Clark Kent: God’s Favorite DJ

This past Friday, Clark Kent stepped behind the 1’s and 2’s at 595 North nightclub in ATL. Hey DJs, take a minute and watch Kent transform into Superman. Just don’t ask for no damn requests! Ha!


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  • Biggar

    Its good to still see Dj’s actually spin records and not cd’s. I mean anybody can mix digitally on cd’s.

    Clark Kent what up

  • CaniBlog?

    LOL @ 3:08

  • Miami Nucca

    Thats a thirsty ass crowd for Hip Hop… ATL parties are dominated by cornballs.

  • Now that’s what I can party animals. Nice work, DJCK.

  • Miami Nucca

    Props to Clark Kent for puttin up with them dudes…

  • man this dj is straight trash! where is te mixing he stops every song and heads into the next one ! if you are ignorant to music then yeah this is good but if you know progressions bpm’s and music in general than you know that this shit is trashy! not hating just spitting the truth! if you wanna learn how to mix mr kent get at me!

  • dutchmaster

    whatever with the hate, i was at the party and it was straight crazy….
    everyone was 26+ and most of us was from up top, thats how we can get together and throw a ny party together…
    chicks was mashing to ante up, lol

  • trigtron3000

    Who the uck edited the video? Did anyone else notice the name says Clrak Kent?

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  • illkutz