



  • Gina

    Do your thang Rihanna. Let your haters hate because at the end of the day the more they dislike you for living your life, the more they block their own blessings in their own lives. It’s actually pretty pathetic.

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  • Ellen is also very lucky to have a sweet and beautiful girlfriend like Portia De Rossi .

  • i would have to say that Ellen Degeneres is really great in having her show, it is an informative tv show *-:

  • ellen degeneres and tyra banks are two of my favorite talk show hosts:’.

  • oh i love Ellen Degeneres, you can always say that she is the best talk show host .

  • Awesome post it is really. My father has been waiting for this content.