How To Make It In America (Ep.2)

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Who needs cable when Yardie’s around? In case you missed last night’s episode of the HBO series, How To Make It In America, don’t fret, here’s a rip of last night’s airing.

Last Week: Episode 1

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  • 3Stacks

    B.Dot tell YN to pass the baton.U seem 2 have the illest post on here!

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  • Will

    man if you gonna post them Imma get rid of my HBO i just turnt my shit bacc Give a nigga answer B.Dot so I can Know

    Shit if you posting them I can postpone HBO till Entourage come bacc on

    You Would be the Man if you Post Both of them

  • Will

    I love this show

    the best thing I love about this show is the music omg Im still trying to find Cuz the 80’s Made me Down and Out Can I Kicc It Dont Sweat The Technique and Numerous others

    This shows music scoring is up there with “The Waccness” which has to be one of th best scored movies ever

    and Cudi seem like a token rapper to get the show attention but still dont matter the show still is the reason why the bacc of my TV aint frozen

    I mean the Cousin Rene and The Rich Whiteboy Friend I can tell them niggas are going to be the Ari and Lloyd of this show fuccing Finch from American Pie

  • B.Dot

    basically…i canceled my shit last month.

  • Dashing

    Yeah, and they had a dope Blackalicious joint on there too “My Pen and Pad.”

    They gave Cudi a couple of scenes this time. Seems like dude can actually act.

  • @Will download the Zune Software for your Computer and HBO is offering this show as a Podcast every episode in full HD qaulity who needs a rip when its already free from the source…

  • Will

    yea you that Nigga B.Dot Im bout to cancel my shit rite now

    @Dashing I mean the nigga is playing himself (no Pun Intended) but cudi is playing a nigga that parties alot with fashion sense and females on him damn near every song on Man On the Moon is about him Smoking like I bet this nigga dont even have a wardrobe he come on the set with what he wore that day

  • dogonsociety

    Will you dont need HBO at all

    just use
    and you can find episodes of any HBO show up the next day after it airs
    thats how i have seen every episode of Entourage ever (all online for free)

  • Yowza

    This show is GREAT!!! and it was shot in my hood….LOWER EAST SIDE!!! The pizzeria they were in has the best slices in the L.E.S.

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