Hip-Hop Reacts To John Mayer Controversy

In case you were sleepin’ under a rock or a foot of snow today, John Mayer’s recent provocative interview with Playboy magazine has become a national scandal. In the article, he uses the “N-word” and compares his penis to a white supremacist. Yup, fun stuff. Anyways, as you can imagine Twitter was on fire today with folks observations. Here’s what our culture had to say.

After laying low for most of day, Mayer’s back on Twitter addressing the drama. Stay tuned.

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  • Odog

    i read the whole thing. what he said wasn’t racist. most people are fucking stupid. using the n word is racially insensitive but doesnt make him racist. and i know black girls that say they wont fuck white dudes. people just want to cry and complain. people need to grow up and learn how to talk about race without getting so fucking pissed off and feeling offended.

  • nabe

    to the first two (or one) people that commented: your friends are outside calling you to come out and play. they putting rocks in snowballs.


    Making this a big deal will only bring our people further apart.

    Take for example… “JeanGreasy’s” twit.

    “RACE WARS” …… really? That’s what you want?…. REALLY?

  • Who is John Mayer, and why are Negroes so concerned with his twitterations?


    And I’m not sure Ill ever look at Joel Ortiz the same way again…. which really hurts me to say.

  • whoever interviewed john mayer for playboy asked some provocative statements and mayer just kept talking. i don’t think they liked each other much. i’m inclined to give mayer a pass cause i know he was intoxicated or something. but using the n word and admitting a dark pussy doesn’t turn you on…come on. we like you dude but now we’re wondering…are you really racist. it’s either that or bisexual lol. can’t wait till you spill about that…keep your mouth shut mayer

  • Zach

    ^That won’t happen until people stop getting villianised for the colour of their skin in the same country they were born in silly! The pain behind the melanin will go nowhere until equality among races is achieved..until then we still have a chip on our shoulder and rightfully damn so.

  • Theloneus

    Niggas too emotional nowadays. John Mayer’s career is going down the shithole as we SPEAK. So he didn’t influence anybody. But white girls with big asses. Now that’s anotha’ story.

  • oh lawd

    Can’t say that i’m surprised smh nigger pass wow I mean dude there is a difference between a hood pass and a “nigger” pass cause not all black people have hood passes hell you NEVER had a hood pass you were just cool with some black folks you think before this if you ran through any real hood you’d be like hey i’m John Mayer I did a song with Ye worked with Jay i’m down lol u’d get the Beanie line ” No nigga I don’t know Jigga.” and get stuck the fuck up. And this guy doesn’t even know what the definition of a hood pass is what the hell does it have to do with going into a restaurant and them not serving you? Lol. Your heart is Benetton and your dick is David Duke? SMH talk about extremes huh David Duke really? That’s like sayin the same heart shit but your dick is Hitler to a Jewish girl.You coulda just said they aint my type (Hillary Banks lmao ) . Anyways white people talk like this all the time amongst themselves it’s just when it comes out it’s supposed to be a “shocker” well i’m not at all shocked. I could care less about this fool anyways *yawn* he’s a fuckin bird if you read the interview you realize that. Who cares if he don’t like the sistas more for me and watch Jennifer Aniston link up with a brotha and get a “nigger” to pass all over her face i’m sure that’ll make his day

  • The first 3 post have to be white boys

    Who told that white boy he had a hood pass? LOL! Thats what I wanna know. On the reals, what sucka MC co signed him and gave him a stamp? Find that out Rap Radar, I wanna hear what they got to say about this.

    White people if you want know what a Cracker is, its a white guy (John Mayer) who will say nigger and call parts of himself David Duke in front of white people but who would NOT say it in a room full of black people.

    You just ate your shoe johnny. smh

    White people won’t trip tho just appologize and America will forget. What a way to cleanse a fanbase. Musta been too many black people at his concerts.

