Drake & LeBron James To Judge Dunk Contest

With the NBA All-Star game getting under way this weekend in Dallas, Drake and LeBron James are set to judge the amateur Sprite Slam Dunk contest. The event takes place this Friday at 9:00 p.m. and will also feature a performance by Drizzy.

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  • Forget judging the Dunk Contest, LeBron is suppose to be in the Dunk Contest. smh


  • “amateur Sprite Slam Dunk contest” – My bad, but still, Bron is suppose to be in the Dunk Contest.

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  • Chris

    This is gonna get rip to shreds.

    People wanted Lebron in it, not judging it and he said he would.

    And why the fuck is Drake judging a dunk contenst.


  • Chris

    Oh Amateur lol

    Still…..really? lol

  • Will

    how is Drake a Judge hes not a basketball player and has nothing to do with basketball

    And lebron is a bitch man I hope he never gets that ring wit that kind of attitude he too good to get in a dunk contest with a Fellow All Star Gerald Wallace but he could judge an Dunk Contest with a rapper with a bigger name but doesnt even play basketball

    how do they allow a nigga who is not only still in the NBA but still in The NBA and say he is too good to particpate judge anothers niggas Dunk Man I say them niggas holdout on the Dunk Contest like if he too good to compete against them we know he too good to judge them

    this nigga is a judge before Kobe,Vince Carter,Jason Richasrdson could become a judge

    man fucc Lebron and the Cavaliers real talk hes good but he makes you hate the game becuz how they let him run the system

  • Will

    dallas should boo this nigga real talk he luccy the game not in LA it would be problems like when Carmelo got took for his chain nigga Lebron would have problems real talk he wouldnt be able to play

    I mean why is he even playing in the All Star game he believes he is that good why waste your time on them niggas

    the example this nigga is setting for his kids

    shit is wrong

  • Will

    okay its the amateur but still he shouldnt be the judge for anything

  • jumbo

    win a championship. put out a real album.

  • Realest Nigga In It

    Damn! Yall need to chill out. Its the DUNK CONTEST. Not the PLAYOFFS. Lebron can do whatever he want.

  • NotoriousRambo

    KING JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • davon

    yaaaaaaay lebron james da best fuck kobe

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