Diggy Speaks On His Older Fanbase

Diggy’s on a roll. Yesterday, he personalized Nas’ “Made You Look” and earlier this week unleashed his “Over” freestyle. He tells VIBE the feedback he’s received has been from men, women, and children of all ages. “I’ve had people that were like, ‘Yo, I’m a hip-hop head from the ‘90s, I’m like 40-years-old and I like this, for real. This kid is really doing it better than some older than him,'” he says. “This is all coming from the blogs and on Twitter. I really appreciate that because it didn’t have to turn out this way.” This kid is going places.

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  • BrooklynGuru

    Youngin definitely has skills. A little time, polish to his craft, guidance…he’ll def b a viable MC in the future. Do ur thing Diggy…u got my support little brother.

  • Da Business

    This kid has skills no doubt, I just hope that he stays in his lane.

  • Cunning Link Quest

    he’s russell’s nephew… the ORIGINAL BLUEPRINT!

  • HE IS THE FUTURE, THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • koa29

    Mad funny that he’s better than Run’s oldest son… and they even had some promotion through that reality show… Too bad thats the only time i’ve heard of “Team Blackout”…

    Dre’s gotta call up Diggy real quick


    You have no fan base, Fuck Outta Here lil boy

  • teejay

    @jerzzz but he’s damn building one with these freestyles. That cat is 16 and people are already givin him props.

    Diggy, get on still d.r.e. And rock that shit.

  • Cunning Link Quest

    @jERRZZZZ… you bird ass nikka. what you hating for?

  • @ Jerizzzz

    I agree, only reason anyone pays him mind is his genes, thats only gonna get you so far…and being able to rhyme a few words together is nothing new or nothing extra ordinary, we all know it seems more about image, or more making the image fit your words….and this kid lived with a silver spoon in his mouth his whole life, whats he going to know about hard ships?


    if diggy does ANY work with dre… i will stop being a dre fan

  • 2muchSwag2BeHere

    Real talk, I think he needs to jump on all the Drake tracks I think he’ll sound dope. I listened to Jojo Simmons coz he’s Run’s son but Diggy is 100% Hip-hop.

  • teejay

    Difference between jojo and diggy is that diggy really seems to understand hip hop. Jojo seemed to only care about the material shit, money, cars, hoes. Diggy might have had a silverspoon, but that doesn’t mean hip hop isn’t in his blood. He seems to understand what it means and how to spit. Jojo just watches BET.

  • rakim

    teejay – absolutely corect.

    there’s some artists you see that have some talent, but you can see their focus is in the wrong places.

    then there’s the other kids who have the talent as well as having their mind on just genuinely making good music like their predecessors, that is making music they really enjoy listening to and incorporating it in their own music.

    go young diggy, you got my support.

  • t-dub

    this talent came out of no where hahaha

  • @iamuru – “well actually it was a platinum spoon” – Diggy Simmons “Point to Prove” of his TheFirstFlight mixtape…

    His name has actually been the reason he has been getting A LOT of ‘No’s’; his talent is what has been getting him the ‘Yes”; fact! Jumping in the studio hours after Drake released his single & releasing his freestyle of it the next morning & it being quality material, is why people have been checking for him. Rap Radar, VIBE, XXL & these other major sites didn’t post his mixtape, “star is born” freestyle or his other single – he had to earn his spotin the blogs. But your thoughts and comments are appreciated. Not everyone is going to accept all music pushed out there – he’s doing what he loves.

  • the one

    This kid has some serious talent! Looking forward to hearing more, keep it up little man!

  • Blount

    Diggy, stay humble, keep your dads wealth out of your rhymes, don’t get too violent, leave trap rap alone, and keep doing you kid! You got it.

  • the one

    I think you may be talking about his Uncle Russ…

  • RRcoolJ

    I think he’s dope but definitely a lot of the praise is because of how bad his brother was. People naturally assumed he would be as bad as JoJo and since he wasn’t, he looks like the next Jay-Z.

  • heard about him via that “over” freestyle and so far so good im really impressed. 1st impression is important and he let me kno how good he is, simple as that.

  • Dead Wrong

    Diggy is def doin his thing, and if that’s what the future of hip hop is gonna sound like then I’m in. It’s just a damn shame dudes are gonna hate on him cause he’s Rev. Run boy. It’s probably the same faggots who think dudes like soulja boy and drake are hip hop. Someone posted a statement saying he should collab with dr. dre..why?? cause that’s the only producer you know? In order for Diggy to stand out and surpass the rest he’ll need to stay away from them and do his own thing like he’s doing now. Personally I would like to hear him over some No I.D, Dj Premire, & Just Blaze tracks but that’s just me. Big ups to Diggy!!!!

  • B. Digital

    I’ve heard 3 songs from him and all of them exceeded my expectations and he’s definitely 100 times better than his older brother…Diggy has the right support system, and he has potential – if he continues to work hard on his craft – to be like a young version of Lupe Fiasco.

    At the rate he’s going, he might be on the cover of XXL Freshman 2011.

  • JT


  • Odia

    Feelin the kid and he is still learning so he can only get better

  • Thetruth

    The kid ain’t bad at all, but man it’s gona be hard to like a poet named “diggy”

  • @ cathrynmarie

    Nice to see the kid hires some an A&R to “earn his spot in the blogs” lol, get the f outta here with the earn bullshit.