  • Zach

    my comment was @ odog btw

  • patriotgames

    who cares what dude said. he showed what was in his heart. people say dumb shit. if peole are sincere, we all get over it. you should be more concerned about Palin, Beck, FOX news, etc. That’s the new Jim Crow right there.


    I think the variety of opinions shown through these tweets prove this is not about white or black.

    It’s about individuals… There are Black people who are upset by this, and there are Black people who do not see what the outrage is all about.

    There are white people who are upset by this, and there are white people who do not see what the outrage is all about.

    If you hate what John Mayer said, hate John Mayer, don’t hate white people….

    If you hate that he is being labled a racist, hate the individuals who label him one, not the race they represent.

    Treating this any other way is racist itself, shame on you.

  • teejay

    Really, if you watch any interview with him, he’s the most sarcastic person in the world. He didn’t mean a damn word he said, he was joking. It wasn’t funny, but he didn’t have any malicious intent. Let it be.

  • Eyerone

    seemed like a joke…


    “the first three posts have to be white boys” Hypocracy high five!

  • oh lawd

    honestly I don’t even care *yawn* how many times gonna hear similar type he’s racist stories if he is he is if he aint he aint fuck it @clark yeah I c/s anyways i’m stuck in this fuckin blizzard wish I could order a pizza


    Considering how YN has handled similar issues in the past…

    I am surprised he posted tweets showing support on both sides of the story. I respect him for that, I really do.

  • Blackmagic

    Who cares, at least the dude was real about it.

    No bullshit.

  • Solange

    I’m Beyonce’s sister. Niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger.


    Hey Oh lawd ( or anyone else )

    what does c/s mean?

    Prolly a stupid question but im just not sure.

  • oh lawd

    co-sign basically i agree with your initial comment and @solange lmao why are you repeating the country of Niger

  • Odog

    i come from a mixed couple for one. i dont even see why it would matter what color i am either. being a certain race doesn’t give you any sort of authority to speak on behalf of your entire race either. i dont see the need to refer to people by any sort of color because it only divides.

    but i also have a sense of humor, like he did when he was talking about how he isn’t sexually attracted to black girls. whats so fucking bad about that. and when he said the “nigger pass” thing if anything he was just explaining that he has no idea what its like to be black and feels uncomfortable being given the so called “hood pass.”

    should he have used the n word? no. but don’t go fucking crazy over some bullshit like this.

  • Rick

    wait, Joell Ortiz is black?

  • rick

    Double-standards, gotta love it.

  • Big 110


    It’s every other week that us as black folks, find another white guy as a scape goat… But why? Out of all the white people we can pick on, Why John Mayer? Doesn’t that make us look like pussies as a culture… We have Rush Limbaugh, Kreamer from Seinfeld, Asher Roth, Bill O’reily, and too many real black issues to deal with… John Mayer is too intelligent and forward thinking for us as black folks to pick on him…

    MAYER: Someone asked me the other day, “What does it feel like now to have a hood pass?” And by the way, it’s sort of a contradiction in terms, because if you really had a hood pass, you could call it a nigger pass. Why are you pulling a punch and calling it a hood pass if you really have a hood pass? But I said, “I can’t really have a hood pass. I’ve never walked into a restaurant, asked for a table and been told, ‘We’re full.’”

    “MAYER: What is being black? It’s making the most of your life, not taking a single moment for granted. Taking something that’s seen as a struggle and making it work for you, or you’ll die inside. Not to say that my struggle is like the collective struggle of black America. But maybe my struggle is similar to one black dude’s.”

    why are we goin so hard on john mayer… if u think about what he is sayin… it’s true… if he had a hood pass, he would be able to say the n-word… if u think about what he said, it was a self fulfilling prophecy…

    If this white man can expel all of these positive thoughts on to one group of people, How the fuck is he a racist. I’m just Sayin… Stop being sensitive pussies… Read the full interview and then come up with an opinion… Let’s just not have websites create our opinions for us…


    Right on Odog.


    Well said Big 110.

