Erykah Badu’s Lookin’ For Paul McCartney

Holla at your girl, Macca. Ha.

UPDATE: Thanks, mate.

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  • AyJay

    Badu got some classix but all in all shes a flake.

  • Silk the shocker

    A flake how?

  • A flake????

    Hopefully she get’s this clearance..twitter is pretty powerful so who knows. If not im sure the internets will still get a hold of the track somehow.

  • She’s a flake, Jay electronica gets his face painted and thinks that he’s so unique. Hyped up ass rap suckers.

    All this hype about Jay Elect and he begins a verse reciting jay-z shit and then talking about media coverage obama get. STFU, media coverage? okay, cool. What are you doing, Fuck is your message. Wikipedia rapper, famous for being famous, I hope you fucking spit a good rhyme. Just once, and don’t bite DOOM’s ‘spit out the chain’ shitting out chain line.

  • Silk the shocker

    I guess Jayelecthype hasn’t heard Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind. Or exhibit A or only just beggun, I could go on and on. Smh at these rookie part time hip hop fans.

  • JDot

    No you will not be able to talk Paul into letting you ruining, a Beatles song…

  • @JDot ok she wouldnt need to get Paul’s permission if it were a Beatles song – Michael Jackson’s estate owns the Beatles publishing, lol… right? well i know Paul dont own it

    It’s prob a Paul McCartney solo or Wings (his band) song…

    either way – if WuTang can get the clearance for that Beatles sample a year or two back… I think Erykah can get it, IF she gets in touch like she need to…

    SO SOMEONE HELP HER OUT bc i dont want the song not makin the album! LOL

  • ironic

    @ 106th – If I’m not mistaken, RZA didn’t actually sample The Beatles’ While My Guitar Gently Weeps, but had George Harrison’s son, Dhani, and John Frusciante replay the rhythm and lead parts, respectively. As far as I know they covered the song, which means it is an entirely different process to having to clear a sample. I think you do not need any permission to cover a song as long as the composers are credited. I stand corrected, though.

  • mosst

    BADU no flake she’s GREAT!!! Nothin but LOVE my BLACK NUBIAN SISTER & wish u all the best hope u find him……….HCEDESIHCLEM

  • D

    @ ironic – You are totally right.

    Erykah Badu has more chance of going diamond than getting Macca on the phone, let alone clearing a fukin sample. NO CHANCE

  • LMAO i love that i can post this right now… the latest tweet from E.Badu…

    So… what was it y’all were saying? LOL

  • man…that took 33 min…twitter is a helluva tool…

  • BNevo

    “Erykah Badu has more chance of going diamond than getting Macca on the phone, let alone clearing a fukin sample. NO CHANCE” <<<<—-Fail lol

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