New Video: Rick Ross x Chrisette Michele “Mafia Music Pt. 2”

Ricky and Chrisette get up close and personal in his new video off Teflon Don. And oh, last but not least, is a sneak peak of the album-inspired movie. Batter up.

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  • i cant wait for the album to drop because the production is always dope and ross has some good verses but not really interested in the movie. just stick to the music


    This track is sooo sick! nigga’s been bumping this since it dropped! video looks good aswell!


  • G(w)ayne

    His Tracks are the same lame, his videos are the same lame… AND WHAT HE’S DOIN’ IS DEEPER THAN CRAP!!!

  • jamal crawford

    ross’ bars have improved exponentially. not going to comment on his acting.

  • jamal crawford

    my glock hole bigger than nicki minaj’s camel toe
    my vocal like an atom bomb in that avalon

  • Symon

    visual & song is tite. problem i have j.gotti didn’t do nothin for organized crime, he the one that fucked it up with all the high profile pics & publicity. Carlo Gambino was the mastermind behind the mafia(gambino & lucky came up with the council & new rules)…ross need to learn history n get his fuckin facts strait.

    bad enough you jacked a REAL GANGSTERS name but atleast know what tha fuck you talking about.

  • Benny Powers

    as a rapper dude is pretty good. But come on son, we know your faking.

    And mug shot of C-Murder mixed in with all the mobb bosses at the beginning was just corny

  • L4U


  • Bullcrap

    Defintion of CB4. Cant fuck with Ross at all because he’s at the head of the 95% of rappers who constantly about things they’ve never experienced smh

  • Bullcrap

    Oh, and T-Rodgers is still alive and kicking dummy

  • Yayo

    Tight! The movie looks like fun, I just hope its up to par with killa season and shottas, hood classics.

  • B. Digital

    “My glock hole is bigger than Nicki Minaj camel toe” lol

    Whoever did that beat (Is that Justice League?), gets props from me. Personally I would have dropped Chrisette Michele’s “Ooooh’s” and “Awww’s” but overall it was a good song.

    As for the movie, not looking forward to it.

  • Eh It’s good to see no green screens but rented mansions and re-used Miami Vice helicopter shots are not a good look. That’s all we will ever get from this washed up Corrections Officer.

  • supa

    Bawse is snapping, shits dope sorry haters it just get better and better, lol

  • Kenny

    The speech at the beginning of tha track is simply great. “THERE’S NO RULES, THERE’S NO PARAMETERS, THERE’S NO FEELINGS”. Does anyone know where it comes from?

  • jimmythegent

    @ 2:00 mark LOOK LIKE SHE RUNNIN FROM A 500LB gorila..fat sweaty nigga lol

  • bossupnugga

    this shit is garbage…beat was iight but rick false is wak as fuk lyrics wak flow wak and hes a fake fuk…nigga the black john gotti?? lmao! u fukin idiot them niggaz wouldnt even waste spit on u…especially BEING A COP nigga they wud murder uu!! they prolly rollin around in theyre grave right now havin a ex cop praise them..and dat movie needs to come out i need sum laughs at ur actin homie lmaooooo!!!! bawseeeeee

  • dillingerman

    same ol shit..he gets john legend or chrisette michee tpain or akon or sumbody to make his record for him..after his last deeper than mac FLOP still havent even reched gold yet after being out a year! jus watch wen this fake album rappin about other men lives come out..ultimate FLOP! cuz nobody out here in da tre05 i kno wud even thik on coppin dat bullshit u n triple cornballs kill yaselves

  • deeperthanmac

    rick false u need to stick to blogging and makin me laugh brah lol wen u try act hard n think u sum black john gotti lolol n all dis mafia shit u fukin cop..u went to college u was a good boy u became a cop had a clean record KNOCK IT OFF! lolol do more vids of u flying in diddys jet and u eatin dat cake of urself or u licking ur chains lmao shit like that dats wat we want knock of the gangsta act

  • dito

    ok beat iight william is wak his rap is the exact same boring shit brah not even good music like biggie n pac cud save this fools career after wat unfolded with his fraud ass..tryna make videos out so the lil kids can think ur sum gangsterrrrrrr nigga! lol fuk outta here…wen i was in miami for superbowl niggaz in the streets was yellin FUCKIN officer ricky…guess only ppl outta state follow this fool

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  • leftsidewest

    William cut the mafia bullshit out! Somebody please run up on this fat nigga and knock out his chin bone, I’m tired of seeing his act. Ricky make a hit record on your own without someone else singing the hook then maybe you would get some respect! Fuck the police!

