• ken.i.am

    big boi is a CO-producer. research is always key.

  • Mr.AFromThaT

    Janelle is AMAZING regardless if you dont like independant label music or not, anything that Big Boi or Andre 3000 touches is phenomonal quality music. Luscious Left Foot drops March 23rd, or i sure as hell hope so, aint seen no promotion yet, still waitin on you Andre…………… oh yeah keep doin ya thang Ms. Mon’ae

  • LincolnTownCar

    people love her. they’re a select crew. i’m not in it.

  • ppl are sheep

    This is definitely the right song of hers to put out there. I remember her first attempt at a single but it didnt have a balance of being different and still mainstream. I hope theres more music like this to come from her.

  • Nathaniel

    this shit is MUSIC. that Metropolis Suite 1: The Chase was crazy, conceptually and otherwise. she’s got one of the BEST voices out there right now, she’s young and more creative than any of our female vocalists.

    and this song is dope. this woman….lyrics even…just crazy. can’t wait for her next album.

  • junk juice

    janelle does it, man

  • madd respect for janelle

    that shit was hot. maybe good music is finally coming back….

  • chillo

    This is a great song.

  • Frontrunner

    not quite sold, but open to hearing more…

  • FUCKING GREAT MAN (Insert Scottish accent here)

  • Kurt GoBang da2nd

    this is wack. just kidding. had to balance out all the good comments about her. hey, what happened with her being on bad boy? or was sean just on her ovaries?

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  • eli

    haven’t been able to dance to a good song like this in a while! the horns and bass line got me.

    “when you get elevated, they love it or they hate it” <—-favorite line
    "put some voodoo on it" <—-2nd favorite line

    archandroid will be an experience for sure. long live good music!

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  • Cdiggi

    Very infectious song. Love the rhythm, drums and “classy brass”. So excited for Janelle. Coldwar sounds awesome too..

  • Nicole

    i’m pretty sure the full length is coming out may 18 can’t wait. just got this and “cold war” from iTunes though. That should hold me over until she performs in atlanta again in april.

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