• Luke

    Glad to see her back, her and big boi are good together then diddy tried to get his nose in. Her first cd was sick

  • sharif

    this sounds like bombs over baghdad still, the tunes hot

  • BNevo

    cold war with 2dopeboyz? *dead*

  • junk juice

    janelle does it, man

  • Nathaniel

    more great music from janelle. it don’t stop

  • eli

    she needs her own category…the production is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jasmine

    This song made me cry listening to it the first time. Makes me wanna dance the second time. I’m going for a third.

  • Taf

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    this chick is so talented, too bad she’s signed to Bad Boy

  • Nathaniel


    she’s not. she WAS…but the entire bad boy venture is gone from atlantic, puff moved everything to interscope. janelle was the only thing that stayed with Atlantic in the move.

    thankfully, she’s free from his clutches.

  • www.twitter.com/badboyspot

    she is still sign to bad boy , just go to her website u see, bad boy is still part of atlantic, only dirty money and cassie and red cafe are interscope,
    as far janelle monae , day26 , donnie klang e.ness, aasim gorilla zoe they all on badboy/atlantic

  • Elle

    Quintessential JM…giving us the best! This is a great song and I know the album will be nothing short than a breathtaking adventure!

  • im anxious to hear her record….its amazing that she hasnt put out an LP…her EPs were all cold

  • Nicole

    i’m pretty sure the full length is coming out may 18 😀 can’t wait. just got this and “tightrope” from iTunes though. That should hold me over.

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