The Making Of Lil Wayne’s “Drop The World” Beat

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Hit-Boy and Chase N. Cashe, the producers behind the best track on Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, speak on how the track got into Weezy’s hands and then, deconstruct the instrumental.

Respect: Brian Washington

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  • TheCool

    fruity loops?…….really?……..niccas is clowns.

  • 2D

    i woulda thought bin laden jr. woulda rolled w/ al-qaeda or somethin, not no damn surf club…

  • Markoni

    What’s he point of this, the only good thing about the song is Eminem’s verse, and the instrumental is shity mess I can’t stand.

  • JayJay

    Worst interview ever!!

  • Sade

    Damn why do so many of you hate?

  • i actually liked the beat and em verse could care less about wayne and rebirth



  • Uh-huh

    yall ppl hating are stupid, at least respect the hussle of everything, ppl putting in work,

    @ Markoni if they didnt make that beat that eminem verse you like, WOULDNT EXIST!

    dope beat,eminem=CRAZY verse, wayne did his thing as well.

  • james

    If I fuck with you, I fuck with you. If I don’t fuck with you, I don’t fuck with you. Fuck you, fuck that. Fucking shit.

  • LOL

    dude got down syndrome tho

  • LOL

    did dude say he clicked in the notes? what does that mean? like he didnt play the melody? times are a changin

  • Interviews like this one, IMO, are the coolest things about the rap/hip-hop blogs. It’s cool to see these guys say “I had no idea it get to Wayne or Em.”

    @LOL… the times have already changed. a few clicks and save link as has changed music forever.

  • Wow, they made this on FL Studio 9? I use the same thing. Guess Soulja Boy didn’t totally fuck the credibilty of that program up. Don’t sleep niggaz. A lot of ppl ue that program and come up with sum great shit. e.i. ME! LMAO!

  • @alan2000xl I agree with you. but Wayne’s energy on the song gives it the boost that it needs. Rebirth is garbage but this song is real dope.

  • poo

    @TheCool, please tell me whats so bad about fruity loops? Please, go ahead and tell me what you CAN’T do on it?? I really can’t wait to hear, you obviously know so much about its capabilities and why its so bad.

  • koa29

    Dope beat tho…

  • koa29

    Also…Wayne’s part was dope… I think the production on Rebirth as top notch… I’ve been bumpin in a lil more lately, and I really don’t get all the hate it got.. I think it’s a dope album to be honest… dont hate on my opinion

  • koa29


    There’s nothin wrong wit Fruity loops (now called FL Studio)… it’s just it’s a new-age program … and alot of hip hop niggas are old school and don’t like the idea of it… but it’s a good program

  • lostme

    FL Studio is a program like any other anyways it’s not the program but who uses it cause you can give one cat a MPC and give Exile one and Exile will fuck dude up it’s what u’r comfortable with

  • lostme

    BTW I don’t like the beat it hurts my head it’s the synths

  • poo

    @koa29 yea thats the point i was pretty much tryna make, lol. people are so quick to judge it yet it is really just as good as any of the other leading DAW’s and theres really nothing it can’t do that the others can. It just annoys me how people are so quick to slander it

  • Lionheart

    9th wonder uses fruity loops. He made “Threat” off the Black Album With it. This program is just as legit as any keyboard or hardware you can find. Tell em I said that!

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