Only one J. Cole Song! Not getting this

  • mkjhgf

    some of these dudes are nice on the mic….but they have no appeal whatsoever. How many future stars do you see on that cover? Like real stars….someone who is going to be in this game for a while? these dudes are going to be underground forever…and its not even their fault….hip hop is just wack

  • Tiiz

    lol @ Whoo Kid saying Wiz’s name wrong on track 6!

  • Danity Cane

    Three Nipsey songs….two O.J. Da Juicemans….only one Cole, only one Pill.



  • nahlol

    J Cole sick, just needs to stop mentioning the ‘ville’! we know where you from nigga

  • Interscope Employee

    @ nahlol ; why so mad? he’s just reppin his city. be mad at Game, Jay-Z, 50 etc too then…

    Only Freshman who gon make it is J.COLE!!!!!

  • hot

    freddie gibbs murdered everyone. bars for days wow.

  • SERIOUSLY,itz no way u can be a fan of straight up raw,gutta,smack ya mama,back 2 da basics hiphop & not like Freddie G! I was listening to ‘The labels tryna kill me’ last nite & dude is the truth!

  • Will

    LOL Oj Da Juicman 6 rings is the outro song LOL And Nipsey is allover this tape i guess becuz Whookid hosted Vol.3

  • pissed

    lmao…i dig all these guys for the most part (except oj) but how is it that wiz’s catalog is deeper than ALL these dudes but he only has one song on the tape? Not hatin cuz most of them dudes are pretty nice but cmon really?

  • shamwow

    freddie gibbs is so far ahead of all of these rappers. for real its scary

  • I’m only rootin’ for 5 niggaz: Cole, Sean, Nipsey, Pill, and Freddie them otha niggaz gotta show and prove. And OJ can kill himself….wack ass coon…

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  • lmao they might as well have said the mixtape has 15 tracks & two bonus tracks…they put OJ ALLLLLLL the way at the end…

    This is gonna be a great summer though. J. Cole, Ye, Jeezy, Tip, the list goes on…

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  • one Wiz Khalifa song one J. Cole song and one Big Sean.!!!! Wtf is going through whoo kidz head… he has oj wack ass all over this tape…. i’ll pass on this shit

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