How To Make It In America (Ep.1)

Looks like Valentine’s Day came early this year. Pull up a chair and watch the first episode of HBO’s new original series, How To Make It In America. The show premieres this Sunday and stars Kid Cudi as Damingo Dean. Good luck Scotty.


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  • NotoriousRambo


  • Pyth

    Wouldn’t Say It STARS Cudi But It’s A Decent Show…

  • This was pretty good. Definitely worth a weekly dvr.

  • i liked it. SHow is dope. Im going to order HBO back for this. Glad they are finally making shows to appeal to our age group

  • oh word

    i heard domingo develops throughout the season


    Great show, a lot better then I had expected.

  • im hatin

    shit is corny b

  • Will

    yea got to order HBO bacc i literally stop watching TV except for big events since Entourage and Trueblood went off Now Trueblood bout to come bacc and Im 5 mins in this show is legit Cudi aint got a big part but I like the show

    I cut off my HBO soon as Entourage goes off to save money on the bill

  • Will

    my nigga Rob Weiss is coincidently behind this shit too

  • I heard the begining of this and before giving the show a chance to watch i heard a sample come alive.. check my version of this show’s intro.

  • Sin

    I cut off my HBO soon as Entourage goes off to save money on the bill


    thas wat I be wantin to do kuz it take entourage like a year for a new season


    Got off to a slow start but is definately Dope…I’m orderin HBO 4 this shit no DOUBT!!

  • D!A!E

    This is the hustlers Entourage

  • ThatDude Fuck HBO. Entourageee!!!!

  • L4U

    Typical story line CORNY AS HELL. TRY AGAIN

  • B. Obama

    This shit is corny, Kid Cudi reminds of that cornball nigga from the Goodburger movie, no mas.

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