  • Really sick of Clark posting a comment for every two or three that come up. For whom are you advocating?

    And as someone who has subscribed to his entire catalogue, with the exception of the bullshit album he dropped most recently, I have followed his career. And to tell the truth, he had started trying his hand at doing comedy before his shows and, on many occasions, said similarly egregious things. Homie spoke his heart and again, this wasn’t the first time. The Asians and the Dominicans have gotten their fair share of his stupidity – hidden behind comedy, of course.

    @Clark, John Mayer’s antics represent the microcosm that exists in our society as a whole with regard to race and hypocrisy. To me, this is more insulting and unacceptable than when Kanye took the mic from that young meat that John himself has been smashing lately. And I can tell that you’re not Black because non-Blacks /Minorities always wanna talk “let’s not make it a race issue” when they f*** up. But were you on here advocating for Kanye when Twitter was abuzz with Nigger references and “kill him” tweets after he said the white chick didn’t deserve the award?

    Dudes like Mayer and Asher always get too comfortable when people of ‘the culture’ let them in. I can’t mess with dudes like these because they mean what they say when they say it. Neither he nor Asher grew up around Blacks so when they say things like Mayer said in Playboy, they’re just talking the way they’ve talked their whole lives. Now if Em had said this, I may not feel as strongly about this… I just don’t know.

    And talk about being disappointed in someone, I’m very disappointed in ?uest… Come on dude! Clearly, he wasn’t being misquoted.

  • @ BIG 110
    Just because one “expels positive thoughts on to one group of people” does not a non-racist make. It’s called empathy. Racism is a sickness of the mind anyway. Most times – Black or White- people operate in racism and don’t even know it… or in John’s case, not until it comes out in a Playboy interview.

    Again, this is not the first time he has spoken like this. Go to Youtube.

  • GETurOWN

    That is why I hate journalists and illeterate folks who wanna just call another person racist with no backstory. Like Noreaga’a ingnorant even read the interview! The dude is actually on the side of black folk, saying a hood pass is illegitimate in and of itself because that’ll give him a right to say or do all that ‘black folk’ do which includes some of us calling each other niggas..

    He even further underscores his lack of relation to having a hod pass by saying he’s not directly struggled the struggle of the black folk who got turned away from restaurants etc.

    The day we realise that paranoia is the biggest setback to liberty as a people, then we’ll be better off. SMFH,

    Great interview btw.

  • Eyerone

    I agree with Big 110.

  • rakim

    sorry clark, but john mayer deserves everything he gets.

    the rest of the interview is what he hurts him the most, he comes off as a guy who thinks he can say whatever he wants and get away with it. he hasn’t done shit to be given that right, eminem would get destroyed if he said all of what was said there.

    mayer comes off as a guy who believes in his own hype and how people around him should be. absolute tosser.

    ortiz got it right, he’s declaring that mayer and the rest can say stuff like that and get away with it, which is true. it’s not about being drama queens, no one would care if it was just one comment, it’s the way he said it is what counts.

  • Big 110











  • majest

    i dnt give a fuck!!!! this is what he wanted..the reaction of his actions..all this tmz shock statement shit is so see thru…wake up yall!!!!!

  • GETurOWN

    Comparing Em to Mayer is the epitome of having blinders on! You excuse one white guy but not the other? Thats discriminatory in itself. FTR I’m black, but it shouldn’t fucking matter,

    Eminem call a black girl a porch monkey for chrissakes, jus cos she wont date him.. the man just used white supremacy metaphorically to describe his dick not liking black pussy, its his preference!!

    Who defends white folk when our comedians call them crackers all day long? I guess when the nail is in your friends flesh its in a tree huh? FOH

  • @BIG 110

    Yes he has said racial slurs before. And he has even said f*** Black guys before in one of his ‘stand up’ acts.

    I will say though, that this is his heart as is some of the positive stuff you referenced him as having said. We are all neither good nor evil, racist nor colorblind.

