Raekwon Wants A Cool Kid To Play Him

The Chef tells XXL that he wants Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids to play him in his forthcoming bio-pic C.R.E.A.M. “A couple of the young MCs in the game, such as the Cool Kids, I think there’s one of them that kinda resemble me,” Rae said. “So we thinking of letting them have fun, with them catching a vision of all the things we did back in the days. I really feel like I had a full life as a kid, where I went through many different things, from playing sports to being caught up in the streets and then having knowledge of self.” And knowing is half the battle.

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  • murK

    better unfix his teeth for the part to play a young rae

  • yeah maybe,

    if he was 40 pounds heavier….lol, this man Rae is delusional…


    i can see it. chucks voice has that raekwon sound in it. the look isnt really there but its whatever. but i doubt this bio-pic will even happen in the 1st place.

  • rae is classic! im slavin at the gig and readin dat jus made me laugh super hard. Rae think he Ray lol!
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  • Diggsy

    looks more like the game than rae

  • LikeJordan45

    That would be DOPE AS FUCK! Not to mention Chuck was praising OBFCL2 heavy on his twitter when it first dropped so it seems the respect is mutual. MAKE THIS HAPPEN SOMEBODY!!!! (ANYBODY!!!)