• teejay

    Dre should be pickin’ up the phone…

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  • graf

    impressive. props to young diggy. do your thing kid.

  • Nathaniel


    hgahahahahahahaha yo somebody get this nigga a mentor. diggy gets the stamp of approval. what he say about its all politics and most of the shit they postin on the blogs aint even hot as this? hahahahaha get’em lil nigga, get at’em.

    i wonder if Nas was this nasty when he was that age, cuz by age 18 he was penning illmatic. get diggy some introspection and some years to grow, he could be a REEEAAALLL problem. got damn, i’m still dyin over here

  • Sean

    Diggy goin ham on em . . .

    Somebody please snatch him up before young money do it.

    They got enough little rappers.

  • ………

    flow is nice, but somebody has to be writing for dude

  • Da Business

    Diggy is nice.

  • Just Don’t Know If I Can Take The Kid Who Was Shamed To Get Picked Up From Is PRIVATE School Bus Stop In His Fathers PHANTOM…

  • SIK_D

    Danm, Diggy- doin’ the danm thang! He needs to drop a mixtape

  • Simon

    Damn…his brother & friends should have had him ghostwrite for em.

  • nyg187

    i see u

  • Don’t sleep on Diggy!

  • MiloD

    here comes the next generation…..

    im glad the real hip hop has a great influence in where hip hop is going.

    jojo dont get love tho….

    run boys in the building…

  • 1) he writes his own material – completely. 2) he has a mixtape The first Flight dropped in december (www.digslifeofthejetsetter.blogspot.com or http://www.illroots.com) 3) thanks much rap radar 🙂 … @diggy_simmons on twitter!

  • CHC

    yall know he born in queens and nasty gave him the clearance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boy nastier than his big brother. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! WRITTEN OR NOT DELIVERY IS BETTER THAN BOW WOW AT THE SAME AGE. GET EM DIGGG!

  • OJ Da Cornball

    Jojo shaking and mad his grave. The grave his career is lying in. Lol

    I’ll give anything for him not to go Young Money

  • oh damn

    “You know I’m born in Queens so Nas gave me the clearance”…Diggy Killinh Em! “Queens niggas run you niggas…ask Russels Simmons”…Nas!

  • hira555

    straight fire kid!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if this bothers his older bro – JoJo … POW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scott larock

    damn!! he killed that beat everything ive been hearing lately has been straight fire he also killed that drake track.his music speaks for itself and for the people judging him by being rich and on t.v. need to forget that,what about drake look from where he came.diggy can flow im gonna have to go back and watch this again.big up diggy you killin it cant wait to hear more from you.

  • Young Sha

    Someone hit me with a download link.

    Dude’s flow is awesome on every track i’ve heard so far.

    Also a d/l link for the Over freestyle too. Would have never guessed the kid had skills from watching Runs House.


    he nice cant trip….nas LIKE word play with a DOA video type vibe..he might be better than big bro..but put them against me i eat both em as a lite snack…ask about me in tre 0 five.

  • illmatic

    whoa…i think this kids gonna go far. he nicer than alot of artists getting commercial airplay. and just imagine this kid is a generatin below soulja boy and waka floka. guess hip hop does have a future

  • P.A.

    dis is the same diggy from runs house
    dammmmm…im impressed, his older bro should jus quit diggy got him beat already lmaooo

  • Dan

    Holy shit. This is fuckin’ crazy. Isn’t this lil nigga in grade 7 or something. Now Soulja Boy doesn’t have the excuse of being young for his weak ass rhymes.

    Diggy is the future, niggas. He is doing justice to his dad’s legacy.

  • PB

    DIgggyyyyy! I co-sign this kid.

  • pissed

    Diggy>>>>Jojo & them other 2 random dudes in Team Blackout lmao

    And there’s no ghostwriter…Diggy has been spittin since he was 5…people used to write stuff for him to spit back then but over time he started writing his own rhymes. I believe he mentions it on the song “Point 2 Prove” from his 1st Flight Mixtape.

  • J.Spfld

    Son Of A King So Why Should I Ever Bow Down….WHOA, youngn don’t hurt them….LOL

  • Immortal

    Diggy is ILLLLL!!!! Rockin’ the Trilly & Truly Jacket designed by Lupe Fiasco! So Sick!!!

  • cam

    okay diggy! damn he said “and i dont rap for my age like bow wow/ son of a king so why would a n-gga bow down?”

  • Parental Advisory

    His daddy know he curse like that?

    Son went in tho

  • still not sure why hes THAT much nicer than his OLDER brother, IM THE SON OF A KING WHY WOULD I BOW DOWN!??!?>>>>>>>>>>>bow wow writers or his own barsX 80% of the freshman 10 on XXL

  • he sounds like tyga. hes dope tho regardless

  • Pedro

    what the hell?!?!?!?!?!?!?! i have an extremely hard time believing that he wrote that ish but if he did much props…… even if he didn’t it doesn’t take away from the delivery hot damn! how did this happen?

