Birdman’s Oil Company Goes Bust?

Say it ain’t so, Joe. Last month, we reported that Birdman and his brother Ronald had diversified their portfolio and formed Broland Oil & Gas LLC. But according to the Bloomberg news desk, the company appears to be a sham. In fact, energy officials from Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana said that they’ve never heard of Broland. Contrarily, Baby states in the current issue of Ozone,

“I’ve been in the oil business about 4 or 5 years now. I’m making good money off that…I got pumps and shit that are getting money monthly.”

Milkshakes anyone?


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  • I knew he was all skeems lmfao!!…I’m still waitin on the bank statements Baby Boy!!!!!…..100

  • Jardan P

    Hmm let’s see, the reason officials haven’t heard of Broland is because Baby’s Oil company is called BRONALD (a mix of Brian and Ronald aka Baby and Slim). Come on guys, do better.

  • young 23

    this nigga think he george bush 100 mill You liar you !!!!!!!!!!!! lol what a loser all his money come off lil wayne

  • nina

    Who believed this shit to begin with?


    FUCK BIRD SHIT, NOW Take The Rest of That oil grease your homo-son, and fuck him in his ass before he goes to Rikers and Becomes Someone Elses Pussy, You Child Molester!

  • Toya

    It would be interesting if Broland Oil & Gas LLC was really really the name of a production company or something of the like. It just makes sense to me. Oil… a brilliant idea that brings in a lot of money… striking oil. Gas… being full of hot gas.

  • NotoriousRambo


  • 3

    B.Dot the bearer of bad tidings or truth? personally I feel Birdman made them oil claims as a means to counter Jay-z ‘s Hot 97 statement.Frankly speakin’ the oil business is pretty much less an open shut to new players.

  • goldy


  • Frontrunner

    I would hope at this stage Baby wouldn’t try to, or want to, lie about the oil company..but it seems like thats what happened…Trying to give the brother the benefit of the doubt…It was such an out the box move..

  • iLL-uminated was so sure it was “broland”..
    Thats sounds more like a gaybar in the hood…

    I actually googled it and beleive it or not, Bronald Oil and gas Existed at some point!

  • B.Dot

    Don’t shoot the reporter.

  • Elemer Fudd

    Seen this the other day on

    SMH # anyone believing them to begining.

    And he have the nerve to say “he’s been making money off Oil in past months”. lol

  • FD

    Rap Moguls Go From Lil’ Wayne to Oil, Keep It Real With Tattoo
    Share Business ExchangeTwitterFacebook| Email | Print | A A A

    By David Wethe

    Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) — An oil well tattooed on the shaved head of Bryan “Birdman” Williams and a Web site for a company called Bronald Oil & Gas LLC indicate that two men known for their gushers in rap music are getting into the energy business.

    Williams and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams founded Cash Money Records, the music label behind such artists as Lil’ Wayne. Their foray into energy with Bronald, a name that blends Bryan and Ronald, prompted Houston investment bank Tudor Pickering Holt & Co. to quip that this may be a sign of the end of an oil-market rally.

    “Doctors and dentists investing in oil wells was sign of top in 1980s,” the bank said last week in a note to clients. “Rappers the sign this cycle?”

    As for what Bronald is doing in the oil and natural-gas business, the Williams brothers declined through their publicist, Kia Selby, to comment. Selby said she was unable to provide information about the oil company. Bronald doesn’t have a listed telephone number. Numbers for residences in New Orleans and Florida that are linked to Bronald in state records don’t take incoming calls.

    Bryan and Ronald Williams are the only people listed under the management and director headings on Bronald’s Web site. Under “technical staff,” the site says “to come.”

    Bronald describes itself on the site as an independent oil and gas company focused on exploration and development of assets in several U.S. Gulf Coast states and Oklahoma’s Osage County.

    Buying Leases

    “Its initial efforts have been to acquire oil and gas leases covering areas with historical production and the opportunity for re-entry drilling as well as new drilling opportunities,” according to the Web site. “Bronald also hopes to partner with other developers to jointly exploit significant additional assets by leveraging Bronald’s infrastructure.”

