BET Rip The Runway Photos

BET’s taping of Rip The Runway went down last night at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. The event was hosted by actor Pooch Hall and Nicki Minaj. Performances included Trina, Soulja Boy, and Ludacris. Mo’ clicks after the jump.

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  • Wayne

    hahaha that nigga in the first pic straight hypnotized by nickis ass

  • pedro

    lmao guy in second pic too

  • LULZ

    lmao @ Dude is first pic

  • what is that standing beside luda

  • duh!

    it nicki minaj standing beside luda…she dressed the same was as in the My Chick Bad video…ummm, they were probably performin that song?

  • HeyHo

    Omg at the last pic – in a good way

  • mac DIESEL



  • mike

    nikki minaj à trois !

  • dani

    Pooch Hall is adorable.

  • sixo

    buddy is lookin at her ass like its water in the desert. i wanna see this bitch in a thong tho, she need to free them cheeks to keep the freaks coming.

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  • Bionic Pocahontas

    Her ass is fake. Trust me. I know. I’ve slapped it.

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  • Mr.AFromThaT

    Wow you must wanna die ^^^^^^ or really be fuckin with people, anyway Big Boi was supposed to perform too, wheres his flicks??


    thank u rapradar for not putting RAPRADAR all over these pictures unlike those other thirsty websites. at least we can enjoy the pictures in its entirety. So now that i have that out of the way…..where are the rest of them pictures ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Interscope Employee

    LMAO @ the niggaz hypnotized by Nicki’s booty (first pic and second pic) LOL

    but I aint mad. Nicki’s looking deliciousssss

  • ExNE


    they love you too

  • BJ

    Not one backshot?!? Smdh

  • mmkayy

    lmao @ that dude..

  • 3Stacks

    Simpletons,ass-heads and butt implants to hell with this fakery .Al natural keep it 100!

  • randomname

    i must be over nicki minaj because she aint even lookin sexy to me anymore… it’s either that or the fact that i see a lot of wack birds dressing like her so it aint even sexy.

  • Nah, Big Boi wasn’t there.

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  • soreal2010

    Nicki minaj’s ass and nose are fake. Just google photos of her back when she was underground, she has gotten her nose fixed and ass implants. If you just really know how a woman’s body naturally looks, you would know her ass if fake. Not taking away her shine though, I love Nicki, she’s making them niggas mouth dropped. Lmao..too funny.

  • sj

    WOW Pooch is so fine, he can host for me!
    Even if Nikcki’s ass is fake, she still got them nigga’s attention and along with that, comes the money!