50 Cent Covers RESPECT.

Y’all peeped the dope premiere with Hov and Pac, now the mag that celebrates the visual beauty behind the artform is back at it. Cover number two goes to the one and only Curtis Jackson. Hey, I like that guy and I like this cover. Ha! On sale: March 9. I like that date too!

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  • G G G G G-UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    50 DA KING!!!

  • Will

    here goes the hate niggas going to talk about BISD sells then niggas going to talk about ross and then at the end of the day this post is going to have 150 comments of niggas going bacc and forth

    let me start off

    BISD was the 3rd best hiphop album of 2009 LOL

    and wheres Pimpin Curly

  • I wonder why they use old pics for their covers



  • Young Sha

    Looks like ’03 Fif on the cover. Rocking the durag and henched physique (n/h)

  • Money Mitch

    lol at the the interview where 50 says he doesnt like jada and styles partners in a rap website. Than he just says you know elliot i just dont like him

  • ANT619HONY

    50 gonna look like gorilla on crack after he loses 65 pounds… shittttt

  • bws:D

    Will @


  • leftsidewest

    “You don’t have to work out to leave this bitch cut up” – 50 Cent –

  • blaqscorpio

    That’s the “ROIDS” 50

  • bgirl

    Damn. Nice body.

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  • Dayum

    Curtis…is beautiful.

  • bk82

    50 is king of new york sity !!!!!!!!! 50 RUN NY !!!!!! GGGG UNIT!!!!

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  • AG 3000

    Too bad that 50 hates you though YN. Check his past interviews, hahaha!!!!

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  • stickupKid

    can’t wait for a 50 cent album…..fed up of this pop hop shit

  • Dayum

    I think i’ll be a 50 fan forever, he’s just magnetic.

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  • tre05

    thats 50 str8 out the hood right there..THIS IS AN OLD PIC…wen he was fresssh out jamaica queens..now fif got barely any tattoos for his acting career and pearly skinny white teeth lol nigga gone hollywood…but str8 up PROPS TO THIS MAN from wat eh came from man….50 waitin for another album….ur last was hard sick of this gay corny shit goin on in rap..buncha WACKA FLOCKA type music lol G G G G G G UNITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

  • jimmythegent

    WHOA???? where the hate? on thisisjayz.com on this 50 cent post????? im shocked! thoguth i wud see…UR DONE 50 CENT UR DONE CURLY..TALK ABOUT BISD SALES..and yea dats where da hate ends lol cuz theres nuttin rele u can say bout homie….been real since day one been thru it all unlike his last opponent officer robobawse rawseee lol CLOWN

  • Dayum

    ^Church..Boo Boo is the truth

  • Deez

    50 is that dude… still a big fan homie!

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  • mmkayy

    that picture looks mad old.. he still has the tats on his arms

  • dmc

    March 9th!!!!

  • Will

    @ BWS

    LOL you a clown just like i said nigga going to say something good about 50 then a nigga going to say a nigga is a stan come on cuz Nigga get a life its the same song and dance for niggas like you you sit up here and hate 50 cent but post a comment on every 50 cent post who are you helping my nig

  • NotoriousRambo


  • dumb asses. These are vintage shots. mag pays tribute to iconic vintage photos. Tired of them doofy ass XXL covers.

  • jimmythegent

    my nigga fif! we tend to forget who u r where u came frommm! we need dat music man drop a mixtape or sumtinnn! rap is gone offf the deep endddd deeeep cornyyy end

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  • illaDeuce

    50 is fucking whack, let him go make dance records in peace. IF YOU THINK BISD WAS TOP 3 HIP HOP ALBUMS OF 09, YOU STUPID! When this idiot figures out how to stop making songs with the same 3 subjects of money, girls or killing GET AT ME!

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