New Video: Rihanna “Rude Boy”

Rihanna dips it low (and high) in her new video off Rated R. Too bad, nice guys finish last.

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  • Gal ah gwan like a true Bajan Dancehall Queen, Barbados to the world!

  • I just wanna Fuck

    Rihanna is a bad bitch word to mother and i just wanna fuck

  • Pyth

    Good Single Choice But Def Jam Dropped The Ball By Not Holding This For A Spring Release….

  • LO

    this was like the best video i have ever seen…i think im a Rihanna fan again

  • i could have edited that for chicken shake. i hope she didn’t pay.

  • yardie_ute

    Bumboclaat star, Rihannna know se is a yardie she a talk bout when she say rude bwoy, Only Jam man cyan handle a bloodclaat gyal like Rihanna. Come yah gyal mek mi ramp ruff till you belly cramp up.
    Rihanna represent yaaaaw mi gyal. You ting sell offf. maaaaaaad.

  • shiningstar

    grace jones just hit me on gchat. she want her style back.

  • Crazy

    She got a fat ass. And as long as she can bend over shes good. Who gives a fuck how good she can dance or not.

  • CrystalF


    Mi luv yuh!

  • *looks around for wife*

    *develops erection*


  • @shiningstar – Grace Jones hit me on GChat, I told her one wants to have a 70 year old lady sit on their face.


  • mmkayy

    nice but she cant dance for shit lol

  • I’m Your Future Boss!

    Yo, I swear yall gay how yall commenting on her dancing? do u see that sexy ass body?? forget dancing her ass is SEXY.

  • BE

    Rihanna is a clown

  • Matt

    What’s wrong with this bishes hair volume 27.

  • hot

    this video does a lot for me

  • LOL @ dudes asking what’s wrong with her hair.

    Ol’ haaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy ass niggas.

    -Boney Love

  • blaqscorpio

    I can always get a good laugh from the dudes on this site. Once it’s a female all y’all care about is screwing her. I bet none of y’all was actually listening to the song, lol. NO SALES HERE. Just another vid to jack off to, HA!

  • Dee

    Video reminded me of a longer “In Living Color” intro.
    Not a fan of her singing, but body wise? Chick is bangin’!

  • Chris

    chick got sum Thighs But no ass….that damn video hurt my damn eyes…Beyonce over this Funny looking Bird

  • oh word

    DUKE DUKE DUKE and Rihanna’s sexy ass… what a night

  • Are on locations too much to think through? Remember when this music thing was art?

    What is the point of making a music video if it doesn’t do something interesting for more than a set of pretty colors and a fake lion? Honestly? Isn’t that money just wasted? Who is buying into this?

    YN – I know you love yourself some RiRi but please don’t co-sign this nonsense.

    My Sweetie vid >>> This junk

  • younghov92

    some of yall niggas suspect

  • G

    Man this video is wack straight up so is the song..she can’t dance for shit all she can do is show her ass?? that what it has come to?…sad very sad if i wanted to see some nice ass i’ed check one of Beyonce’s video’s out

  • biggs50

    pure shit….epic fail.

  • nyg187

    great feeling song.. i guess this is why she considered great right now cus shorty talented n she sexy as fuck

  • Must admit, HOT VIDEO! I LOVE Rihanna! BUT!

    Look at this

    Then pause at 1:07 in this video!


  • tris

    at above.. you are reaching.. her video shows a normal star nothing illuminati there..

  • G(w)ayne

    OMG What a lame video… What a fuck is this chick doing? She is so horny that she could fuck a lion? GTFOHWTB!

  • BLV

    What happend to the sexy Rihanna. She looks more like Kelis now days

  • Rihanna is the hottest singer i know and she has those heart shaped lips that is very unique. Her vocal performance is excellent but her choide of boyfriend is kind of stupid.