• Eyerone


    drake wrote the fuck outta that track. i give him props for that. instrumental is smooth as a champ.

  • This has classic all over it. Wouldn’t be surprised if the song actually popped up at a few weddings from now on. First bump n grind…er dance maybe.

  • yaboitone

    I’mma rip this track and see if YN will post it. ha!

  • Peekay

    This is dope, thanks for the post.

  • I’ve been lookin 4 this instrumental since I 1st heard it. Thanx YN.

  • This actually the best track off of this album. Good shit Drake.

  • RappishWayz

    Track #2 on this EP features this instrumental on it.New concept to the song tho http://usershare.net/3lj6pam3xs1k

  • I been had a remix done to this beat… Alicia Key’s Feat. Paul Lipsey… “Unthinkable”… Remix…

  • Young ma

    My man needs a deal bad he has everything it takes

  • Serria

    this song is dope and always will be