Michelle Trachtenberg Recites Nicki Minaj

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With Dawson James Van der Beek taking a backseat, actress Michelle Trachtenberg (or as we call her, Harriet The Spy) recites Nicki Minaj’s verse from “Shakin It 4 Daddy”on her way home. So surreal.


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  • yo, she’s from brooklyn!

  • dadankness

    way hotter than fat nikki

  • Will

    yea she bad i liked her in that eurotrip movie thats my shit

    and Dawson wtf has he been doing man this nigga been missing thought that nigga drowned in that lake or something

  • Will

    also man that nigga dawson too old to be fuccing with Harriet The Spy man

  • Boy Meets World

    This reminds me of when that chick Topanga from Boy Meets World recited Bustas “Give Me Some More” on the MTV Karaoke show. These whit girls can get down.

  • damn she is so hot

  • gerold

    Barbie is in full effect..

    I am not a fan of Nicki but she got next..

  • @Will—Yeah, ever since Eurotrip, Miss Trachtenberg has been on my radar.

    This video has made my day. Awesome.

  • lostme

    Whaaaaaa….Then again don’t know why this surprises me the caucasian persuasion are the ones who purchase rap music but still Dawson whaaaa…. Where’s my homie Pacey at? lol but shawty did surprise me she got flow

  • Sin

    Idk she been kould get the dick. While ice skating. Lol

  • mmkayy

    lol theyre on the same tv show.. smh @ yu ppl

  • obama

    wow… black dudes LOVE white girls…

  • 40water

    shorty is nice…….i heard she like dipset ya dig, and she thick in hips too.

  • YaBoiTone

    AAAAAAAAAAAALWAYS been in love with this chick and she just made herself so much sexier.
    and yes mr. obama. black dudes DO love white girls.

  • Will

    yea cosign Obama

    Chris rocc once said that if it was a bad blacc chicc and rosanne and the same room the niggas would try and fucc Roseanne 1st IDK about that

    but her,Megan Fox,Ashley Logan, Elizabeth Hurley,Arielle Kebbel, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Lacy Chabert all them white Bitches can get it

  • Will

    @ BMW

    yea Topanga was hot too

  • IzzyV

    Awh she’s a cutie.

  • @Will—damn, homie, you mentioned Lacey Chabert. Fetch!

    And Topanga was hot. Now? Not so much.

  • Jay

    she just gained some stripes with me. WHY? I have no idea! i will start checking for her


    @WILL, that was Chris Rock that said that and i didn’t agree with that ish either. lol. he took it just A LITTLE too far wit dat one. I love white chicks, but im an equal opportunity employer meaning no ugly or fat chicks regardless of race, color, or creed.

  • dat koon nigga

    i wanna eat her lil white kosher twat box

  • will

    @Jay Fingers I aint seen Topanga since that National Lamploon Movie Dorm Daze or something and she was still Bad yea Lacey Chabert 1st time i seen her was Not Another Teen Movie where she was parodying Jennifer Love Hewitt Character Man she had cakes in that prom Dress another one is that Rebecca Romijin John Stamos ex wife IDK her last name but she was in that Femme Fatale Movie she bad too And Elizabeth Hurley every Movie I seen her in she is too fuccing fine I actually sat thru that terrible ass movie she had with the dude from Friends well im be honest I turnt that shit half way thru LOL but the fact I sat halfway thru that movie speaks volumes about her

    @Ithinktheycallthisventing yea some white females yea but Roseanne I cant see it

  • Lately, I’ve been noticing myself catch white gurl fever in the airport. These bitches r startin to get asses and look bad as fuck! In a good way!

  • Damn… hard to imagine this is the same little girl from Harriet The Spy all grown up.. She did I nice job. Now if we hear audio or Mary Kate or Ashley talking about putting pussy on sideburns.. I’m gonna have to switch to gospel.

  • B. Digital

    Michelle Trachtenberg > Nicki Minaj

  • LOL…wowwwwwwwwwwwww…..

    on another note, she turned out cute as fuck

  • whatupsucka

    I find it hilarious that all of you have seen Harriet The Spy

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