New Video: Young Money “Roger That”

[vodpod id=Video.3151869&w=425&h=350&]
106 & Park premiered Young Money’s new clip, “Roger That”. Unfortunately for Weezy, it’s over and out for the next several months.
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  • I just wanna Fuck

    Bad single choice but the video is tuff! nicki bodied every1 on the song

  • supa

    Look like good quality to me, lol

    “Dont hate on my FACTS”

  • Trash

  • CLi-CIty

    Young Money be a problem…

  • Uncle Frank

    Them lil dudes killin’ it. Really. Let’s be honest they have the best squad and we haven’t seen that many spittas in or from the same click since The Wu. Any comments to contrary are pure hate. Young Money hot, plain and simple. They’re going to be just fine while Wayne is away.

  • ANT619HONY

    ‘We at yo neck like a violin’ good shit

  • AK

    Did Nicki just say “I never let a dick boy boink for free”?

    Seriously? you have to pay to smash? I cant recall but isnt paying for sex some sort of profession? the name of it escapes me.


  • BIG DOG!

    Tell these niggaz @supa, EXACTLY!! When these niggaz hear shit like Wayne is doing 7 or 10 vids in one night they say> THey do too much quantity and not enough Quality, but that’s bullshit! Cause if u know ANYTHING about videos u would know that it’s 90% is in EDITING, so he could shoot 25 vids aslong as those 25 are Edited well, it’s all gravy!..>GoodNIGHT!!!

  • Frontrunner

    Sin City..nice treatment…I been tryna tell yall bout YM…
    He don’t really be saying shit but I like how Tyga start off his verses BDot, that’s old school
    And Keith Sweat do gotta long neck…no shots, no homo!

  • Iceyjesse

    Weezy should still have have alot of tracks lined up while he’s away. I think some will barely notice he’s gone unlike tip

  • young hov

    No hate but I feel like I could spit better than Tyga. Real talk

  • koa29

    Tyga has improved alot…he’s dope.. dont hate….

    Nice vid tho i was suprised, YM!

  • Real Talk

    The only part that concerned me was when Nikki turned around and finally gave that ass shot…YES! Play towards your strengths boo…

  • dmc

    i feel really old watching this, i bet the kids love this kinda stuff

  • Sin

    Bad single choice but the video is tuff! nicki bodied every1 on the song


    please explain what song woulda been a better choice as a single?
    Pass the Dutch excluded
    not many to choose frm

  • menlie

    wak shit from a faggot disguised as sum gangsta rapper who kisses men on the lips n his young corny pussies this shit is trashh…video is good tho…nicki only nicki even tho NICKI A DYKE fooin niggaz like she like dick


    i guess americans are now used to bitches like nicki getting butt implant

  • Tyga’s nice..but FUCK YM!!!

  • RapMusic23

    cheap ass video.Green screens,i knew it.All videos from wayne will be like that.He is always bragging about how much money he has,but he sure as hell dont wanna spend some to make a good video

  • Upset

    Haters hate

  • WindyCityG72

    Maybe i’m just getting old , but this shit is DOO DOO! All of YM cept for Wayne and Drake , is GARBAGE . Even Jae Millz now and that dude use be be raw!

  • Can

    I really hope a video comes out for Fuck Da Bullshit

  • Can

    I really hope a video comes out for Fuck Da Bullshit.

  • pissed

    Tyga is waaaaaaay nicer than he used to be…i don’t even like YM but he improved way passed that Coconut Juice BS.