    Whatchu bet: CLARK in…

  • Zach

    It clear no-one will agree on this matter as a collective. Whatever you think his words should have been better phased and shall be in the future.



    It’s a conversation, I will post as often as I can because i am interested in this story.

    I’m white, but I do not represent all white people, nor does John Mayer.

    I feel the Kanye thing was blown out of proportion, and anyone who called him a “Nigger” and wants him to die is a racist idiot.

    I did not see it as an evil Black man hurting a poor sweet White girl.

    I saw it as Kanye being a drunk asshole. You don’t have to be a certain color to be jerk.

    Im sure it would be easier for you to hate me if I only defended white people but that just isn’t me, sorry.

  • Big 110

    i feel u on that my nigga, but you have to look at the whole picture. john mayer isn’t built like that… and all of us know he didn’t mean it like that… if you read the interview a loud it’s not racial, this white mother fucker is trying bring light to the black experience, and he trying to evoke that he “isn’t” as strong as the black man and he couldn’t possibly endure the black experience, because he isn’t strong enough… i don’t know about ya’ll, but i know for a fact that as a black man you have to have tough skin… especially in the hood, and this type of media bullshit don’t phase me like that… and for the real niggas, i know this shit don’t phase ya’ll. at the end of the day, fuck the interviewer, john mayer is still ok.


    And you are speaking to me, why can’t I respond?

  • Eyerone

    so basically its like this:

    someone asks him what its like to have a hood pass.

    he says, as an aside, that if it was really a hood pass, it would be called a nigga pass.

    he answers the question by saying “he CANT really have one”

    i think he proved his point…especially with the “backlash”.

  • @BIG 110
    I see your point. Like I first said, I have all of his material – and I mean all. I relate to the music. But I’ve been uncomfortable with him for a while now. And maybe it’s because I’ve heard some of this kind of thing before, with him. A lot of ego now. Just like Kanye left home, so did John – a long time ago. Maybe it was when he started dating Jennifer Anniston, and started with the tattoes and plastic surgeries. But for me, he hasn’t been the same John in a long time. But I don’t want to label him as a racist. I do agree that that get’s thrown around too much nowadays.

    And as for you CLARK:
    You sure are in here posting as though you were the representative of all White people – and John Mayer! Your commentary accounts for roughly 1/3 of all the comments made on this topic thus far… I mean, ten comments. SMMFH. [That means shaking my motherf***ing head.]

  • So Icy Boi!

    Fuk all white people aka the DEVIL’s children ….


    I don’t know what your trying to get at, I represent myself, PERIOD.

    I don’t see whats wrong with commenting,

    I mean if you really wanna be silly about it….. your word count exceeds mine.

    Anyways, If you wanna go back and forth, please do it in a respectful mannor.

    Your opinion is just as valid as mine so I won’t be “shaking my head at you”.

  • Rhyme

    ROFL, N.O.R.E. comment was the funniness shit Ive seen in awhile.

  • MithritadesHD

    lol,this is some nigger shit,all u pro-black motherfuckers need to move back to Africa,how the fuck is it acceptable for a nigger to call a nigger a nigger but it’s not ok for a Caucasian to call u niggerish motherfuckers a nigger? GTFOH I won’t even judge John Mayer on his comment because I’m not simple minded,it’s a quote that was taken out of context, black chics say the same shit everyday “I don’t fuck with white boys” but it’s ok,It’s just that they don’t have a celebrity status…like Paul Mooney said “I say nigger alot because it keeps my teeth white” lol nigga nigga nigga

  • Odog

    I don’t know why anyone would compare this to the Kanye issue. What he did was straight dick. Nothing to do with race. Just disrespectful to another person.

    Another problem here is that as a society we can’t have an educational discussion about race. Everyone just wants to drop labels and doesn’t that just underscore the underlying issue? No one takes the time to ask John Mayer why he used those words or why he isn’t fucking black women. They just automatically label the man a racist and never even try to educate him on the subject of race or what it really feels to be a black man (even though he admitted that he has no clue what its like).

