• Seriously, why are you guys sweating this dude? I don’t see the hype.

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^^^ Me either

  • ReppinHard

    Fuck it…This shit was fire! lol he reminds me of the Trap Muzik Tip if that’s any indication I think he’s gonna have a place in the game in the next few years as a big player

  • ddave

    Wow. 2nd time listening to dude. I’ve only heard this once, but I swear I was rapping the song like I’ve heard this before. I felt where he was coming from about most of life. Minus the drugs. Best song I’ve heard this year so far! Real shit from a real ass nigga!


    this my first time listening to this dude but….. i like this….. keep it comin

  • Eli Porter

    This Joint was produced By Tecknowledgy out of Rhode Island (He’s also prod. for El Prez, X1 of Onyz, Donny Goines, Mista Mista & Young Scolla and many more)

  • This nigga is cold, quit hatin mufuckaz….

  • BarneysBabe

    maybe because the ladies love him. SEXY shot.

  • MithritadesHD

    maybe because he don’t sound like Gucci and wacka flocka why them first 2 commenters don’t like him lol…

  • deuce deuce

    I like Pill…jus needs to sharpen it up a bit but I do appreciate the versatility in this current state of 1/2 dimensional rappers….

    *patiently waits for mixtape*

  • So Icy Boi!

    SMH i bet its the same niggaz changing screen names co signing him

  • damn I need this instrumental

  • calvin booth

    what is this beat from? i know ive heard it before

  • JTaylor80

    The Beat Is Fat Joe “Damn” off The Me, Myself & I Cd

  • now that I think about it Alex Goose submitted a beat using this same sample (Bo Hansson’s “Excursions With Complications”) for the Blueprint 3

  • Ryan

    ok dennn, icy

  • Burnum

    The hype is that this guy is an authentic story teller. Ya’ll ain’t tired of hearing bout chains and bitches and what folk is gonna do? come on now, get wit the real!! But niggas focused on keeping they wrists “So Icy” they lyrics come out lukewarm. This shit is hot, respect it.

  • Pill is that shit, dude got bars. Wasn’t the joint this was sampled from on Fight Night? I know it was on some game…

  • bt

    Pill, if you don’t want to take the time to listen (which in todays market, I wouldn’t typically blame you for) has appeal as an artist, because enough of his experiences, as he’s trying to express through music, carry social and moral importance.

  • bt

    peanutbutter wolf also did a remix of Kool Keith’s “Leave me alone” over a similar beat. Also dope.

  • Nathaniel

    why do we need a Pill, we already have T.I. in atlanta.


  • Nathaniel

    same shit, same approach, same content expressed the same way.

  • bt

    now THAT, is impossible. You lose. Shame sucka’ pigger, whoever you are.

  • Kid C-A-L


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