Nas Owes $3.3 Million In Taxes

Bad news keeps coming in for Nas. Last week, he was ordered to pay ex-wife Kelis $200k in child support, now a 2009 $2.5 million tax lien has increased to $3.3 million. Allegedly, Nas pocketed $50k from his performance at Sundance, but blew the dough before his departure. Money is a bitch, ain’t it?


Sidebar: TMZ reports Esco is trying to reconcile with his ex.

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  • ghost

    damn nas youve been makin money since i was in diapers

  • Damnnnnnnnnnnnnn…Come on Esco. Pay that shit bro. Ask Hov 4 a loan or somethin’ man. I’d hate to see u in jail like Ron Isley or escapin’ to other countries runnin from the law like Wesley Snipes.

  • Chris

    At the risk of sounding like a Nas stan, how much of this story is really true?

    This is a continuation of the story that TMZ reported last year, and in both cases they claim sources say he owes the IRS this amount of money, but havent really cited them or shown evidence. But knowing TMZ’s history, they normally are quick to show documents for these kinda situations. All we’ve heard and seen from the original TMZ link is just “sources say”. This is the same deal.

    Look Im not saying Nas isnt capable of doing some dumb shit like this, but at the same time how come all this shit is coming from the same news source who are good friends with Kelis people and Lawyer (TMZ). How much credit do we give an internet story? Also the numbers in all these stories just dont seem to add up. For him to be in debt of more tax than his contract, he would have spent years not submitting tax forms, if that was the case, this should not have been the first time

    Either way, I guess we’re gonna see next week at that hearing if he gets locked up. But so much of this story is suspect, I only wish TMZ would shed a bit more light to really take it seriously.

  • mmkayy

    yeaa i call bullshit…….. how can u make 50k and then spend it all at Sundance knowin u have money issues ?

    or maybe he is that much of an idiot

  • wow!!!

    Damn he blew 50k in one day @ Sundance and from last October until now his taxes has in creased damn near a million dollars…VERY SUSPECT! @Chris co-sign…these stories about Nas just seem to be so grandios/overly EXAGGERATED! Now he is begging to not devorce his ex…when suposedly they have been devorced since last year! I’m very confused!

  • wow!!!

    I meant divorced

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  • Smartenupnas!

  • mike

    do not panik he got money
    he has that doe
    hes rich
    esco let’s go, get em all !!!

  • Elemer Fudd

    That’s what his Def Jam deal was worth. SMH

  • Moose

    SMH they say it’s cheaper to keep her, but if this is true, so much for my homies telling me Nas has crazy doe…he prolly made a LOT but I doubt he has a lot. Huge difference there

  • jamdawham

    Go dam! nigga gotta pay his life away

  • Interscope Employee

    this nigga keeps taking L

  • blaqscorpio

    I can see Bankruptcy in Nas’ near future. No joke.


    nas was advice not to marry kelis but he fail to listen see what happening to him, sooner or later his ass gon end been broke like young buck

  • So Icy Boi!

    Nas ol broke azz …. The “illuminati” want dey money! or else its ya head ….dats wit he get for fukin wit Satan

  • pissed

    damn…Nas Lost. AGAIN.

  • james

    Jewminati trying to rob him

  • Jay

    damn Jay’s “takeover” verse just resonated when i read this.

    “you said u been in this 10, i been in this 5, smarten up Nas”


    Nas stay takin L’s, Damn homie.

  • Smartenupnas

    well, my moniker says it all!

  • JT

    Nas is an artist, Jay is a business man. Nas probably doesnt even own his own publishing, which is sad because he has created classics.

  • If Nas owes that much in Tax then he’s made a shitload of money recently. Those taxes can’t be from years ago or we would have already heard about it. Let’s see what the real story is….

  • Shawn

    ^Not exactly true. He’s in the highest percintile of income tax. And it may take about 2-3yrs for IRS to catch up and another 2-3 you can put them off before a lien..During this period you accure intrest and penaties. The actual amountay have been about $1.5… Not a lot for someone may gross about $2mill/yr

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