    Not discussing a major issue in our society with the people that need to be educated and then labeling immediately as racists without every hearing their societal and sociological differences just increases the divide. I would say it makes it fucking worse because the hate generated for that person is equal to those of the hate mongering racists.

    It’s time to come together, not divide.


    ^^ ok here’s an actual racist, hate him ^^


    damn that was for MithritadesHD not Odog

  • GETurOWN

    Fuck that, he don’t wanna fuck with sisters, its his preference, the right to choose. Hello!

  • NewJerz

    Wtf was Joell referring to when he said “he will get away with it just like Asher Roth?”. What did Asher Roth do? I remember him once saying he didn’t like Obama? Fu*k Obama and his mother. If that made me racist than a sh^tload of blacks in this country would be exactly that. It isn’t racism. Its called being educated beyond surface level prapaganda and actually giving a fu*k. And news flash Joell – your latino, like myself – not black.

  • kai268

    Another Kanye moment!! LOL

  • Nathaniel

    so let me get this straight…

    black people are so concerned with acceptance from white people that we are offended when a white man says he doesn’t want to fuck our women?

    we should say, “good deal, john.” and keep it moving. let us not be so pitiful. whining that some white man doesn’t want our women. black men…do WE even want our women? judging by the way we talk about and handle them…and exploit them, you’d think not.

    it’s 2010…are we still surprised by what white people have to say about us? c’mon sons….c’mon.

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  • Sonja D.

    What’s all this!!!! I am a woman by the way and not a black woman… but way back when we all came from EVE…one woman…a black woman…
    They are beautiful we all are… beautiful.
    His words to describe his ex’s are insulting to say the least …should you ever compare me to cocaine or crack or napalm…what poetry what class… that is just plain offensive and retrograde…
    What do his Jewish sisters have to say…Jews get their caste from women by the way its passed on through their mums. .. some white women strike me a splain dumb though … no sass unless they are pretenplayboy, he is drunk, and he wants to i dont know irk people and get a rise… and come on how many black men or women read playboy??? demographics show us its mostly white!!! So that was his target…

    Him not having a woman of and in color … yet… good luck man its harder with us … when you are playing in the big leagues anyway… his ish would not fly on me,,, neither does his style or lyrics… your body is a wonderland…what a novice what a virginBlues… that’s his genre… ok amybe teeny white Jew boy blues…. BB King everybody …

    His style is weak and tired and he cops Stevie Ray Vaughn… he wishes!!!! Dumb Jew!!! Does he know Texas hates Jews???

    Stay strong sisters… sisters of the wolves unite!!!

  • Sonja D.

    i have many female friends…. and what he said is offensive towards his ex and even women as a whole,,, that ish is cool with white girls just have a laugh and let em call you slut//// ever watch white girls???? Well i also have strong white GF’s … but some of them are just soooo different than me or my friends that are colored or asian …whatever we are all females… stay together and strong…

    Women of color… whatever We dont speak stupid… oh you calling me a slut… is that white boy for my cocks hard and i dunno what to do… go fuck the hole in the wall….

    White women need to get sassy and get some color on… you know… I want to hear those exes of his blast him…. and i doubt black women hit on him… and i doubt he even understands the blues… his music gets recognized by slightly off fans … come on… take a look at his fans… tweens and grown women without a clue…

    Really come on now Jewish men…which is what he is…. pasty… whiney… i gotta ask my mum… ohhhhh please!!!!! And Jessica Simpson…lol…did she get a voice lesson yet or learn how to read a note??? That shit flies with hew very white audience only… she cannot sing but obvoiusly can suck pasty white jew cock really swellll…. ohhhhhh shame and ohhhh DUHRYYYYYY….

  • YO

    How do you get mad at a person for being honest? No one trippin when Diddy says “white folks” in his latest freestyle. SMH at these drama queens.

