Rich Boy Gets Drake Collabo

Drizzy can’t get Sade to work with him, but he did bless Mobile Alabama’s finest with a guest appearance for his upcoming album. Who knew he and Rich Boy go back?

“Drake, you know how he do. He do his melodizing. He did his thing,” says Rich Boy. “But we also did a song way back before he blew up called ‘Must Hate Money’ and you could YouTube it. I kinda had a good feeling about him. He did this track, brought it to me in Atlanta, and by the time he blew up I was surprised. He put it on a couple of his mixtapes [Comeback Season]. So I’m surprised that Drake did his thing like that. I’m most definitely proud of that guy.”

This guy lucked out.


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  • Moose

    Word? Honestly, Rich Boy ain’t bad at all and has some decent music. Might check this out

  • bongolock

    binkis also sampled that song. ‘….thats what i’m talkin, about..bout’

    always loved that sample

  • ‘Must Hate Money’ one of Drake’s better songs, Rich Boy killed it, and the beat is crazy…YN I know u knew that…