Young Jeezy Changes His Name

Allow him to reintroduce himself. The artist formerly known as Young Jeezy is simply going by: Jeezy. Rap-Up notice the change on the artwork for his single, “Lose My Mind”. And on Def Jam’s website, the rapper’s billed under the moniker as well. So much for being forever young.

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  • Cunning Link Quest

    so… i’m guessing this is going to be the new trend for the Lil’ Young Yung dudes out there…..

  • mike

    come on son

    jeezy. cool. still cool tho.

    Wayne or weezy or weezy f baby

    since Bow wow …. let we see Joc and

    where’s young buck ? huhhh buck probably ? lol

    but do not get it twisted, remember snoop doggy dog … to snoop dogg… (but it was more a label obligation cuz of death row bullshit.

    thus let me understand, it’s

    Game – R.E.D album
    Jeezy – TM103

    right !?!

  • mike


  • BNevo

    2 Jay-Z references in the same text… Y’all guys can’t help it

  • G(w)ayne

    guess he realized he’s old XD Anyway I dont give a fruck about this name changing as long he aint do trash music

  • Man

    @bnevo. Lol u rite

  • leftsidewest

    Whatever you say Old Jeezy

  • Sho Nuff

    That rap radar/rocafella shit really is gettin old but “2 Jay-Z references in the same text… Y’all guys can’t help it”…..was kinda funny…lol…cant believe dudes is really checkin for that shit that much though….its at least 100 websites to the right —–>>>>>>
    dudes can go to if they dont like the writing or content on this siite

  • goldy

    what if ur name is dick butkus yn?

  • Uh-oh

    I sincerely hope Jay-Z is funding this site. Now I know why he made the “Jockin Jay-Z” song, wow.

  • What jeezy, what it do!!! Follow me on

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  • Kit Walker

    im always dumbfounded when ppl do this snoop doggy dogg to snoop dogg, puff daddy to p.diddy ? i dono i liked young jeezy and u could just say jeezy for short anyway dont see point of dropping the young

  • Good. Either way my nigga Jeezy is the realest. Let’s get that 103 OUT NOW!!!

  • Grock

    My iTunes disagrees, the niggas name is Young Jeezy. The Game is not Game. P Diddy is not Diddy. B.o.B is not Bobby Ray. Don’t change your name it serves no purpose.

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  • Gramz

    That’s what’s up shawty!!! @ one time I thought it was ridiculous that everybody was runing with the phrase yung or young! Case in point,like my dude yung dro.I didn’t know if that was him from tight 4 life or not until I read one of his interviews and he mention it! That could be good in one cense and can be bad in one cense!! But that’s my Big Homie, keep doing your thang Mane!!!

  • Bproof

    Who cares about SLEAZY.

  • That_Josh

    Old Jeezy wouldnt sound good so he went with jeezy. My girl likes jizz on her face though so why did jeezy call him self that again?

  • Plain Fat

    and this is news because?

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  • I went to NYC in summer 2009 and all I could hear after I came back was Young Jeezy… when I hit the club I liked to hear Young Jeezy. He’s the new hip hop generation man, what’s the problem of everyone?