Ludacris Ties Diddy’s Billboard Record

Luda’s got a long list of hits and it goes on. With the success of Taio Cruz’s “Break Your Heart”, Ludacris scored his fifth number one record on Billboard’s Hot 100. Read ’em and weep:

Taio Cruz Ft. Ludacris “Break Your Heart” (March 11, 2010)

Fergie Ft. Ludacris “Glamorous” (March 24, 2007)

Ludacris Ft. Pharrell “Money Maker” (October 28, 2006)

Usher Ft. Ludacris & Lil Jon “Yeah!” (March 6, 2004)

Ludacris Ft. Shawnna “Stand Up” (December 6, 2003)

UPDATE: It appears that not all of our commentators are ignoramuses. CTG pointed out that Diddy has five as well. Sorry, Luda.


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  • King JuggaNott

    Good shyt….”War with God” is my favorite from him…because he spit some real shit on that. Luda…can’t say nothing bad about him. Like to read shit like this.

  • I just wanna Fuck

    Congratulations I hope no one hates on here because this a huge step for hip hop

  • az5lyrics


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  • Toya

    Good job, Luda.

  • Congratu-hater


    Clap for em.


    read em weep wtf, shame he cant do it on his own

  • koa29


    @Chunk: stfu hater.

  • Georgie

    notice how they’re all collabo’s

  • Props to Luda! I do agree, if he would have done it by himself it would be more impressive, but in the same breath I’m sure these songs wouldn’t hit number 1 without him.

  • “Money Maker” was a #1 Hit?

  • Truth_City

    Haters, gosh ugh, juss big up the man for a great accomplishment, wat rappers now adays can say this, damn, can y’all not hate on this website for once….gud shit Luda, God bless u dude…

  • B.Dot

    “Money Maker” was a #1 Hit?
    yep. crazy. i aint like that track too tough

  • Oj Da Cornball

    lol, Jay-z just got #1 record in his whole career and that’s NY State of Mind.

    but props to Luda though it’s not his own records that got him there. not so impressive.

    but uh, he not the only rapper. Come on, son. Luda false claim of being only rapper. lol




  • nina

    Umm except for 1 they’re all other people’s songs. That’s like a bench rider bragging about a championship ring lol.

  • koa29

    Sure it isn’t his “own” records, but i guarantee with the exception of maybe Yeah that none of them would’ve made it to #1 without Luda

  • koa29

    @nina: 2 of them are his own songs…Go back to 1st grade ma

  • B.Dot

    Umm except for 1 they’re all other people’s songs. That’s like a bench rider bragging about a championship ring lol.

    lol. there’s no I in team…but there is one in “WIN”!

  • ill give him 2 songs since they his but the others nah, he aint write those records, who ever wrote the record deserve the cred, really shocked @ money maker, how did that hit 1? he had better shit than that, those songs would be number 1 w/o his verse, niggas really know his glam and break ur heart verse bar for bar? hooks and beat what make songs hits, specially pop songs, sum stations wont even play rap versions of shit, yall never heard umbrella w/o the jayz intro? that shit get on my nerves wen they cut it out

  • az5lyrics

    HOV 4 # ONES



  • Will

    Lol.There’s no I in Team but there is 1 in WIN


    Sad But True but to be honest he had to bring something to the traccs becuz he got paid to be on them I heard getting a Luda Feature cost you a quarter of a mill since the Fergie Joint

    and Yea I hated that Money Maker song I never understood how people thought that was hot to get Im talking everybody had that ringtone wining grammys but Number 1 Spot wasnt LOL Number 1 Spot went hard that Money Maker song is like that How Low song its a hit but I dont understand why its a Hit like why is that shit getting plays it succs even My Chicc Bad gets Old I didnt even download none of that album becuz the previews was disappointing to me

    how many number 1’s 50 got he had “InDaClub” “Candy Shop” “21 Questions” “Hate it or Love It” “Cracc a Bottle” 50 got 5 dont he

    and what about Nelly dude got too many to name

    and Ja as Much singing as he had on his shit

    IDK sound kinda like a promo tool for Luda

  • B.Dot

    Hate it or love it peaked at #2

    belive it or not Ja Rule only has ONE number one record…Eminem has only two

  • luda dont cost that much, wayne get 75k, sumbody lying

  • hell tpain dont get dat much for a hook, saigon was mad cuz he cost over a 100k or somthing like that

  • Oj Da Cornball


    Sorry, Jay-z has only one #1 record to HIS credit. If we wanna go by who went #1 thru other peoples records we can list 100 artist.
    Come on, son. Jay-z has 1 #1 RECORD. End the story.

    And to prove you’re a liar wanting Jay-z to look good by adding lil extra gravy on the facts,
    Upgrade U was not #1. Only peaked #59 (


  • Oj Da Cornball

    If i’m not mistaking right now i think 50 Cent has the most #1’s credited to a solo rapper’s own work. if not him i think it was Kanye
    but Billboard gave him the Top Solo Rap artist for the decade for that so it must be him.

  • MC

    Money Maker was a #1 single??…That was one of the worst songs in the history of recorded sound!!

  • Uh-oh

    Lots of rappers over the years have done tons of collabo’s but Luda is now the only one to have 5 number 1’s combining his hits and that of others. Luda wins, but he should reword his tweet.

