• TC

    Confession: I always felt the chorus ruined this joint. Yuck.


  • mike

    classic song


    THE BELIEVER lp , classic i hope, i’m confident about that btw

  • actually i liked the chorus it fits the song

  • mike

    the third album of Common on G.o.o.D Music

    but wit kanye/noID/Twilite Tone together

    common sense iz back ! crazy tho

  • mike

    dwele was dope on it

    how it iz possible to

    say something

    else ! lol…

    DWELE was perfect on it. still is ! and that’s why he was on this so

  • dogs & yoga

  • mike

    history in the damn making
    TOGETHER !!! on it.

    that new album would can be amazing

    wait n see


  • the song is classic the way it came out. dwele was good on the hook. also one of kanye’s best beats he has ever done.

  • Moose

    Agree with everyone except YN lmao Dwele didn’t ruin it, but I wouldv’e liked just as much with Common or Kanye doing the hook.

  • Dan

    Unsurprising that the Ol’ Banana Suit lookin’ nigga would hate on this. Go one yourself you demented foggie.

  • YM

    Song and album was a classic, Dwele did a great job on there, but maybe some dj premier cuts would have killed it.

  • koa29

    Cant wait 4 the next common album…… Kanye/NO ID executive producing???? Damn son!!!!! Shits gunna be flames

  • Did dude actually use the word “yuck” to describe a song? What are you man, a 10 year old girl? One of the best songs off that album, and one of the best albums in the past 10 years no doubt.

  • GeeMoulah202

    Hook sounds way better with a real singer and some harmony that was provided by Dwele.

  • qqq

    i actually agree with YN for once.

    that chorus was gay.

  • This was prolly a refernce track to send Dwele to record his vocals over on the hook. U know, a skeleton. U can tell it’s unmastered and whatnot. Still one of the dopest songs ever and of the last decade off of one of the best hip hop albums ever. Classic. Fuck what YN says, that nigga’s delirious anyway. Lol!

  • SkidaRoc

    YN gotta be an idiot, he’s a prime example that anybody can make it nowadays. YN is a successful dude, but continually shows me he’s dumb as they come. I guess being “yellow” paid off.