  • Diamonds

    New York’s Savior…

  • @bfears
    Some thought popped up in my mind. Even the way he moves resembles Tyga. But dude got bars. I feel sorry for Jojo.

  • MithritadesHD

    Is the good Rev ghostwriting for Diggy and NOT JoJo? lmao!!!


    We definitely know who the flag was passed to…I wasn’t expecting this one either…much PROPS!!!


  • Diddy goes in. Hope to see him on that XXL Freshmen 10 of 2011 cover next year.

  • chek me out blaaaow

    this young boy destined for greatness. he would merk drake on a record, hed merk most of these new guys catching buzz. lil diggy would vaporize wale faggot ass on a record. drake got the same flow every track, diggy rhymes and flow are way more advanced. put the same money behind this boy as drake and watch him soar. not enough dudes is spitting raw, its on some runway shit, whats he wearing type deal. diggy spits raw.

  • real910

    wow…….guess we know who Run passed the genes down to lol.

    can’t h8 on this kid regardless of how you feel about where he came from. nigga got bars, and finally somebody around my age, dat ain’t spittin about a buncha bullshit.


  • RL

    sounds like cory gunz

  • ^^Fuck Cory Gunz!! bitch is goin to Young money!!

  • JoJo

    Man, fuck ya’ll.

  • Will

    i kno JoJo Tight

    But yea its funny how niggas Like Justin Beiber can get signed with like 6 youtube videos of him doing other people songs and this lil dude do youtubes of him doing his own bars and get no love

    I wonder how his parents feel about him saying Nigga on records tho becuz I know When I was 14 15 I wasnt allowed to curse out loud like that

    Yea but its obvious that dude is the most go getter out that clan I mean he having clothing line talk with Pharell and he putting out his music by himself not going to his daddy looking to get him signed Dude is getting it Himself gotta love that about these youngstas and how they can work this internet Game better than Some Adults can work this independent out the trunk game

  • iam2smooth

    Diggy is bodin niggas!!!!

    he’s way better than his bum ass brutha hands down!!!

    I kno uncle Russ is proud!!!

  • ima need Diggy to expand his flow… he go crazy hard, but the Eminem/Da Brat flow gets dated. switch it up Nucca!

  • caniBlog?

    Come on yall Jojo and team black out weren’t that bad were they? J5 on em remember that shit was straight fire!


    I’m so proud of this lil dude! Diggy keep doing your thing bro. Any young dude who tips their hat to the GOAT NAS is alright with me. Queens niggas run you niggas ask Russell Simmon’s nephew!!!

  • mac DIESEL



  • ThatDude

    Does he ever disappoint? Kid is on Fire. that ATCQ/Qtip part was no joke

  • biglee

    man this kid is nice.. he can put the family on the map again jojo tryna be gangster but this kid is tryna show he can rap.. he remind of lil bow wow wit his energy and flow, bow wow was allittle better but he has potential


    hahaha JOJO suckz compared 2 thiz cat!! Big up 2 Diggy, he went in. Hiz older brother should be ashamed…KILL YOSELF!!! LMAO

  • crossover1985

    his voice annoys me. but his rhymes are nice

  • caniBlog?



  • D!A!E

    He could have easily taken O.J Da Juice Man’s XXL Freshman spot…HAND’S DOWN! Aye!

  • Dan4real

    m i the only 1 that thinks he kinda sounds and looks like cory guns?
    he hot tho. how old is he?

  • justbeingreal

    Dan4real is right is does have Cory Gunz in him but Diggy be ripping…JoJo must be hot as hell…Diggy doing straight virals and is hotter than him. SMH!

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  • Melly Mel

    Diggy den passed his big bro. no disrespect . dis shit is fye

  • MXL

    Actually, young Russell is Run’s baby boy. Digg is the boy in the middle. Nah, it’s not important; I’m just a stickler for accuracy. You gotta love it.

  • dude spittin real shit and got better flow then most niggaz in the rap game lol

  • JustSaying

    Dude is really extra nice for his age, when he starts figuring out the game of life as he matures, He will be one of the greats rapping like that. I’m shocked to hear him come like that. Leave poor jojo alone, hahhhahahahahahha

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  • Did Diggy just take the industry to task?? The answer would be: YES.

  • raul

    he 14 will be 15 on march 21 damn he could go far i hope they put him with the right folks

  • pr0b

    holy shit this was excellent … UNIVERSAL YALL bETTA SNAG HIM UP ON A DRAKE TYPE OF DEAL .. and stop bullshittin … this nigga GONE MOVE UNITS AND HE A WORKHORSE … THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT WITH THIS KID

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  • Consignment

    Diggy Diggy Doctor. Lil nigga niceeeeeeeeee!!!! Word.

  • da koon nigga

    diz lil nigga nice

  • JESUS. CHRIST. I’m speechless. Now THIS is what you call someone with potential.

  • [the]MarcoPolo


  • brkn!

    is it me or did he just killed his older brother on that one?!

    straight up nice with it!

  • bxvet

    dis faggot bitch kid is wack wtf y’all listening to? Go back to school this aint hiphop nigga

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