Travis Barker vs. Paparazzi

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God damn, paparazzi. Yesterday morning, Travis Barker and his friends were being filmed as they left a Calabasas eatery. After a few words were exchanged, things got a little heated. When the police arrive, the photogs claim that they were threaten and robbed. No arrests were made, but a vandalism report was filed. Below, Trav addresses the incident himself.

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    tell ’em why u mad, Trav.. lol “don’t get the 2 twisted”

  • Wayne

    Fuck em Paps, they have no respect

  • thekid10705


  • Ace Washington

    Nobody wants to do shit or it would’ve been done. Travis ain’t gonna do shit, and his boys don’t really want to do shit. If he got goons or real homies like that he should have been able to stay eating with the kids and have his homies either keep them away or make them go away. One warning, no parking lot chase. Everyone with a payroll should be able to afford someone to knock someone the F**K out if need be. GTFOH

  • Ace Washington

    And I don’t really appreciate the Paps, but this shit is really selective. It kinda comes with the territory a lil’ bit but some stars know how to deal with it and others don’t.

  • HipHopSnob

    Fuck that,if it’s up to me,I’d hang a paparazzi in public once everyday,so thank whatever god they pray to that it aint up to me lol…Trav should’ve whoop a paparazzi ass

  • JayJay

    Hahahaha Trav and Em are the two rudest white boys!! That’s why I love em. Fuck that red carpet shit!!