  • Teddy

    man overeacting idiots look at the context in which he uses the word and what his actually saying is prob black not anit look beyond the stupid word its just a word to the intended meaning and context of which it is said it clearly wasn’t said in the KKK way

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Nathaniel




    I’m more mad at how stupid John Mayer was for saying what he said how he said it.

    I can’t be mad that he unfortunately doesn’t see the beauty in black women or doesn’t want to have sex with them. That’s his personal preferrence just like everyone else has theirs but to say you have a “white supremacist dick” takes it somewhere else as opposed to saying “I’ve never slept with a black woman before”. The question wasn’t even whether or not he’s slept with a black woman so overall he put his foot in his mouth. I mean, hey, I’ve never had sex with a Jewish woman before but I wouldn’t say I have a “Nazi dick” either, the fact is that I have absolutely nothing against Jewish women, it just so happens that I’ve never had sex with one. Not that I’d never have sex with one because “I don’t leave myself open to it”.

    All in all, it no longer surprises me or shocks me when I find out that certain people have issues with race. It just bothers me that some of our black people let that determine their worth when someone of another race (particularly caucasion) looks down on them because they’re black or whatever. Not everyone loves God so everyone can’t expect for everyone to like and except them. Fuck if someone doesn’t love you, love yourself and those who love you back.

  • CaramelKandie

    As a black woman, it is discouraging to hear his comments told so disrespectfully. I understand what he was trying to say, because my preference is black men, but its a way in how you say stuff.


    I feel you. I wish more Black men would stand up for Black women instead of constantly belittling us and allowing other races to belittle us.

  • Barry Washington

    @ Sonja D.

    Why are you so against jewish men? What are you so against white girls? You talk about uniting but you only want to unite with a certain group? You talk about Eve and a religion that values the unity of mankind and love and you keep attacking jews? And if you are a christian then why don’t you realize that your “supposed” savior was a jewish man. Anyway, the story of Adam and Eve is nothing more than a folklore and I would love for you to disprove that it’s not (besides citing “The Bible”). You’re terrible for society and I hope you don’t have kids or don’t get kids until your views change. Again, if you’re a christian then you must realize that off those two posts you’re committing at least two deadly sins (pride and envy).

  • ace

    @NewJerz…….Asher Roth made the statement that he was hanging with some nappy headed hoes like your momma…You still got his back?

  • Toya

    lol I’m sorry but he did an interview in Playboy magazine. Who actually reads the articles in Playboy? (I honestly thought Playboy cut out the articles decades ago so that every page just features a naked chick with maybe a couple pages in the front and back for “important” information. I obviously haven’t “read” the magazine.) You would think that you could say anything in that magazine and no one would care because of the women.

  • Smart

    John Mayer is a dooshbag. Simple as that. Every race has beauty and I’m sorry buy my d*ck doesn’t discriminate on race. Only thing I discriminate on is body/vagina odor. If that shit don’t smell right or got some weird shit coming out of it, I ain’t messin wit ya. Simple as that!

    Now you gotta understand, Mayer is from Fairfield, CT and if you’ve seen black chicks out here in CT, they are the dirtiest, grungy looking females you could find with terrible attitudes to boot. So I can understand where he’s coming from, he just shouldn’t have said it the way he did.

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  • james

    Who cares.
    Racism has been around since dawn of man, it will continue being around til’ the fall of man.
    White people are racist, black people are racist, so what?

    John Mayer sucks anyways.

    And just because he did some shit with Gay-Z doesn’t give him any “Hood pass”.
    He could be produced by Suge Knight, bitch still will not have a hood pass.

  • Asher dissed both black women and the black president. He is the only republican rapper…..mayer should get beat up SMH

  • LatinaMaMa

    Newjerz Latinos like you kill me…you’re not black? Then what they hell are you. Why don’t you read something? The only reason you’re considered “Latino” is because the Spaniards don’t considered your dumb ass white due to your African ancestry. I can’t stand you dumb Latinos, go read a book. People are always so quick to accept anything white in their blood and deny their African blood…so dame dumb. I hate stupidity…

  • NuJerz

    NewJerz… smh at you being whitewashed and having self hate. You are a disgraced to Latino’s in NJ.

