Jay-Z Post Grammy Interview

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After the show, it’s the after show interviews. Following Sunday’s ceremony, Jigga spoke on bringing his nephew to the podium and the possibility of Usher filling MJ’s penny loafers.


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  • seeethat??????

    You see that, hoes? Jay suited up, on TV, winning awards. Where is Jim Jones, Game, and Beanie?

  • chichi

    go on jigga

  • Can

    if anyone is closest to succeeding MJ- in terms of longevity, influence, style, performance, and consistentency- it’s Beyonce.

  • Zach

    Jim, Game and Beanie are making Hip Hop music. Nas has no Grammies…is he any less talented than Jay?

  • live.from.DVR

    @ Can



    Garmmys don’t matter. but the questionabout talent? no shots, but it makes them all just not quite as talented and focused as jay

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  • Johnny Ringo

    I am a fan also

  • Nathaniel

    if any black artist in this day is going to even begin to be in the discussion about filling MJ’s shoes, they’re gonna have to show that they have some level of consciousness about issues that affect the community and the world at large. Mike was a humanitarian, an activist. he politicked with louis farrakhan and nelson mandela.

    all these other muthafuckas sing about (usher, bey, etc etc) is relationships and romance. THATS IT! so remove them from the discussion. nobody is in THAT discussion to be anywhere close to Mike.

  • wow

    Nas is very talented and just as talented as Jay-z !

  • Nathaniel

    B.Dot iono if that was you that cleared that up, but its appreciated…one way or the other.

  • B.Dot

    yep, moderating comments are pain thee ass…what’s funny tho is when people write under diff names. Like, i cant tell.

  • Nathaniel


    yea i bet it is. lmao @ that writing under different sn shit. yall otta start airing niggas out, throwing under busses, putting on blast, all that shit. anyone who does it (but that’ll prolly be a pain too) but hilaaaarious to read. ha!

  • Money Mitch

    @ Nathaniel

    When did eveyone forget that mj was a pedophile and “wacko jacko” forever tainted his legacy i will say he was a tremendously talented musician but he was a fucking wack job

  • jud

    @money mitch
    We made him what he was…how would you act if people cried and fainted everytime you walked in the room

  • i can say that i miss jacko so much coz i am one of his die hard fans,~,