  • Mokh

    when thin that this guy was a cop… :d
    if only he was an actor and not a rapper he could do alcapone or gotti, but a song has always been a way to express and tell the world what u’ve been doin in your life… nobody can change that!
    he should drop an album talkin about how he snitched on uncle sam and why 🙂

  • BANK$

    banks is much better


    Moving weed and white
    Before we learn to read and write

    Ross hands down the hottest nigga in the game this year he running shit right now i can no longer hate on this nigga, nobody making better music than him right now

  • Nathaniel

    honestly….his whole persona, and the way he spits and everything reminds me of a mix between RD Jay-Z and American Gangster Jay-Z.

    he’s a lil over the top. but the strings and soul and all that shit reminds me of Can I Live. and why is the niggas lyrical prowess upping at such an alarming rate? of course he’s a complete and utter fraud, but the lyrics are getting substantially better…and fast too.

    he just ain’t saying shit. every line is coke, spoils of coke, joys of coke money, reflections on old mafia/mob familia ass niggas.

    and those bat swings looked corny as shit. his fat ass couldn’t even make the shit believable.

    i digress…

  • Nathaniel


    Jay-Z used it at the beginning of Vol. 3…The Life and Times of S.Carter at the end of the Hova Song Intro. i wanna say Pain In Da Ass was reciting it. but the original, from whatever movie…i don’t know.

  • BK

    Yo’, never was a thug, just infatuated with guns,
    never was a gangsta, ’til I graduated to one,
    and got the rep of a villain, for weapon concealin’,
    took the image of a thug, kept shit appealin’,
    willin’ to stick out my neck, for respect if it meant life or death,
    never live to regret what I said,
    when you’re me, people just want to see,
    if it’s true, if it’s you, what you say in your rap’s, what you do,
    so they feel, as part of your obligation to fulfill,
    when they see you on the streets, face to face, are you for real,
    in confrontation ain’t no conversation, if you feel you’re in violation,
    any hesitation’ll get you killed, if you feel it, kill it,
    if you conceal it, reveal it, being reasonable will leave you full of bullets,
    pull it, squeeze it, till it’s empty, tempt me, push me, pussies,
    I need a good reason to give this trigger a good squeeze…


    who the fuck cares if he is really a boss, was Ice Cube really a super Gangster, was slick rick really royalty, was biggie really snatching chains at the roxy , Biz Markie is a legend who didnt write rhymes, Tupac didnt have a jail record until after he had a deal. So what. Its ENTERTAINMENT, real gansters dont make songs they enjoy them. ENJOY YOURSELF.

  • ben

    why is this nigga movin his hands like jay z
    nigga copied jay’s blue magic shit check it out it look like office ricky trying be like him

  • J.C

    @Kenny and @Nathaniel it’s a quote from Gotti the movie! Ross is a fraud but if you say he is wack you are lying to yourself!

  • BJ

    You can’t deny Ross’ talent. I strongly feel if Ross wasn’t accepted by his peers, his past would’ve buried him. Real recognize real, doesn’t apply to hip hop anymore. It’s about the quality of the music because you can’t deny a hit record. His rap skills and track selection get stronger with each record. He and Game are consistent in that regard. Ross should’ve been nominated for a Grammy based off his music alone. With all the wack ish out there, you have to appreciate dude’s pen skills. He puts in his work with it. Dude is cosingned by so many people because he’s an earner. He makes great music. To me that’s all I want from an artist. 50 couldn’t bury him or Game because of the quality of their music. Gotta respect that.

  • SKC

    Damn, get I get Spillf TV to film me work?

  • G(w)ayne

    I dont know why r u like this motherfucker!?
    His voice is fucking annoying… his rhymes are lame.
    I mean c’mon man… he’s speaking as if he can’t get a breath, he should stop before he gets a heart attack.


  • Chi-town

    shout out to Spiff TV

  • MisterUpgrade

    Keep the movie, but the flow is still nice.


    this makes me want to stop listening to rap. I’m done until rappers like Rick Ross kill’s themselves.

