Jim Jones “The Ghost Of Rich Porter” Tracklist

The long overdue mixtape from Capo finally haunts your speakers March 23rd and it looks like he brought the whole Byrd Gang with him. Check the tracklist after the jump.


1. Intro
2. Oh Yeah
3. Hit ‘Em Up (Feat Mel Matrix, N.O.E. & Chink Santana)
4. Haunted (Feat. Gucci Mane & Sen City)
5. Alchemist Freestyle
6. Coke Rush (2 Da Connects)
7. Bussa Move (Feat. Mel Matrix, Shootah & Hard Luck)
8. Harlem Forever (Feat. Juelz Santana & Tobb Cobain)
9. How Life Go (Fat. Sen City, Rell & JR Writer)
10. Skit
11. Black on Black (Feat Sen City & ATM)
12. Cocaine Dreams (Feat. Chink Santana & Joell Ortiz)
13. Legends (Feat N.O.E.)
14. Money on My Mind (Feat. Sandman & Young Handsome)
15. Penicillin (Feat. Sen City & Shawty Lo)
16. Chasin’ the Paper (Feat. Shootah, Hard Luck & Oshy)
17. Younger (Feat. Sen City)
18. Paper Chase (Feat Mel Matrix & Chink Santana)
19. Rosary (Feat. Oshy)

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  • Cunning Link Quest

    jim jones was 13 when rich porter died. i’m just saying…

  • The fuck is a Rich Porter? Jim’s pops.

  • This shit should be called “The Ghost of Jim Jones Past” or “The Ghost of Jim Jones’ Career”. Either would do…Besides being on that BlacRoc album, Jimmy hasn’t done anything hot since “06”, and we know what was out then…

  • six

    motherfuck a jim jones!

  • ttt

    The long overdue mixtape? does anyone even care about this?

    i don’t even listen to singles by this turd.



  • pro-rican

    if niggas cant figure out by now, that max b did the hooks and stack wrote the rhymes; then your as foolish as “n.o.e.”. listen to di1 and on my way to church, his rap style was different. then he got his byrd gang poppin or vice versa to me. thought he was bigger then cam and his orginal crew/breadwinners are gone. Now he wants the dips back together…..I wish they would (cam, juelz, jimmy, freekey), they made the best music as a group.

  • @ that_Josh

    Do your research my dude, speaking like that sounds ignorant as fuck.

    “The story depicted in Game Over (Part 1) affected a host of rap artists, many who have paid homage to Rich, AZ, and Alpo in their songs. Among them are Jay-Z, Nas, Mase, The L.O.X., and NWA.

    During the 1980’s three young men took Harlem by storm, living by the codes of the streets in pursuit of the “American Dream”. Rich Porter, AZ and Alpo were major players in the drug game at the young ages of sixteen and seventeen. They set trends and created street history, but their glamorous lifestyles led to betrayal and death!

    This hard hitting true story presents a bitter portrait of pain, sorrow and regret experienced by the individuals central to the documentary. Viewers will hear from the Notoriuos Alpo, Mobstyle, Old timers amd many spectators who witnessed the rise and fall of these three young drug lords.”

    Heres the video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4KCRtSCyOM

  • Cunning Link Quest

    @thashiznit010… these dudes did take Harlem by storm but they weren’t even close to running shit. Do your research and ask about Fritz… Preacher. Those are the dudes that really ran shit. AZ got the coke the cheapest. He wasn’t nowhere running shit. And Alpo was a snitch. AZ was a snitch too… a lot of people don’t realize it. How can you famous all over for having the cheapest coke and never go to jail… do the math.

    you are glorifying rat ass motherfuckers… jim jones was a baby and had nothing do with it in anyway.

  • ^ I’m not glorifying a damn thing, I simply presented a quote and a movie that was done about him & others for people to learn who it was, and what they were about.

    PS…The People “that really ran shit” we don’t know about, cuz they were never caught…..

  • Iceyjesse

    jim jones is one of the whackest rappers he fits in perfectly to everything on the radio

  • Cunning Link Quest

    Alpo is a rat… it’s documented. check your references… and if you know anything about the streets then you know if you “the man” they cops know. and EVERY boss on any block has had conversations with the cops. Don’t let nobody tell you any different.

    hip-hop won’t progress if you dudes keeps believe the code of the streets bullshit these dudes spit. real gangsters don’t rap.

  • koa29

    Dude sounds like he has downs when he raps… and his adlibs are retarded….. just stop rapping Jones…

  • Lucas

    dude ugly as the shit i took this morning.

  • Psike Deezie

    The Ghost of Rich Porter says “Stop wearing your girlfriends jeans and scarfs”.

  • chek me out blaaaow

    jim jones career as a rapper is over. no one checkin for this bums half ass raps. who bought his last album? who gonna dowload this corny ass mixtape? jim jones better be praying every night that cam somehow finds the pitty in his heart to rap on a record with him, cuz thats the only way hes getting a buzz. rap radar niggas are lame. they shit on rakim, slick rick, and various other legends, while they boost garbage non rapping niggas like kid cudi, jim jones, and b.o.b. paul rosenberg runs you niggas like media slaves.

  • GTFO

    “Long overdue” ? Who the hell was waiting for this wack sh*# … RR y’all bugging..

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  • mac DIESEL



  • Tlova86

    Y’all nigga’s are buggin if you from Harlem then u already know wat it is….

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    HEY JIMMY IM WATCHING YOU!! BAAWSE!! shoutout to all my nypd niggas keep them putting bullets in these negroes… buy my CD!!! BAWSEE!!!