Young Chris Freestyle (Highline Ballroom)

Young Chris made a special guest appearance during Free’s set last night. Over B.I.G.’s “Dead Wrong” he goes on a never ending freestyle before switching to a cappella.

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  • RRcoolJ

    Sad how Chris has refused to evolve. Very talented guy but his rhymes still sound 2003. Freeway evolved and that’s why he can continue to be successful in 2010. Can’t say the saem for the rest of them.

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  • B.Dot

    I’m going to have to agree

  • Moose

    I was just talkin bout this dude yesterday…SMH Neef fucked this guy’s career up. Will agree tho if he creates a new lane for himself he’d be ok

  • Interscope Employee

    his rhymes were aight. at least he didnt switch his style for the drake/wayne line..with stupid lines like ;

    “Im so high….planet” or “your bitch keeps looking at me…binoculars” lollllll

  • GUNNA!!!

  • JINX

    now or never gna be a classic nigga!!!! chris keep doing you

  • Hope4HipHop

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Chris is the last of a dying breed of hip hop artists so switching up would make no sense now would it & you’re a cold clown for co signing B dot

  • B.Dot

    Chris has been in the game for the last 9 years and hasn’t really evolved. its no hate, just Tough Luv. o pun intended.

  • B Dot u trippin cuz…Dude been droppin mixtape after mixtape constantly..Plus he managed to stay relevant without dissin Hov, he still on the blogs, he still got new shit to come..Plus he’s young..Hov ain’t hav his first album til he was damn near 30..I’m jus sayin, bul hot no switching shit up..what y’all wanna hear him on a song wit wacka flacka?!…or auto tune?!?

  • millions

    underated……spits flames on the regular

  • Hope4HipHop

    Evolved as in what. I’m just curious on your take of evolution on a rapper…

  • J.Spfld

    I understand what ya’ll saying but its hard to evolve when Jay jacks your style and makes it famous