    Oklahoma City-based Chaparral Energy Inc. operates about 40 percent of the wells in Osage County, said Jim Miller, the company’s senior vice president for operations. He said he hadn’t heard of Bronald or been contacted by the company.

    The address listed for Bronald with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission is a beachfront condominium in Florida. A New Orleans residence was listed for Bronald with the Louisiana Secretary of State. The Williams brothers are listed as Bronald’s officers in those filings. Regulators that handle oil and gas permits and operator licenses in Texas and Louisiana didn’t have records of Bronald’s existence; nor did Secretary of State offices in Texas and Florida.

    Because oil and gas wells are so expensive, Bronald would likely be a non-operating partner in drilling projects, said Dan Pickering, president of Tudor Pickering Holt.

    Music Moneymaker

    “Which established operators they partner with will likely be a key factor of success,” Pickering said. “One thing about being stars, they will have a higher profile than a regular energy start-up.”

    Lil’ Wayne ranked 12th last year on Billboard Magazine’s moneymaker list after pulling in $57.4 million in 2008. The New Orleans rapper pleaded guilty in October to a weapons charge arising from a 2007 arrest after a gun was found in his tour bus in New York, the New York Times reported Feb. 11. His sentencing was delayed this week because of dental surgery.

    One of Cash Money’s biggest hits was Kevin Rudolf’s “Let It Rock,” which sold more than 2.5 million downloads on iTunes, Universal Music Group said last year.

    The Williams brothers were featured in CNBC’s documentary “Newbos: The Rise of America’s New Black Overclass.” Their expansion into the energy business caught the attention of entertainment-related Web sites.

    The sports and culture site Friends of the Program issued a warning on Feb. 1 for Exxon Mobil Corp., the largest U.S. company, when it said in a headline about the Williams energy venture, “Exxon Better Recognize.”, a site dedicated to “urban lifestyle,” noted Bryan Williams’ tattoo: “Birdman even has a tattoo in celebration of the new venture, so it looks like he’s serious about it.”

    To contact the reporter on this story: David Wethe in Houston at [email protected].

  • ses

    The music game is still oil so either way they drilling lol

  • TdotHIPPY

    …”if” this turns out to be a hoax, “if” this is an early candidate for biggest L of ’10. It looks from the surface that they were just trying to dupe investors into this phony exploration company. They don’t just let anyone in this oil game, and i’m not even talking race either although i’m sure it’s a factor. Oil has been drying up and what’s there is being watched over in the U.S by foreign investors and “old” oil barrons. Look it up yourself if you doubt it, there’s a reason North America is being gauged besides the obvious greed, it cost mad money to being digging and drilling. For real though, i think Birdman needs a real friend to tell him to smarten up wtf tattoo’s a company on there head? And carries on the way he does at 40+ it’s no win for hiphop if they succeed. Hardwork and dedication are cornerstones not self promotion and coonery.

  • Sin

    Hmm let’s see, the reason officials haven’t heard of Broland is because Baby’s Oil company is called BRONALD (a mix of Brian and Ronald aka Baby and Slim). Come on guys, do better.

    I kame here to type that but ehh

  • Ty

    Nice try. It would have been great to make us think he was getting money any other way than off the talent of some young niggas he’s leeching off of. Drake your up next homey. Baby said he got Wayne shooting 20-30 videos just to have in the can while he’s gone. What a way to spend your last days before you go in …… ensuring Baby’s pockets stay full SMH.

    This is what happens when you let some fake bloods watch a movie called “There Will Be Blood”. They think they’re the characters in the movie LOL!!

  • I’m Your Future Boss!

    I knew this was a front. The whole world is going green and finding other means of energy other than Oil and this fool talking about going into the (dying) oil business. Lying ass.

