• ANT619HONY

    damn this the shittttttt

  • Interscope Employee

    this nigga is an Em fan!!! cant hate…Em is one of the greats

  • Markoni

    Damn, this instrumental takes you back in time…. just great, anyone saying Em’s singles like Just Lose It, The Real Slim Shady or We Made You are whack should listen to this. They may be songs to promote the album, but they’re also a great piece of history and only get better with time.

  • 730

    This nigga is not really making any sense, forget the beat.

  • Freeway’s sick…..

  • PS… All those Eminem singles were wack as hell….Freeway kills the beat better than Eminem.Em’s singles are kiddie pop.

  • Young Sha

    Flow is ill.

  • beauty


  • Eyerone

    freezer killed it. cant wait for that freelapse joint. im interested to see how he pulls it off. i thought he was just gonna go in over relapse beats, so joints like this one widens that lane a lot.

  • so u post this agter shake right?