Donnis Signs To Atlantic

According to XXL, Mr. “Gone” inked up with Lyor’s spot. That’s a good thing, right? Donnis points out Def Jam, Asylum, and Jive lost out and he got a EP and mixtape, Southern Comfort on the way. After that, time for his album, Past Visions Of The Future. Good luck, kid.

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  • latin

    is that Jef Burroughs little brother

  • JihaD

    Who the fuck is a Donnis? That nigga looks mad homo…


  • felix

    lol I thought he signed a deal with Fool’s Gold so was that just for 1 EP or what?!

  • SirThulsaBOOM

    The deal with Fool’s Gold was for the single “Gone”.
    Same type of deal Cudi did with them for “Day N Nite”.
    Slowly warming up to Donnis..let’s see where this goes

  • Nathaniel

    he’s wack.

  • Hope this ain’t gonna be Little Brother, part 2!!!

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