  • ^^^

    Thank you! I mean, I appreciate what Jay has done for the game as much as the next man, but this post is about Luda. How about we just sit back and appreciate what Luda — who happens to be one of the best mainstream hip-hop artists of the past 10 years — has done for the game? His stat line since 2000 is ridiculous:

    – 4 #1 Albums
    – 5 #1 Singles (2 for himself — 1 greater than Ya’ll’s God MC)
    – Grammy for Best Rap Album (Release Therapy)
    – Went toe-to-toe with T.I. (and arguably murked him)
    – Renegaded numberous hip-hop artists on their own shit

    “Luda moved digits, after he moved b***hes…” – Jay-Z, A Star Is Born

    Maybe it’s his subject matter that makes


    50 has the most #1 on billboard credited to a solo rapper own work and as for Jay Z let’s not forget that empire state of mind is not Jay Z record


    Money maker is one of the most trashiest song ever made

  • RAY

    Well luda has been drink to much.

    m&m has 2 #1 records (lose yourself, crack a bottle)
    jay-z has 1 #1 record (empire state of mind)
    50 cent has 3 #1 records (in a club, 21 questions an candy shop)
    luda has 2 #1 records (stand up, money maker)

    Luda deserves a lot of credit for his own work, not the sweet off of other artist. Just because you spit a verse or a few bars doesn’t mean that its your record. Luda was hired help that’s all nothing more. Billboard does not credit those other albums to him so the public should not either. please i am not taking nothing away from him but what’s your is your that’s all.

  • natasha

    Congratulations sweetheart u deserve it and so much more keep oing ur thing!

  • ctg

    He’s actually tied with Diddy:

    1) Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down
    2) I’ll Be Missing You
    3) Mo Money Mo Problems (Notorious B.I.G. feat. Puff Daddy & Mase)
    4) Bump, Bump, Bump (B2K feat. P. Diddy)
    5) Shake Ya Tailfeather (Murphy Lee feat. Nelly & P. Diddy)

    Take that, take that, take that.

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  • B.Dot

    1) Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down
    2) I’ll Be Missing You
    3) Mo Money Mo Problems (Notorious B.I.G. feat. Puff Daddy & Mase)
    4) Bump, Bump, Bump (B2K feat. P. Diddy)
    5) Shake Ya Tailfeather (Murphy Lee feat. Nelly & P. Diddy)

    i stand corrected. changes.

  • Wayne

    by the way…Empire State of Mind is was #1 cause of Alicia Keys, the rest of the song wasnt that great !!!
    Props to Luda


    why my comments was deleted?You guys are crazy

  • dre

    Alota Luda hits came in the month of March, that’s kinda interesting. Good job though, its hard to beat out all that pop music.

  • az5lyrics

    @ oj the cornball
    check ur facts on Hov before u make silly comments cos i just recheck on wikipedia or billboard.
    here are the list
    1. heartbreaker with mariah
    1. crazy in love with beyonce
    3. umbrella with rihana
    4. empire state of mind with alecia keys

  • az5lyrics

    @ oj the cornball

  • B.Dot

    Nelly has 4 #1 hits too

  • Surprised Nelly doesnt have more. It was a time period where he was droppin hit after hit. 50 had a cool lil run too

  • t-dub

    wtf! money maker was a hit? i guess…..

  • yaboitone

    @NINA SAID: “Umm except for 1 they’re all other people’s songs. That’s like a bench rider bragging about a championship ring lol.”

    Umm……YOU’RE WRONG DUMBASS HATER! lol. When people can go to you because they are ALMOST GUARANTEED to get a HIT RECORD out of you, that makes you the GO TO player, A.K.A. A SUPERSTAR PLAYER, A.K.A. A FRANCHISE PLAYER, A.K.A. KOBE, LEBRON, WADE, ETC. LOL.

    Your bench warmers are the people who you DONT DEPEND ON to make a huge difference in the outcome. So again, you are a hating idiot.

  • BNevo

    3 rappers tied at 4 n° 1 hits: 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Nelly

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^^^Get off Jay-Z DICK ……… Jay-Z only had one number one record ……. And most of ludacris number one songz are features


    But none of this translates into album sales dont get me wrong he being doing solid numbers but with them #1’s you would expect alot more…Shit I think Eminem only got 2 #1’s and we all know about his sales

  • Uh-oh

    Does Diddy even count? He doesnt write his own stuff.

  • Will

    mn I thought Nelly had of grip of them bitches I mean where did that Tim Mcgraw song peak

    I mean Grillz,Over and Over,Dilemma,Ride With Me,Where the party at?, Shake Ya Tailfeather, Hot in herre,the Nsync Song

    man this nigga Nelly had some hits yall remember that Nsync Song and Where The Party At he had that shit was played everywhere

    and if that is true Luda will have 6 before Diddy He on songs with Justin Beiber while Diddy is on Songs with Waka Flocka Flame LOL

  • Lay

    Luda will get 6 from that collabo with Justin Beiber.
    Congrats Luda!!

  • “Bump, Bump, Bump” was number one on Billboard’s Hot 100? It was a hot song—yes it was, fuck y’all—but I ain’t know it reached number one.

    I think I’m more flabbergasted that B2K ever had a number one single on the Hot 100.

  • luda is so underated.

  • Kit Walker

    dono if he can fully take credit for that shit the way he is if they were all his songs id be more impressed he had almost nothing to do with those songs creations he jus hopped on a verse of songs that were bound for 1# already but meh accolades are acollades deserved or not

  • But Puff Aint a Rapper… #imjustsayin

  • Allen York

    Yea im confused as fuck…

    I can name 5 50 cent records, 5 eminem records.. and 5 nelly records that 1 #1 billboard

    there must be some kinda stipulationto this award

  • B.Dot

    no u can’t because they don’t exist on the top 100.

  • Buckwheat

    @ Allen York, do it then.. I’d like to hear the names of the songs you can name. Because 50 Cent has four, Nelly has two, and Eminem has two as well.

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