Drake’s Sprite Commerical

Looks like Drake’s obeying his thirst in this new Sprite commercial. The spot has aired during the previews of several movies. It’s been a minute since Sprite’s featured any rappers in their ads. Good to see that they’ve come full circle.


Update: Here’s some behind the scenes.

[vodpod id=Video.3000902&w=425&h=350&fv=]


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  • Joshua T.
  • B.Dot

    that’s the one i have in the link

  • So Icy Boi!

    damn yall act like a rapper aint never did a sprite commercial

  • cablevision

    “damn yall act like a rapper aint never did a sprite commercial”

    in what way is anyone acting like that. and if anyone was, why would you care?

  • i hate sellouts


  • Young Sha

    I still remember Nas’ sprite commercial, comical stuff.

    What’s with rappers and sprite? It’s no Vitamin water thats fo sure ! 😉

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  • FoSHO

    WTF I hate when niggas use the word sellout without knowing what it actually means lmao
    how the fuck is doing a sprite commercial selling out? Damn Obama needs to find a way to get these kids back in school

  • Bionic Pocahontas

    Fuck outta here. That shoulda featured Nasir Jones.

  • RG

    lol, and who the fuck would recognize Nasir besides us hip hop heads? with the buzz of the grammys i say sprite is a buisness genius with this shit

  • unknown greatness

    Damn anyone remember that sprite remix shit with swizz beats?

  • business genius?..more like business obvious

  • jay

    Look what one mixtape can do. Good shit, Drizzy.

  • CaniBlog?

    YO WHAT DID HAPPEN TO SPRITE REMIX? I remember back in my early high school days that was the thing to drink.

  • Just Visiting

    I guess it pays to have a hot single off of a Lebron James movie. Doubt Drake would’ve been the next rap choice if it weren’t for that tie to Sprite.

  • kodak.moment

    sellout equals alienating your base by going for the mainstream. dude started out mainstream. this commercial will not alienate his base.

  • I don’t drink pop, but good shit Drizzy. Congrats…oh, and niggaz don’t know what selling out is. U wanna know who a sellout is??? Flo Rida! That nigga’s a sellout. Lol!

  • Sin

    he been wack but he used to tlk about sum gangsta shit atleast


    hot haters are mad

  • Surprised a proper version of this video has not surfaced or been made available online. Would go viral in a second, no? Doesn’t Sprite want that to happen??

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  • nlo

    Hes a sellout. Ill battle any rapper out there. Im the best white rapper ever. Im sick of bitches snitches pornoflick bitches, after I do you in the butt your gonna need 10 stitches. HO. Fuck all you pre madonna rapping faggots out there. rapping about cars, houses and money. Ill knock any of you faggots the fuck out, and I live in a card board box. I just fucked a fat slut that looks like java the hut, cummed in her gut. Fuck extortion, you better get this abortion.