• jason

    that pic is clownin yo

  • Interscope Employee

    Game …take notes!!! Joell is RHYMING on that beat….not just saying anything like u did

  • the games game

    dis shitz better den gamez trak n hiz shootin a video LMAO silly boi dem

  • BWS:D

    Stupid niggas !!! games version is 1000 times better!!!!

  • 3Stacks

    Ha! Joel Ortiz got bitches? Never would have guessed in a million years

  • Will

    @ 3 Staccs

    Joell is a rapper of course he got bitches LOL

    still dont like the song

  • Will

    it seem like that shake shit should be apart of the hook not the whole fuccing rhyme scheme shit is corny

  • jamdawham

    Games version was Horrible! Wtf was he on… lmao joell got a hard on in dat pic. Ill put this one in d i-pod cuz dat beat is on point. Gj ortiz.

  • 3Stacks

    I meant the statement as a compliment to Joe’s public persona.You gotta admit,he hardly flexes in groupie mode.Just to prove my point – google Joel no image of him in photo’s or video’s philanderin’ wit’ da opposite sex.Overall I feel Ortiz is a decent one-bitch @ a time type of dude

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    my nigga Joell wow.

  • Ya’ll trippin’ yes Joell is a better MC than Game but his freestyle on this wasn’t as good as Game’s original track because he tried to fit to much into it! Still a pretty nice few bars though!

  • Will


    we really didnt need to know that even if your gay or a woman we really didnt need that info now i cant reply anymore to this post B.dot YN deliver more news so this isnt on the homepage

  • Elemer Fudd

    no comment

  • herks

    NIGGA this shit is horrible!!! JOEL KILLED IT BUT THE BEAT IS WAK AS FUK GAYME made it even more wackkkkk…I KNO wat it is niggaz jus flow on trasshhh shit so its so baaaad that bloggers feel sry for niggaz n say oh its hot its different its cool…THAS THE NAME SAYIN FOR ITS GARBAGEEE

  • hate this niggaz voice its fuckin annoying

  • NotoriousRambo