50 Cent Will Lose 65 Pounds For New Movie Role

I guess Curtis is gonna be on a crazy diet during his two month international tour. Starting in May, 50 will be starring in “Things Fall Apart,” a film greenlit by his own Cheetah Vision Films. In the flick, he plays a running back so in preperation for the role, Mr. Jackson must massively slim it down. Keep those Twinkies away, Yayo.


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  • mac DIESEL

    @ 50 Cent



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  • this nigga going for that t.i. type of look lol

  • dillingerman

    he may be getin skinny but this nigga makin moves makin dat bread..he wouldnt do it if he aint kno he was gonna b gettin PAID! we all kno who da biggest hustla in the game is! 50 cent…watch forbes list wen it comes out

  • Elemer Fudd

    50 ill. He knows when that actually happens people will stay talking about him for the months.
    Tabloid, rumors of AIDS will fly. lol
    Then when the movie drops he will have his weight back at the premier and they will keep talking about him.
    This dude will have the game talking regardless of what, and that includes The Game. lol

  • Wha132

    he gonna look like mike epps LMAO, 65 pounds he already looked slim in the video of Baby By Me this is just gonna look wrong.

  • dillingerman

    yo thats mad tru Elemer Fudd….lmao…wen this nigga loses dat weight its gonna b 50 CENT HAS AIDS 50 CENT IS ON CRACK LMAO….fukin bloggers

  • jimmythegent

    hate hate hate…THIS MAN IS MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN EVERY SINGLE RAPPER IN THE GAME IN THE SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME! diddy and jayz like 10 yrs older than Curtis…those the only 2 dat even come close…so keep on hating! follow the trend of fuck 50 cent fuck gunit hes lame he wak…dumb BLOGGERS

  • So Icy Boi!

    Dat nigga wouldnt did dis shit f it was 03-05 da nigga money running low so he gotta do everything

  • biglee

    hell naw if anything his empire is gettin bigger he started sellin weed, to takin ova the block to gettin worker too over that, he went into the music business hustle after hustle he finally flooded the mixtape world and he was the highest debut with 12 mill worldwide, second album 10 mill, third album which people say he lost to kanye its true in first week numbers but 50 outsold him worldwidely he sold 8 million world wide with that album plus all the gunit sellin over 10 million so he took ova the music business for atleast 6 good years. now he tryna take ova the movie business… dont forget diddy adn jay never did those things the closest person to do that is master p 50 is stil young and is the smartest huslta in the game no matter wat hustle after hustle.. like he said get rich or die trying

  • u niggaz is funny pretending like this movie gonna be good or some shit he can’t even fuckin act…i give fif props for makin his money while he did but every since that vitamin water deal this nigga been struggling to find a way to make money… g-unit falling apart doin shit ass movies and havin shitty ass sales with his music the empire is crumbling he still rich as fuck but he’ll never be what he was a few years back

  • blaqscorpio


  • NotoriousRambo


  • RAY

    DVD HBO SHOWTIME STARZ its all good money. You look for the movie theater money if you spend a lot on making it and the DVD etc is your profit. If it cost them $4 million to make the movie what does it matter. these people are in this business for money not fame. Will smith was a terrible actor when he first started out look at him now. The same goes for Jamie Fox but the thing about Curtis is he has money and power so he can get further faster then both those actors. that music money don’t stack right no more so the man moved on to another hustle.

  • Taz69GUnit

    Yo evryone, I as well as all of you, don’t like the idea of 50 losing 65pounds, but he have to do it to shoot that movie. So let’s hope the shooting of the movie will end soon and get the old muscular 50!

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