  • Miko

    You know, it’s crazy how mofo’s can hate so hard. the song and the video are tight. if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. you don’t have to act like a little girl who got stood up on a first date. that shit is crazy. man the fuck up or shut the fuck up. Ross ain’t trying to be like anybody. cause he speaks a certain way or moves his arms a certain way suddenly he wants to be like this one or that one. It’s entertainment, you know, pretend. it’s like cartoons and movies, not real. don’t so damn dumb, it’s annoying.

  • dillingerman

    yo i kno this is old news BUT I JUS LISTENED TO THAT BANKS “officer down” dissing william roberts aka rick false and WOW! dat nigga murdereddddddddddd william!!! rick false wud have noooooo chance gettin into it lyrically with banks…nigga jus str8 went in n bodied dat nigga! “HE’S TALKING BOUT THE WIEGHT HE PUSHED, USED TO PUNCH THE CLOCK IN JAIL, DROVE HIS MOM BENZ AROUND NOW HE GOT WHAT YOU WANT FOR SALE”

  • tre05

    ROBOBAWSEEEEEE!!!! i mean black john gotti ma bad lmaothis nigga needa get on diddys jet again n fly into the ocean b

  • So what if he was a CO, yall niggas work at the grocery store tryna get on.

    And he still nicer than yall.

    Get over it.

    -Boney Love

  • Trouble

    bRAVO, bRAVO, I Hope That’s What He was Goin For!! Sound Like 4-5 other Trac’s from Ricccccccccy!! It’s Cool, Nothing Special or Different!!!

    He Should’ve of Said: “Cough & Spread ya Cheeks/ Who’s The bOSS/ When You Rappin The LIFE of Yo Favorite Enemy!!!”

    Fuc a bloggER- Nigga This Real Talk!!!kdj

  • Will

    man i dont get how reenacting moments is Gangsta I mean Being locced down for 99 years never seeing your kids and grandkids grow up thats gangsta

    and Officer you should know T.Rodgers

  • Will

    all yall support this guy becuz your just like this guy lying about your life sqaying you gangsta when you at home with yo nieces and nephews

    listening to ricc ross and saying he nice is the same as Asking did you catch the last episode of the power rangers

    niggas is right his life is a movie becuz its all make believe and falling a script and redoing the same theme over and over

  • qqq

    oh my god, this is going to be just like killa season, i can’t wait…

  • sam

    @Kenny the speech comes from a HBO film called Gotti it was made around 1996.

  • Deez


  • Will

    Sidebar:man I know somebody that was 1st hand there when ross tried to pull that stunt on Mayweather and from the story he told me ross look like a bitch he said that Ross was over to kicc it with Diddy and at 1st tried to act like Mayweather wasnt even there whispering in Diddy Ear and shit then the nigga floyd said something and ross was quiet barely look at floyd from his account he said them pictures were taken a cool 45-1 hour after Floyd stop fuccing with Ross which means Floyd and Ross was by each other for a cool 2 hours i dont kno who the photographer is but they told me thats when ross start talking shit bacc them lil photos is when he start buccing bacc and after that he walked away now I dont know how my nigga got in good with Floyd his Pops is the Manager for Nipsey Hussle YN You might know Big “U” but he has pic from floyd and his crew that nite and he told me and if you notice in that pic diddy is standing nonchalent like everything was cool which it probably was for a good 2 hours everything was cool becuz Ross Wasnt Moving nothing

    he saying they chopped it like G’s or whatever I just want yall to know what i Heard happen from a nigga that was with Floyd that night and all you niggas saying Ross this and that That nigga is a str8 Pussy for that shit

    another thing i noticed is the guy who took the picture of ross acting like he wanted to fight mayweather has the same captures when they supposedly sqaushed it so i dont know if thats ross homie who is a photographer like how birdman do the nigga Derrick G but he said that no pics were taken until that happened and thats hwy those are the only pics that surface becuz nobody else took pictures of floyd just talking shit

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  • mcMACOY

    rick ross is da reason why i liked hiphop,i knew hits lyk HUSTLIN n BOSS without knwing abt his past life as a cop,later i did get da news bt fuck dat da nigga was good at dat tym n now his jst magnificent ,i dont knw y u haters always talk abt him being fat n fake,ross is nt a model bt a rap artist