Drake Addresses Fake Bookings

Drake issued this statement regarding phony bookings. Drizzy is co-managed by Bryant Management and Hip Hop Since 1978 and is booked through International Creative Management. All confirmed appearances can be found here on his Myspace page.

It has been brought to my attention that false promoters and booking agents are illegally using my name and likeness to promote concerts and club appearances for their own financial gain. It is frustrating for me to hear that many of my fans, who like myself are innocent victims in these scams, have been misled due to the greed of these promoters. I apologize to any fan that has been a victim of these circumstances or feels let down by false advertising. Please be assured that my team and I take these matters seriously and are actively cooperating with authorities. I cannot thank my fans enough for supporting my music and all that I do.

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  • Will

    cooperating with authorities what ever happened to “22 years and I never met a good cop” its funny how these nigga diss the police but as soon as they get robbed or beat up they quicc to call the authorities well I guess every rapper cant be as brolic as the nigga Lloyd Banks is

  • Joe

    That’s is good he needs to do that I would be piss off if I went to a show to see drake and he is not there that shit is wak as hell

  • yoyoma
  • TheCool


  • lostforever

    why is this canadian throwing up blood signs now???

  • Will


    When did that become a blood sign it means young money to them and snoop been throwing that shit up before Wayne or any of them so I doubt its a sign for bloods

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  • JohnBlack


    You probably don’t know what a blood sign looks like. Lemme school you. This right there, that’s a blood sign.


  • Moose

    Well Snoop throws it up a bit different for East Side Long Beach, they throw it up for Young Money, but if it’s accompanied by a certain other sign, then it’s referring to the Bloods. Just a little clarification lol

  • t-dub

    it seems like being gangsta and shit is so old and obsolete. It’s crazy how times have changed.

  • t-dub

    and the fact that I have seen grown ass men wear baggy pants to tight ass jeans and still saggin them shits. It’s just fuckin weird.

  • will

    Im 4rm South LA I still dont understand how that sign is related to a blood sign and the snoop sign is exactly the same thing

    and if you wanna get technical its actually the 103rd Grape St. Locs they not bloods

    point is that shit aint no blood sign Actually 1st person I seen do that shit was Camron so I thought it meant Dipset at 1st but i took it as the young Money Sign becuz everytime he say Young Money he throw that shit up I guess its some fake gangsta shit

    but in the real Gang World it means 103rd Grape St

  • JusMyObservation

    Drake look like an Avatar. Didnt know his eyes were so far apart. Something about his face is askew.