  • Cunning Link Quest

    men lie… women lie…

  • Will

    LOL niggas act like is that official that broke this story Baby not making no money off that shit if he was it would make some noise outside of rap blogs

    just becuz a nigga have a site where it says he is the director of operation and they are the manager dont mean that its true

    theres a site right now you can go to and says that all you have to do is go to they site and get a free Xbox 360 that shit is a lie just like that Bullshit website

    where would you buy stocc at from these guys whats the location of business where are the pumps with they logo on there

  • jitty

    hahaha…wah happen BIRDman…thought “we do the most make the most”? lmao first ur album srlls like no copies last yr thrn young corny floppped now this u n ur gay son go kiss each other

  • Chris

    Even if I gave Birdman benefit of the doubt oil companies do not make money on a monthly basis. You actually have to sink in millions and then possible hit oil and thats when you make money. It seems real suspect if he that he has a oil company and doesn’t know how that industry work.

  • iam2smooth

    This pussy stay lyin!


    If you think the Good Ol’ Boys let that Coon get his hands on some working oil wells…..Then you’re the same Dude that keeps sending your checking account info the troubled Nigerian Prince…LOL

    “exploration company”…:”Long term goal”…LOL Tanslation= I got some land and I don’t know what to do with it..


  • Silk the shocker

    He should call his company BabyOil, maybe venture out into Personal Lubrication Oils. Sell them In combination with those Weezy condoms, market to the gay community, Weezy could promote in Prison kill two Birds with one stone (pun intended)!

  • Sin

    Then you’re the same Dude that keeps sending your checking account info the troubled Nigerian Prince…LOL

    omg that shit kame outta nowhere

  • jimmythegent

    I HAVE 1 QUESTION….who da fuckkkk in this world can say theyre a BIRDMAN FAN!? plzz comment if your a fann of this nigga and his music!!! be couragous and i wish you cud show a pic of urself too if sumone does..this LAME gay nigga

  • Will

    @jimmythe great

    to be honest Im a fan I cant lie that Birdman album was hot the one with teh clipse and that 100 million dollars was a banger and bottle popping and Always Strapped birdman releases good music hook wise i cant really recall some of lyrics but he got some fire ass production in 2002 Birdman was that nigga on Cash Money real talk nominated for bet awards album was the only album on cash money that was platinum

    I cant front i rocc with his singles but that nigga etiquette if thats hwo you spell the way he conduct himself on camera I hate that shit after evey wod he either burdding or YM CMB or he saying Bitch or Soo woop that shit is aggravating like the intro to all his songs I cant hear but the hooks he get i can fucc with that


    When in doubt google it. But then again, wtf u care about what another nigga is doin with himself anywayS ?!?!?

  • MC

    If you like Bridman you’re most likely a faggot…Just sayin…

  • just look at this and then,,

  • mcphly

    what happened to that boy?

  • clos1881

    By oil he meant blow

  • YaBoiTone

    ALLLLLLLLLLOTTA yall are frontin and full of shit.

    I distinctly remember alot of these names on some dickridin when the story broke that they were in the business (myself NOT included cuz i commented that it was a dumb idea out the gate), so now that the truth is out yall flippin sides quicker than beanie sigel.


  • koa29

    It’s Bronald ya dumb haters

  • This nigga birdman is a joke!! Straight up cuz!! Him and his puppett lil lame (wayne). I say both them bitches are gay.



  • ryan

    this article named the company Broland when its acctually bronald ail and gas. taken from their names bryan and ronald. this report has been getting around but the details are sketchy the website for bronald oil does seem kinda legit. who knows with these brothers they make things happen.

  • C’monson

    Yall know this nigga don’t own no damn oil company, the only reason he got the damn tattoo is because people was gettin on his dumb ass for having that damn star on his head trying to be a blood. (who claims gangs when they in they 40’s though, this nigga is a clown!!) then he got Bronland tat, so he could say it was a logo for that. Now it came out his oil company was fake so he covered up the Bronland tat. If it’s a real business why did he feel the need to cover it up Bronland Tat after about month?!?

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  • Fuck You all the enemies of bird man,,,god will surely pernish you one after the other.

  • you are the greatest singer I know and have loved YMCMB GTV braah

  • Laurel

    They’ll got a good job to do. ..These are not the judges nor God they just here to lie, hate and to embarrass business people. Birdman is a billionaire see as he pull up on you haters. Continue Dj Booth