  • GabNew

    Scotch infused conversation or not, he said what he really feels. It’s not about John not liking black women or wanting to sleep with only white women. I only date black men. You have a right to preference. The larger issue is to refer to his genitals as white supremacist w/o consideration of the weight of those words to a community that has suffered almost endlessly because of it. It was disrespectful, it was demeaning, it was minimizing, and it was egregious to every beautiful black woman. Furthermore, to insinuate that his genitals are a white supremacist, was like calling himself a racist, otherwise why would his genitals be a white supremacist.

    Do I think John Mayer is racist? I don’t know him personally to confirm or deny that. The statements he made including the use of the word “n****r” certainly were or at least alluded to racism in some way.

    My friend you will never have a “hood pass.” To make the statement is to suggest that every black person is from some sort of hood – usually a poorer community riddled with violence and drugs… that is an inappropriate and media endorsed assessment of a culture on the rise. The only “pass” you get is mine on your next album. Grow UP!

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  • Sonja D.

    ummmmm…. I know race is emotionally charged and all… but he sais his cock has been in white women only… his “david duke cock” was his brand of humour… it was his style… it was for a porno mag… it was a fitting tone…crude, crass, raw…kinda like porn…

    The interesting thing is everyone focused on the part about his penis and the race and the racist part…because we are allllll preoccupied with this… everyone knowingly or not…

    He also said he has a Bennetton Heart…i.e… open to it all… jsut ahs not gone there… so what… his “David Duke” comment was dark comedy, satire, methaphorical… perhaps that humour is the ramblings of a person who smokes too much ganja… perhaps he though it was funny in his head when he was saying it then in print (it was funny too because it was witty) it got weird because of the flow of the questions…i.e Hood Pass, N-WORD (saying that like that and writing that like that is so American and such a waste of time freedom of speech my A-WORD) then the black women, then the talk of sex, and his genitals… it was the flow of ideas and the flow had racial tones as well as sexual…
    What is important is real issues ie issues women face everyday black, white, brown, light brown, white, yellow…whathave you… less money, negative stereotypes, look at how women and more so black women are portrayed in Hip Hop by men … black men… listen to those lyrics… Black men treat their own women poorly…well some anyhow!!! women we are all beautiful and desirable…let us not be so oversome with emotion… let not their words and actions hurt us so… laugh at it see positive everywhere you can… and remember the darker the berry the sweeter the juice… AND PS I do not hate Jewish men… I was just going out on a limb there… I relent…. PEACE.

  • Sonja D.

    You aMEricans are soooo preoccupied with colour man!!! That must suckkkkk! Large!!!! DUHRYYYYYYY… like all your styles…your Music and Women Britney Spears..Jessica Simpson… shit YUCK… listen to ours Celine Dion and FEIST!!!! he he he ohh tee teee PROPS capital P!
    Also Mr Barry Washington… I was speaking about The Real Eve a documentary aboabout all our interconnected genes… not the bible…you bible thumping Yank you!!! go you tube now k… doi oi!
    Oh and also I am from Canada where we had no black slaves and are not soooooo preoccupied with colour… oh yes and your US American Hip Hop sucks it large!!! Sell OUTS! Mange la merde eh>!!!! PEACE!!!! CANADA LOVES YOU>>>>

  • Sonja D.

    @ Barry Washington… ohhh teeee heee heee get a life … eh… read a little more k.

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  • Jt

    Talentless douche who is another in the long line of white men ripping off Jimi Hendrix.
    How the fuck does a idiot like this even get time on anyones watch?
    John, go to the asshole bar and order a never ending cup of shut the fuck up.

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  • fcukJM

    who cares? this fool dn’t need to grab so much of our attention, i meen how important is he really?